Lawmakers Who’ve Seen Trump Whistleblower Complaint Call It Disturbing | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Lawmakers Who've Seen Trump Whistleblower Complaint Call It Disturbing | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


Ahead of testimony on Capitol Hill from the acting DNI who withheld the Trump whistleblower complaint from Congress, lawmakers who have now read it express concern. Aired on 09/25/19.
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Lawmakers Who've Seen Trump Whistleblower Complaint Call It Disturbing | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

80 Comments on "Lawmakers Who’ve Seen Trump Whistleblower Complaint Call It Disturbing | The 11th Hour | MSNBC"

  1. Arf Arf Bark Bark Rescue VID Dog Training | September 26, 2019 at 2:39 AM | Reply

    Don’t forget that Trump uses his personal cell phone…refuses to only use government cell phones. So that’s not tracked either.

  2. Get the straight jacket out. He’s lost his mind.

  3. The oath of office has been put to the test…lets see who prevails.

  4. Ya mon Da Troll | September 26, 2019 at 3:14 AM | Reply

    In fairness, most things that Trump says, does, and wants to do are disturbing.

    • @William Stall why is the transcript released by the Whitehouse different from the whistleblower complaint?

    • Because the Whistleblower never SAW the transcript or heard the exchange between Trump and the Ukrainian president.  He/she admitted to only second hand knowledge.  Next question?

  5. Trump falsifying these “notes” is as crazy as drawing that Sharpie hurricane line…he’s losing it.

    • John Cahill desperate people do desperate things. It’s gonna get worse. We have to be strong.

    • Yeah, I’m hearing more and more Republicans saying that Trump has to go. And now that Romney is speaking out against Trump others senior Republicans will be emboldened to do so also. This is the beginning of the end for Trump.

  6. Who’s anxious for the forthcoming explosive testimonies, mainly the whistleblower’s?

    • It’s been the end of the beginning now for 2 1/2 YEARS!!!  Give it up because you’ve got nothing impeachable.

    • @Jordan Furguson Jordan there is literally nothing going against this president except leftist fabricated lies. I know you don’t believe me now and that’s fine, but when he gets elected again take a good long hard look at the party you support and wonder what happened to all the crazy “ground breaking” dirt that they had on Trump and wonder what happened. It’s all a scam put together to discredit this man and make you think he’s awful. Just look at the video! Go to 1:32 and look at the background picture this news source has purposefully put in the background. It makes it look like the Ukrainian president is very dissatisfied. Now do yourself a favor and actually go watch the conference and you’ll see he was ecstatic to be talking to Trump. Making jokes, laughing, talking business, and thanking and complementing Trump for the things he’s done for Ukraine. Don’t take my word for it, go watch the meeting for yourself and you tell me if this video is painting a clear non-bias representation of it, or if it’s a one-sided scam to seemingly purposefully discredit this man.

    • William Stall Foxbot detected. Danger Will Robinson!.

    • William Stall That impresses you Bill?. you are quite a simple chap, most of your ilk are. He keeps you poor in a trailer and you thank him for it?. Its going to get worse I suspect, but you can always blame the dems?.

  7. Imagine what deals Trump tried to make in those private meetings with Putin.

  8. Trump said he supports transparency.ROTFLMFAO . Does he know what transparent means?

    • littlewingmyoho | September 26, 2019 at 2:43 PM | Reply

      No he doesnt know anything but dirty business tricks …..can you just imagine what they would do if Democrats tried anything like this and they are opening the door for others to do the same .It will eventually destroy their party

    • Pollywant Acracker | September 26, 2019 at 3:13 PM | Reply

      Rolling on the floor sucking a dude off is more like it

    • “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means…” – Inigo Montoya 🤺 🤣

  9. Can someone please acknowledge that the Ukrainian President Iooks absoIuteIy terrified Iike a hostage next to our mobster President you can IiteraIIy see that the guy is beyond scared of the mad man sitting next to him!!!!!!!!!!

    • @James Davis check your facts. Google it if necessary.

    • Atlantic Beach And what “facts” would those be?

    • @chris marraro Hi, just wanted to thank you for weaving all the threads of the story into one excellent yarn.
      I was unaware of the exact details of VP Biden rooting out the dodgy prosecutor, but I figured since RT was the station showing the clip, that there was more to it than Tr🤡mps claims.

      I wish I could copy your post and use it to refute the morons quickly and thoroughly.
      Several thumbs ups for your other comments too.

