‘It’s A Bombshell’: Shakedown Witness Confirms Damning Impeachment Call | MSNBC


Diplomat David Holmes, an aide to Ambassador Bill Taylor who revealed Holmes had evidence in the Ukraine scandal has delivered his closed door testimony. Holmes testified he overheard President Trump commanding Ambassador Sondland to demand Ukraine to investigate the Bidens, with Sondland willing to orchestrate the plot. Former Federal Prosecutors John Flannery and Maya Wiley along with The Daily Beast’s Margaret Carlson and The Root’s Jason Johnson join Ari Melber to discuss breaking developments. Aired on 11/15/19.
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'It's A Bombshell': Shakedown Witness Confirms Damning Impeachment Call | MSNBC

67 Comments on "‘It’s A Bombshell’: Shakedown Witness Confirms Damning Impeachment Call | MSNBC"

  1. Jason Tuscaloosa | November 15, 2019 at 9:35 PM | Reply

    Most Corrupt President Ever.
    Most Ignorant President Ever.

    • Give us one case where he was corrupt. Was it when he brought black unemployment to the lowest ever, or when he brought the total unemployment to the lowest in 50 years, or when he brought NK to the table (no other president could do that), or when he signed and executive order protecting Medicare, or when he signed 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund into law, or when the US Economy Added 164,000 New Jobs in July; Wages increased 3.2 percent, or when he brought down taxes to the middle class, or when he brought the economy up to the best in 16 years (remember, Obama said 2% was the new norm), or when 480,000 Manufacturing Jobs added since President Trump’s election, and the list goes on and on. So as I said give us just one case where he is corrupt.

    • @Gary Rosie It’s not the news, I just don’t happen to like compulsive liars, racists, bigots, misogynists, hypocrites and dishonest people and Mr Trump happens to be all of the above.

    • Elwood McGuire | November 22, 2019 at 4:31 AM | Reply

      @Jim Bananasok. He’s been caught committing crimes, no denying that. and it’s possible, if not likely (taking into account his personal stupidity and tendency to surround himself with incompetency), that he’ll be caught commiting more. But the man doesn’t have the monetary means, intellectual capability, or political acumen to be the “most corrupt president ever”. You do realize the people that puts him up against? Such an accusation expects too much of him and asserting it only feeds the trash-tv, tabloid rag, circus barker political atmosphere that he, along with people like Bernie Sanders, has ushered in.

    • @Elwood McGuire I was happily kind of agreeing with you until you said Bernie is trash. What the…. Bernie is all for taking money out politics, he has a vision to bring to the american people the same living standards enjoyed by Europeans, Canadians and Australasians. If Bernie takes over everyone’s life will improve except for the insanely rich and corporate executives plus you may take the lead in future technology to save the planet.

      Bernie is the antithesis of Trump.

  2. Trump only has one problem; He can’t get rid of all those pesky honest people.

  3. I love how all of the so called “Christians” forget Jesus’s commandments and fall all over themselves to defend that Orange con man. God will not be mocked and will bring his wrath upon all who use his name to commit sins.

    • Learn about NPD and Cluster B Disorders. They affect 5% of the population and you will run into them at work, play, romance, church and politics. Also be aware that there is something called “Covert Narcissism” (these people are the most dangerous because they fly under the radar). Spot them, avoid them and do not enable them. Search NPD traits, search narcissistic abuse and narcissistic false self.

    • There is room in the bottomless pit.

    • Trump followers are co-dependent. This means they will go out of their way to forgive Trump the abuser anything in order to protect their own belief system- so that they can get security and acknowledgement outside of themselves. Blaming others when things go awry is so much easier than looking inside. Most of all they protect their own desperate belief that their narcissistic abuser Trump is a good guy who is strong and powerful and that he will help them get their basic needs met. Search “NPD Codependency” for a very good read.

    • Renees Queendom | November 22, 2019 at 10:06 PM | Reply

      @Kathleen Martin
      Kindred soul you are ,your speaking the truth that many white people neglect to admit/mention,your comment made me smile somehow in the hurt of it… just shows we still have people who can “SEE” the TRUTH and spread it! Bless You!

  4. StandingRoomOnly | November 15, 2019 at 11:50 PM | Reply

    The only thing that’s more stupid than Trump is his supporters.

    • Zachary mcguirk get your head examined you have Trump derangement syndrome

    • ​@Phirum Yin What facts…the amazing economy we have ? Wake up buddy, he’s partying on your credit card = the deficit he created is astronomical. Democrats will have to fix it again as Obama fixed the mess Bush left…remember ? Republicans always do that knowing that their low IQ followers think that the economy was better when they were in power.

