Lead Poisoned Woman Disgusted by Hillary Clinton! 11/1/16


Lead Poisoned Woman Disgusted by Hillary Clinton! 11/1/16

The Woman who asked the question at a debate where Hillary Clinton got the question in advance says she is disgusted by the unethical behavior – November 1, 2016


4 Comments on "Lead Poisoned Woman Disgusted by Hillary Clinton! 11/1/16"

  1. Buffalo head Brazille needs water boarding.

  2. Okay….
    she is gonna VOTE solely for
    who gives her clean water ?
    Then she don’t give a hoot if iLLARY
    is a criminal ? If refuges over run her town.
    Comon Core for her children ?
    If she had a husband coming out of the Service , if
    OUR country should make him a priority in his care.
    Just being able to get decent Health Care at all
    for her family.
    Maybe if her president would work against the people’s
    Opinion when helping other Countries who support ISIS.
    Sorry ,I just don’t understand why TRUMP wouldn’t be
    her Choice .
    33,000 + 1+1+1+1 and counting , of the reasons why
    not to vote for her.

  3. Pray for her children and other affected. And that Jesus saves us from

  4. I think there is a Lizard in this the hygein water laws I know there is
    heavy metals in the cannals dispersed by the boats but that is not drinking
    water for lead to be in drinking water is a crime people pay lots of water
    bills in America so I smell a lizard

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