  10. Will Ukraine have a recording of the phone call ? Just asking ?

    • Yes they have it….but because they got the money they won’t share while the evillittlepenis is in office!!

    • The US has a recording of the call and it’s only a matter of time before it’s made public. This is the beginning of the end for Trump.

    • Cliff Hanley I don’t think there is a recording of the call. That was done away with decades ago. However, since both trump & Giuliani have such blabber mouths, probably not needed. 👍😀

    • Just found out there is a recording but it has been removed from the log and put in a secure place . If you read the whistleblower’s statement there were quite a few people who heard the phone call and notes and a recording made . It was ‘ locked down’ and been removed .
      The word -for-word transcript has gone along with the recording which was not stored in the usual computer system instead in a classified information system .
      The whistleblower says details of the call were stored in a “stand-alone computer system reserved for codeword-level intelligence information, such as covert action”
      He also adds that official said it was “ not the first time “ under this administration that a presidential transcript was placed into this system which has been solely for protecting politically sensitive – rather than national security sensitive- information “.
      Maguire went to the Whitehouse first . That’s like taking the complaint to the killer and asking him what he should do with the evidence . He then went to Barr . I mean why doesn’t he see he didn’t need to have ‘executive privilege’ to hand it over to congress but that’s his defence.
      Trump is now saying whoever gave the whistleblower information is “almost a spy”and also suggesting that he has dirt on the whistleblower.
      Barr writing the synopsis of the details of the narrative in the phone call then suggesting it is a transcript is ludicrous , yet they are now upset at Schiff paraphrasing the contents of the phone call in his opening speech today at Mcguire’s testimony in front of congress.

    • Helen ❤️ There is no *audible* recording. WH phone calls are not recorded. What was “locked down” in a separate computer system was the original memorandum, what ppl are calling the “transcript”.

  11. Lindsey Graham said Trump’s transparency would blow us away. I’m still here.

  12. Is Trump drugged? Or is his battery running low.

  13. Giuliani, Barr & Trump all belong in jail.

  14. I wonder what was in the notes Trump took from the interpreter when he was alone with Putin.

    • Gilda Provenzano | September 26, 2019 at 2:52 PM | Reply

      @mary11976 Danny is a trumpKKKin.

    • What is this “Cloud Strike” I keep hearing about?

    • “Hey Vlad, I just want to say that I am forever grateful for all the help you and your team gave me in the election campaign! I wouldn’t have made it without you buddy! If there is anything I can do for you just give me a call. Pull out of Syria? Sure thing! We shouldn’t risk the lives of American soldiers in an internal fight between the arabs in Syria. Pulling out of Syria will be easy! Anything else I can do for you?”

  15. They were figuring out how to manufacture a Joe Biden scandel by using some facts coupled with whatever they decided to come up with. This is obvious to anyone with a brain.

    • Just an allegation is enough to damage most politicians in an election race, and T lumps modus operandi of speaking in terms of “people are saying” let’s people make their own interpretation.
      The bit about Crowdstrike, a rich guy in Ukraine, the server is in Ukraine, how vague was that?

    • @Origami Mambo Project and the short clip they reference was hosted by RT or Russia Today.

    • @Rod Allen lol, your evidence of Bidens malfeasance is a _RussiaToday_ film clip.
      Russian assistance and support for Trump is established fact.

    • Colin Cleveland established fact? Like in Mueller’s report? 🤣 You liberals hang onto your fairy tales even when the evidence is right in front of your face!

    • Patricia roe This is just another political hit-job by the Democrats and the complicit media. If you can’t see that, I truly feel sorry for you. After 2 years of “Russian collusion” did you get an education? The democrats and the media lie to the American people. Wake up!

  16. Have a look of the Ukraine leader’s eyes, not happiness.

  17. Ranaldo Bobsled | September 26, 2019 at 6:54 AM | Reply

    It would behoove us all if we quit giving Trump attention. Narcissists hate that.

  18. Trump and transparency simply don’t go together. Trump is a habitual liar, crook and weak minded bone spur coward.

  19. Did you see the look on Zelensky’s face? “Why the H*** am I sitting next to this buffoon?”

  20. Like the Muller report, Republicans say there is nothing to see in the whisle blower report.

    • I pity Repuppets everywhere, both the spineless elected variety and their lemming followers. Can’t wait to see the looks on all of their faces on the day after the election. Their willful ignorance is amusing at best.

    • Chump himself has admitted he asked for an investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden. Nothing to see… hmm..

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