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  1. Man, we had record lows last year.

    • Pancho Villa I cant fact check that as I don’t have much data on that but I still have some and overall looking at Global Temperature maps from NOAA and NASA, Mexico has been seeing record warmth overall,
      Remember that 1 day of that cold is not the same thing as the rest of the planet overall is warming.
      Also August 2019 was Mexico’s Warmest August but say nothing about that

    • C.J.C. I checked the links you posted and don t really say much and environmental energy is not reliable imagine you being in a sick bed and the doctors telling you hold on for the wind to blow before we can do anything…come on grow up

    • asldfkadj 849 I know that, I was saying that separately, also you however you do your research into renewables, we can’t just pump disgusting oil out of the ground. Come one grow up!

    • @CJ Sounds like you did fat check it but don’t like the results, and its not just one day of cold now is it? As long as global warming = $$$, everyone will be told it’s record warmth ,even if the ice caps extend to the equator!

    • Pancho Villa yes I did not like the results because Earth warming up so fast that it’s not good. Also your clearly clueless about what’s happening with the ice caps, September 2019 arctic ice extent what the third lowest on record behind 2007 and 2016. Antarctic Ice is currently in one of its lowest levels. Sea ice is melting, so don’t expect to see a snowball Earth anytime soon because first, Earths warming and the ice caps are melting, and 2 even if Earth was cooling, naturally it would take thousands of years for the ice caps to fully cover the Earth.
      Also yes not one day of cold but it’s a week or 2 cold temperatures in the US witch makes up less then 2% of Earths surface.

  2. Wow…. that’s cold enough to test your frosticles

  3. Gothic Dragon warrior Queen | November 10, 2019 at 7:48 AM | Reply

    Brrrrrr, I feel sorry for those people up there! Here in Texas ,where I live ,I ,I don’t get any snow, yet !!!⛄❄🥶💙

  4. Glad I’m not in the US!

  5. “The Day After Tomorrow”

  6. People look after your homeless.

  7. northerniltree | November 10, 2019 at 9:15 AM | Reply

    I work outdoors, and the balls of ice phenomenon I have become excruciatingly and intimately familiar with.
    The discomfort is one thing, but the rattling sound is also quite unnerving at times.

  8. Grant DeAngelis | November 10, 2019 at 11:23 AM | Reply

    That’s why we put hot sauce on everything up in Buffalo NY

  9. 0:15 It’s aliens

  10. This is just more proof we need to build a big beautiful wall – on our northern border. When Canadians send us their weather, they’re sending snow, they’re sending cold and, I assume, some good weather.

  11. I think I’ll use one of the 100,000,000,000 Al Gore – produced, manufactured, distributed- and now sitting in landfills VHS tapes – that told us the polar caps would have melted by now, and polar bears all extinct, as kindling for the camp fire with the kids tonight.

  12. Damn that global warming!

    • USAs Left remember it’s global warming, this is on cold snap that will last a couple days over a small region of the globe.

  13. Infinite Droid Power | November 10, 2019 at 1:44 PM | Reply

    “The Day After Tommorrow”

  14. And Epstein didn’t kill him self.

  15. I gotta admit, I don’t care about the subject, I clicked on it because of that woman with the short dress 😀 I’m a simple guy

  16. Wish they hadn’t changed global warming to climate change, I guess a lot of us are getting much colder weather.

  17. 2:31 —– “Ahahah haahhaha, the world is ending”.

  18. CNN is just an embarrassment to itself anymore.

  19. Who’s here looking to see how libs react?
    (they are easy to spot, just look for the name-calling and hate)

  20. Weird… my home is in a warm snap, Ben wearing tshirts instead of coats for -15 degree Fahrenheit weather

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