Is Trump HIding From Whistleblower? Fmr Prosecutor Says He Can Declassify ‘Anything’

Is Trump HIding From Whistleblower? Fmr Prosecutor Says He Can Declassify 'Anything' 1


A new whistleblower complaint from a U.S. intelligence official claims President Trump made a ‘promise’ to a foreign leader, which they found troubling. Though Trump denies saying anything inappropriate” in calls with foreign leaders, new reports show Barr’s Department of Justice is seeking legal counsel on how to keep information pertinent to the complaint from Congress. Former Federal Prosecutor Berit Berger argues Barr’s moves are “unprecedent,” adding he could release the tape that is the subject of the complaint. Berger questions why “the executive branch” is “trying so hard to keep” information from “the Congressional Intelligence Committees.” Aired on 09/19/19.
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Is Trump HIding From Whistleblower? Fmr Prosecutor Says He Can Declassify 'Anything'

48 Comments on "Is Trump HIding From Whistleblower? Fmr Prosecutor Says He Can Declassify ‘Anything’"

  1. Nothing will come of this. Republicans are complicit, Democrats are passive, and the courts are glacial.

  2. A minimum of one major subversive Trump scandal each and every day. The Mobster-in-Chief is destroying not only American civilization, but civilization itself. Scum-bum Trump must be imprisoned.

    • No. The pussygrabber must be killed immediately. Cleaning up after that. You Americans have missed the day when the coup took place. And now you are running behind and still try to play by the rules. The rules are long gone. Who plays by the rules is stupid as s turd.

  3. US of America is in very big trouble, the sooner Trump is removed the better. Lots of talk, no action. Where are all the good men!!!

  4. The Repub Mafia is a criminal organization. Justin Amash is proof that there is no room in the Repub Mafia for someone that cares about his country and honors his oath of office.

  5. That is all that Trump has done for our country: daily drama, dysfunction, corruption, stupidity, imbecility, embarrassment, incredulity, immorality, sheep herding, deflection, projection, emotional stupidity, social stupidity, lack of critical thinking skills, etc., etc., etc…the true “Dumbing of America.”

    • America had to be dumb already for him to get elected. Hillary was a bad candidate for the democrats, but everyone already should have known who Trump was.

    • Ah, yes, the dumbing down of America is a real thing and those of us who have not succumbed to it are, oddly, the victims.

  6. I can remember a time when Republicans demanded transparency. Just a few short years ago in fact.

    • snowbaordguru, You are desperately avoiding those other two scandals.
      As for why Trey Gowdy didn’t prosecute anyone you would have to ask him. Also you do know Congress’s powers and the limitations on them don’t you? They are in writing in Article I if you need to look them up.

    • @David Grover EDIT* Any of those ‘scandals’ should have been adjudicated correct? But none were. Why’s that? Did they lie to you, or are they protecting them? Again, your choice.

    • @David Grover Maybe they followed the Lewandowsky doctrine where they are not ‘obligated’ to tell their supporters the truth?

    • snowbaordguru, You are worried by the dozens of guns from a program that was shut down when it became obvious the objective couldn’t be met as opposed to the hundreds (confirmed though the BATFE hasn’t ever released a full count and some of their records were lost so we can assume it is in fact a thousand or more.) of a program that was continued long after the stated goals were proven unachievable.
      Since the cartels were getting the majority of their weapons from the Mexican military and international black market back then the stated goal of Obama’s program was unachievable at best.

      While Obama was President the cartels finally figured out they could buy machine tools and build their own so the future of Arms Prohibition is going to be dim particularly as those guns started showing up on this side of the boarder recently.

    • @David Grover GAO data states that from 2009-2014, 13% of cartel weapons come from ‘undetermined origin’, 17% come from ‘non U.S. origin’ and here’s the important part: *70% come from ‘U.S. origin’*

      You may want to consider that the publications you read are also lying to you.

  7. The DNI went to DOJ because whatever it was involved a possible crime committed by Trump.

    • Bringing this to Bill Barr’s DOJ made absolutely sure that the whistleblower’s findings would NOT be shared with Congress. Barr is Trump’s consigliere so he’ll do anything to protect him, no matter how immoral, unethical or illegal.

  8. nicolas medellin | September 19, 2019 at 10:11 PM | Reply

    Can he declassify criminal activity ? He`s in a hole , Barr can only help so much , Obstruction is all he has left.

