Judge Tosses Out Part Of Trump’s Tax Lawsuit: ‘Go Somewhere Else And File’? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


A federal judge has dismissed President Trump’s attempt to get a Washington D.C. judge to block New York’s law that provides a way to get his tax returns. MSNBC's Pete Williams describes this rulings as the judge saying: "I'm a judge in Washington. I don't have the jurisdiction to decide this case. Go somewhere else and file your lawsuit." Aired on 11/11/19.
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Judge Tosses Out Part Of Trump’s Tax Lawsuit: ‘Go Somewhere Else And File’? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

90 Comments on "Judge Tosses Out Part Of Trump’s Tax Lawsuit: ‘Go Somewhere Else And File’? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC"

  1. I guess he’s still under audit?

    • KlassiclyRevampT | November 12, 2019 at 8:53 PM | Reply

      @Larry Byrd Thank you, I sincerely appreciate you for providing the link. As for your inclined invitation of your attempted insults, please go right ahead sweety! It will be pushed into the daily absurdity pile scheduled for the incinerator. In the mean time,, give that big ignoramus ego of yours a big pat in the face for being the idiocracy award winner of the week. Congratulations 😋😉😂

    • @KlassiclyRevampT All those insults against MY intelligence coming from a person who couldn’t find a link that I literally found and posted in less than a minute? Pffft, you’re not worth my time to insult. You’d never understand them anyway. Bye.

    • @A H you write too much – only read the first part – but funny how Barr and duhnam are now finally able to formally investigate what really happened – and its going to be a sad day for all dam snowflakes when the truth finally comes out. So Ill wait for it. Dems like to show emotions too early – smart person waits till all the facts come out so a sound and fair decision can be made.

  2. This is why trump has moved to Florida.

  3. For being the most “transparent” president ever, he sure is fighting hard not to show anyting on taxes…

    • @Anden Ekadi I think talking to you is a waste of time. Even if I do make good argument about the witnesses impartiality you’ll ignore it and try something else. I’m going to take some advice I heard “there are some that can’t be saved and that’s ok”. Please don’t message me again.

    • @Michael Sauls Lmao.I KNEW IT! Like I thought, you have no legitimate arguments. You just keep stressing these ambiguous witnesses that supposedly have the missing puzzle piece to this phony mosaic of an impeachment inquiry. You can’t even name specific names half of the time. “Political aid,” “diplomat…” no wonder you’re so triggered.

    • @Michael Sauls How’s impeachment going for you buddy after Yovanovitch confirmed that even the Obama admin was prepping her for a Biden/Burisma investigation?

    • @Michael Sauls Your most self-defeating statement was the fact that you claimed Trump needed to go through the US-Ukraine treaty in order to investigate Burisma. You must really trust your own government, unironically—unless that government is named Trump.

      Trump clearly didn’t trust the rote of government bureaucracy and deep state machinations and you shouldn’t either. But again, we have unelected individuals like yourself deciding that because the president didn’t do things the customary way, they’re gonna start a coup and impeach him. Sad!

  4. “Go be stupid somewhere else”.

  5. At this point he’s probably spent more money keeping his returns hidden than he actually paid in general

    • Crystal Giddens | November 11, 2019 at 8:15 PM | Reply

      @Sierra Guru Planned Parenthood is nothing short of a Corprocratic Sacrificial Temple with Fedex trucks trucking out baby parts as if Planned Parenthood was simply a grocery store butcher.

    • @Crystal Giddens Get back on topic and take your meds.

    • @NesQuik2258 I didn’t say I was “mad”. I was merely stating facts and those facts show us that there are far too many loopholes rich people can access to pay zero taxes while regular people lose more deductions every year. That should make you mad.

    • The truth is uncomfortable.

      It isn’t Trump alone that benefits from ‘tax returns that are difficult to understand’.

      Real power is reflected by the ability to let things ‘die slowly’ through non- decision making… Don’t expect much progress except ‘suggestions’ that it is being looked at by responsible organisations and people.

    • @Uwatwat Yeah right.. Spend big money on lawyers just to troll huh?? I know he’s stupid, but come on.

  6. One of his own appointees… priceless 😆😅😂

    • @Muddy Water the law is the law. It shouldn’t matter who appointed them. He’ll find that out when kavanaugh tells him “new phone, who dis?”

    • @ritemolawz … it’s not law. Trump does not have to disclose his taxes to the public.

    • @Muddy Water Appointed May 22, 2019…

    • @Muddy Water “I do believe the New York judge is an obama appointee. So what’s the difference?”
      The difference, you unbelievable dullard, is that the expectation would be that a Trump appointee would be corrupt and rule in Trump’s favor regardless of merit, whereas such an expectation would not exist for an Obama appointee. Can’t believe that needs to be explained.

  7. Remember kids: according to Republicans, hiding evidence is how you prove your innocence.

    • @TheSmartOne Who else is enabling this farce of a human being?

    • @Positive Patriot So why did trump make such a big deal over Obama birth certificate…… why didn’t he show him “Even the president is guaranteed some level of personal privacy as an American citizen”, Oh it only applies if its for your benefit typical Republicans only take and choice what they want but when you do the same thing to them as they did to you they start crying and saying trump has a right to privacy…… I wonder if they even see how 2 faced they are.

