Kalinago Territory

Kalinago Territory

Kalinago TerritoryRoseau, Dominica – Friday, May 1, 2015 – Construction of the St. Cyr Community Resource Centre in the Kalinago Territory is nearing completion. Parliamentary Representative for the Salybia Constituency and Minister for Kalinago Affairs Honourable Casius Darroux has stated that work on the project is about 95% complete. Minister Darroux expects the building to have multiple functions when completed.

“When it is fully completed by this month-end, as I said, the early childhood education will be a major aspect of that building, there will be space for Community Postal Agency, an area for cultural performances and other community activities. So it is going to be a landmark in the Kalinago Territory where persons can commune and have a moment in time,” Minister Darroux stated.

The St. Cyr Community Resource Centre is one of six components under the Kalinago Territory Capacity Building project. T project is at a cost of one million, four hundred and fifty-five thousand, five hundred and seventy-five dollars and thirty-nine cents ($1,455,575.39).

The First Settlers

The first human beings to set foot on the shores of Dominica came by the sea along the island chain from the region of the Orinoco River delta on the coast of South America. Recent research indicates that they set out on their journey 5,000 years before the birth of Christ. There is proof that people were living on neighbouring islands in 3,100 BC and others may have been here even earlier. But who they were, what they called themselves and exactly how they lived we will probably never know.

Up until quite recently there was a simple theory given to explain the groups of people who lived on these islands before the Europeans arrived in 1493. First came the Ciboney or ‘stone people’, then came the ‘peaceful Arawaks’ who were followed and killed off by the ‘warlike Caribs’. Because there was no other general information on the matter, this was the theory we were taught and which was repeated well up to the end of the twentieth century.

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Carib Territory – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Carib Territory or Carib Reserve is a 3,700-acre (15 km2) district in the Caribbean island-nation of Dominica. It was established for the indigenous Carib  …


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