  9. Of course IQ45 doesn’t think he said anything inappropriate! 🙄🙄 #traitor

    • Jean Rhodes : A low IQ KING, who is Untouchable and allowed to change the laws to fit the crime. The Republic is DONE

  10. Thus, Trump’s packing the federal government with kissers of his giant behind works to his criminal advantage.

    • Spaghetti Monster | September 20, 2019 at 7:22 AM | Reply

      The left has lost their collective mind. Reasonable liberals are walking away in silence so that their own party’s cancel culture doesn’t eat them alive.

    • @Spaghetti Monster This has NOTHING to do with the “left” or “liberals. It has EVERYTHING to do with a corrupt administration trying to hide wrongdoing. Ask yourself this very simple question; why does the Trump administration refuse to follow the Constitution when it comes to government oversight? There are countless examples of criminal activity by Trump and those in his inner circle. It is just a matter of time before ALL is revealed. FYI, I am an Independant, Marine Corps veteran that has always voted for the best candidate regardless of party affiliation. The last election is the 1st time in over 40 years that I didn’t vote for a single Republican. They are complicit in this cover up and have signed their own death warrant. It is a true shame that the Republicans are going to be remembered for being the party that attempted to sell America to a foreign power for money. Pathetic.

    • Spaghetti Monster | September 20, 2019 at 9:11 AM | Reply

      @Joe Michaud You poor gullible soul best of luck with that in 2020.

    • @Spaghetti Monster … Yet another dull-witted Fox-News-only viewer, talking about ”the left” as if they grasp politics. What kind of a person so enjoys bullsh!t stories, and so enjoys the company of the bullsh!tters who tell them?? Not me. Not most Americans.

    • Spaghetti Monster | September 20, 2019 at 12:28 PM | Reply

      @Frank Hoffman The left has lost their collective mind. Reasonable liberals are walking away in silence so that their own party’s cancel culture doesn’t eat them alive. So enjoy your solidarity… oops I mean “lack of” solidarity, and good luck with that in 2020

  11. No one gets more upset than a narcissist, being accused of something they definitely did.

    • What the Orange Head narcissist deserves is for his hair piece to get blown off during “chopper talk.” But more importantly, he’s due for the lid to be blown off all his corrupt, thieving and lying ways. One can only dream. Sigh….

    • Trump actually meets the criteria for psychopathy.

  12. Mohan Sivasankaran | September 19, 2019 at 10:31 PM | Reply

    The problem is sleepy democrats in the house and the disunity among them. Many of us thought Pelosy is better than this. For the entire year they were talking about court , litigation etc. but we aren’t seeing anything happening.

  13. Trump, ‘I could shot somebody on 5th Avenue and not lose any voters.”
    Guess that’s next.

    • Well, Yes, I wrote about it yesterday and my comments in video were withdrawn. I believe he is totally out of control and won’t belong he does something really horrifying, and will be too late, as No one is stopping him.CONGRESS must really take action, urgently.

    • He will assassinate the whistleblower

  14. Why was William Barr given classification power of intelligence information and why is he in process of whistleblower complaints and why is this being withheld from Congress intelligence committee. Trump has apportioned officials that are loyal to his criminal activity and corruption and covering up for him. He has to have something on them or they working for Putin to. Something is very wrong with this administration and people appointed by him.

  15. donald barnhardt | September 19, 2019 at 10:40 PM | Reply

    i would say that America’s law and rules are being suspended by trump and his clan. the dictator ship of the United States is about to be declaired

  16. Do something about it.

    How much more will the American public accept this kind of thing?

  17. We have proof. Trump is worthless. When can we move beyond this? Vote Trump Out.

    • Spaghetti Monster | September 20, 2019 at 12:29 PM | Reply

      lol because, the dems know they cant vote him out, why else do you think they have been trying to frame him for the last 3 years?

  18. We are here because this country was never prepared for someone so corrupt and ignorant to ever be elected as President. Trump will make MAGA. It has exposed loopholes that will be eventually be closed

  19. Sweet, another built-in mechanism, meant to prevent to abuse of government power bites the dust. We will find out 10 years from now, when it is not even relevant.

  20. Progressive Humanist | September 20, 2019 at 12:43 AM | Reply

    Quit saying “unusual” “unprecedented” “strange” “odd” “troubling” etc. and call these moves for what they are: FASCIST.

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