  8. When he was running for President ,he told us many, many times that he would turn over his tax returns. Oh, darn, I CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT HE LIED TO US.

    • Donna Humphries | November 12, 2019 at 12:42 PM | Reply

      @49er Fanatic From NM Since you know so much, I have some questions you might be able to answer for me.. Since Trump has filed for bankruptcy 6X’s, ( He says he’s the best businessman..hes a joke) no US bank will loan him money. So he goes to overseas banks for loans. Are these banks friends or foes of America? They can use these loans, as leverage to get what they want, at America’s expense. Also, did Trump inflate the value of his properties to get these loans? That’s bank fraud. Did he lower the values to pay less taxes? That’s tax fraud. Then there is Doutche Bank, is there money being funneled into Trumps’ account there from Russia, then funneled back to Russia? That’s money laundering. Every president should show their taxes. It’s a matter of national security. If they don’t want to show their taxes, then don’t run for president. You seem to know so much about his tax returns, maybe you have seen them. Could you answer my questions then? Thank you…

    • @Kaboomnz That’s a bit much. Don’t let your dislike consume you that much, it’s ammo for the people you argue against. Keep calm, make rational arguments and leave the screaming and death-wishing for the idiots.

    • @49er Fanatic From NM show it; what is he hiding?

    • @49er Fanatic From NM You think only leftists dislike Trump? I knew the guy was a criminal before he even ran for pres. You clowns need to read a book or two.

  9. Mike McLintock | November 11, 2019 at 3:37 PM | Reply

    “They are perfect tax returns, some say the most perfect ever. That is why I won’t release them, to hide my secret to perfectness. I will release a photo of myself holding an oversized check from my good friend Vladimir to show I am perfectly rich.”

  10. “ I will release my taxes when they are not under audit”… three and 1/2 years later… I will never release my perfect taxes, you can’t make me. Do me a favor though, stop asking.

  11. NY has the jurisdiction, of course. Not Washington.

  12. Political Toast | November 11, 2019 at 3:57 PM | Reply

    “What we need is a tax on human stupidity.”
    ― Marty Rubin

  13. Darren Hawkins | November 11, 2019 at 4:01 PM | Reply

    What is he so afraid of in his Taxes? Must be something very, very embarrassing for Trump.

    • @Gregory Castillo But the presidency is an office of public trust. The problem with many politicians is that they entered public service to become wealthy. Even Kauvangh believed that his Supreme Court nomination was a right given to him because of his wealth and affluence. Ethical morality was not even considered an appropriate issue. An honorable man would have withdrew his name from consideration. Let’s add Clarence Thomas to that list too. It’s all about public service and trust not power and prestige!

    • It shows things such as his sale of unbelievably overpriced real estate to the Russians. The sale of the property was reported in the media but basically a 60 million dollar property was apparently sold for over a hundred thirty million dollars. Once the details are out there people can start checking property tax records and so on. You can start tracing the money. And it will be much easier to show that he is under the influence of the Russian mafia and the Russian oligarchs. Remember that President Trump was unable to get loans from legitimate Banks.

    • @Gregory Castillo mr. Trump did not intend to win. His plans were apparently to start a TV network with all of the people who committed to him emotionally during the campaign. There he would have had money from advertising as well as hot and cold running starlets to sexually abuse.

      Becoming president ruined his life and may result in going to prison and being exposed as a traitor. Losing would have been the best thing that ever happened to him.

    • Gregory Castillo | November 12, 2019 at 2:42 PM | Reply

      Mac Mcleod I would be shocked if trump goes to jail or kicked out of office. Better odds he resigns or just doesn’t run second time then the latter

    • @Gregory Castillo I think he is so wealthy and powerful that he’ll die before he goes to prison. But everyone around him is going down unless they pull the usual “punishment enough” crap for the wealthy and powerful around him. Or try to make the claim that we shouldn’t put them in prison because it’s going to damage the country. We were at the point where these criminals need to go to prison.

      Our double standard of “justice” for the wealthy and the poor in this country gets worse every day and it was always, always bad.

  14. For a guy he has nothing to hide he sure is doing a lot of hiding.

  15. All of elected should show tax returns, get auditted every 2 years, random drug tests, term limits

  16. lentruthbtold riv | November 11, 2019 at 4:28 PM | Reply

    Guilty always hide in the dark, for someone who claims it’s all a witch Hunt, he does sure do his best to hide all his deals! An innocent person would not hide what he does he would welcome any investigation!

    • I think trump really is a WITCH in disguise who does the “occult thing” after dark on the 9th hole…or else he’s the Antichrist…or maybe he’s just a criminal moron.

  17. Trump: the judge is no trumper
    Judge: boy I suggest you get those taxes ready and get ready for prison

  18. But trump really wants to get them out… he said so a dozen times… “he’s the most transparent”

  19. I guess the GOP hasn’t succeeded in all cases installing ridiculous judges

  20. Imagine if Obama would have denied releasing his tax returns? Lol

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