    • Oh ok, if it makes you feel better, wink.😟

  5. I can see the day that in our dictionaries we use “Trump” as a word refer to a failed and corrupted person.

    • @Wilma You’re terminally stupid if you STILL believe in Fox’ long debunked no-go-zones. Those on their map of central Paris are so posh and pricey that it’s like claiming Bel Air in LA, or Park Avenue in Manhattan are no-go-zones ~ ROFL
      Gimme a central no go zone, I’ll move there in a New York minute!

    • Purple Flame Tarot | November 20, 2019 at 5:44 AM | Reply

      Or synonymous with Lies.

  6. When you have clowns defending a clown you get embarrassed and laughed at .

  7. When this is over, goose stepping harpy Ingraham needs to be run out of town with nothing but her armband. She shouldn’t be welcome in the US anymore, she doesn’t have the intelligence

    • She’s Axis Sally.

    • Anybody or part of an entity who plays a part of trying to cover up the corruption and lies of the chump should be charged with conspiracy to the crimes. Fox fake “news” should be banned for life and those who are spreading the lies and propaganda should all be charged for conspiracy and treason to our country and every rePublican who is covering up for chump should be immediately removed from office and charged with treason, treason and locked up for their crimes against the USA!!!

  8. He paid $1mil to enter the swamp, now is being swallowed alive.

  9. May I introduce a new meaning to the word “Trumped”:- totally guilty.
    “The President is Trumped”

  10. Time to subpeana Trump! Let individual 1 answer for his actions on national TV.

  11. To still support him, the incest has to be strong within your family

  12. Veronica Stewart | November 16, 2019 at 8:24 AM | Reply

    You can tell a man’s character by the company he keeps.

    • Renees Queendom | November 18, 2019 at 9:43 PM | Reply

      @Patty Macdonald
      It’s an unfortunate event in history to KNOW that Republicans are racist and they put trump on a pedestal for displaying it! Therefore they dont care what he does they’re just happy they have a fellow white supremacist as thier potus…absolutely disgusting and makes me embarrassed to be American at this moment in time…people have died due to the ignorance of this president in so many ways…when will the American people see how dangerous this man is to our country…oh when russians are here with thier troops…WAKE UP

    • @David Luyster Trump had a picture with him and Epstein in it.If that’s the case maybe you should be arrested.

    • @Gary Rosie Yeah, I’m not going to dignify your whining with a reply, moron.

    • @Gary Rosie ZERO CONTENT, ZERO SUBS. How’s the weather in Russia, TROLL? You lost me at ‘fake news’, moron.

  13. Mike Doonsebury | November 16, 2019 at 9:05 AM | Reply

    Sondland isn’t a witness, he’s a co-conspirator.

  14. As my mother used to say all the time. “If they had half a brain they’d be dangerous.”

  15. After this revelation, they have got Trump by the short and curly’s, Republicans wanted first hand witness, well they have got it now! Orange man needs to disappear , please.

    • Jayne Berkley Yeah, another “bombshell”. You’ve finally got him now! “The walls are closing in”! “It’s the beginning of the end”. 🤣 You libs are so gullible for the propaganda. You’re always waiting for the next “bombshell”. Then it fizzles out, and you gulp down the next bit of propaganda. When will you wake up? 🤣

    • Mr Allen, I really don’t think I’m waiting for the next bombshell, Trumps whole presidency has been a bombshell , from start to hopefully soon to finish, it would be nice to see America as a inspirational country again , and not a joke.

  16. This was THWARTED bribery, still impeachable!

  17. “Your Honor, I tried to rob the bank…I ran in there with a mask and a gun, pointed it at the teller and demanded all the money…but then a cop saw me and I ran off empty handed…so therefore I didn’t rob the bank…so no harm no foul, right? We’re all good here, right?”

  18. I bet Sondland made the call so he could seem like a big shot. Like “watch this I can call the President directly because we are cool like that and I am doing important business for him…I am so cool.”

    • Corey Anderson | November 18, 2019 at 5:43 PM | Reply

      carmay3600 good point! I had the very same thought. He ordered a bottle of wine for the table and was discussing his hotel business and then…. the phone call lol!

  19. Everything he has done as president should be erased the judges everything should be removed, he was a fake president so nothing he did should be let stand

  20. SkyeRangerNick | November 16, 2019 at 3:35 PM | Reply

    Sondland is discovering lickety split that he has got himself into something way out of his league.

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