Is Trump a president without guardrails? Anderson Cooper examines

Is Trump a president without guardrails? Anderson Cooper examines 1


CNN's Anderson Cooper examines the consequences of President Trump's decision to pull troops out of Northern Syria as well as Trump's ongoing reactions to the whistleblower story.

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  1. WHY are Cops required to take a leave of absence from work while being investigated but the President can stay in office and start wars destroy evidence and comit more crimes and High Treason ?



  3. I’ll be glad when this drug addict is broke and poor!!!

  4. As an American living in Europe I think it is very important to remember. Isis only exists because Bush went into Iraq and destabilize the region. So the only country that can take full responsibility for isis is the United States

    • laharl sama so are you saying it’s the rich fault for the millions of poor people or the fact they don’t necessarily ‘try’ to make more money.

    • @Luke Wagner dude do you think your perspective is the only one let alone the right one? Do the people working multiple jobs because they’re not paid enough not matter? Does the fact that once your homeless you don’t even have a chance of getting a job? Guess those people are just fucked? What a shallow selfish let alone foolish perspective to have. Maybe talk to some people, actually learn about what others go through instead of looking through a key hole and pretending that it means you know the layout of the whole house.

    • @William Jones-Halibut You trumpanzees keep repeating ” fake news ” as instructed by your master…can you tell us exactly what is fake ? Often times Trump says something..CNN shows what he said you say it’s fake..fkn zombies

    • @William Jones-Halibut You fucking idiot, ISIS exists because it is an offshoot of the Taliban. We trained and funded them when the Soviets were in Afghanistan. The result of our failed “the enemy of our enemy is our friend” policy.

    • Bush’s anti-Baath policy, and his anointment of sectarian Prime Minister Maliki created ISIS.

  5. Lots of trolls tonight cnn is doing somthing right! Keep coverin story’s by this traitor in chief he betrayed the American people and he betrayed our allies. Good job cnn at least fox finely let go of their Frankenstein man child that they created . And left him to the mob the only people defending him are idiots that’s going to Go down with him. The killing of the Kurds finely was the last straw for fox that is what broke the camel’s back

    • William Jones-Halibut | October 10, 2019 at 4:10 AM | Reply

      Hey, this is what no war for oil look like. Maybe Pelosi can voted for deployment of troops, I bet they’re too gutless to go on record. Only congress can declare war.

    • @William Jones-Halibut how many trolls do I have to shut down tonight? Congrats you know Congress can go to war. Yes they can go to war idiot but that be a war that didn’t have to happen if trump didn’t by pass the Pentagon in the first place and pull troops out near the border. It be a war caused by trump and his incompetence to lead. I bet you republicans are to gutless to try to change his mind . Go to your safe app you will be happy there!😆

  6. Mmmm those who think that business can run a government for the people are stuffed in the head. Just look what dopey donald is doing. Hahahaha🤪🤪🤪🤪

  7. Seriously, Donny Boy! You think leaving One of our Allies out in the cold because they didn’t hop to do your bidding? That is the Action of a Bully an Dictator, a Wannabee President of the United States for you may currently convey the latter title, but you will NEVER be seen through out history as anything but a Thug.

  8. Todd's Tropicals | October 10, 2019 at 3:15 AM | Reply

    He’s whacko, impeach and remove.

  9. Flying Filipino | October 10, 2019 at 3:54 AM | Reply

    Oh he’s got rails alright, rails of adderall

  10. the syria issue is a distraction from his impeachment.

  11. CJusticeHappen21 | October 10, 2019 at 4:27 AM | Reply

    Trump: You up?
    Melania (Or other woman): No.
    Trump: You’re not being reciprocal.

  12. *WHY are Cops required to take a leave of absence from work while being investigated but the President can stay in office and start wars destroy evidence and comit more crimes and High Treason ?*

  13. So Iran was right when they said never trust USA.

    • @ejmanalastas Never trust a left winger or a right winger. Both go full authoritarian and want to control every facet of your lives. The state should throw them all in prison and execute them publicly.

    • Only Democrats would listen to Iran

    • @Uncle Ed “only a democrat would listen to Iran”
      Right right, and its those real patriots who listen to dictator led countrys who get murdered for speaking out? Cool story fella tell it some more ad nausea till its realitys. We know you will and are anyways.

    • The Iranian FM said asked Saudi Arabia if “they are willing to fight to the last American soldier,” and that was a wake up call. I don’t think Saudis want war if Trump decides to pull out because like the Kurds they weren’t at Normandy. Trump’s ME policy has the hallmarks of a “stable genius.” Will the diplomats and adults please step up?

  14. Trump will do anything to take the heat of him. For God sake America get rid of him.

  15. Michael Previs | October 10, 2019 at 7:20 AM | Reply

    The only thing adult about this illegitimate president are his diapers

    • That is a very adult statement. Trump is getting done EVERYTHING that Obama ran on and failed us. wake up dummy, Trump is here for YOU, not the establishment politicians. He’s a TRUE AMERICAN PRESIDENT who fights for all of us. THAT’S WHY THEY HATE HIM. It’s why they have done nothing for us, and everything to “Impeach” Don’t stay ignorant, please. It’s this unbridled ignorant haze that the media is keeping you in that is hurting out country, not Orange Man.

    • @MrSmokelife
      you pos trump is stealing all Obama did for america.
      that pos needs taking down and scum who vote for him.
      YOU POS.
      not hate, despise the bastard.

    • MrSmokelife wah wah wah wah wah… troll

    • @Michael Previs and the rest of you; Look at all the hate and anger, you sure you’re not Trump Supporters? No, because we are peaceful. I get called a troll all the time, it’s the de-facto response from the ignorant masses because you lack any facts to rebut me. Address you directly Michael Previs? I am, this is for you. Wake yourself up before it’s too late. You don’t have to remain stupid, *Ignorance is a Choice*. Don’t ask me to explain it, ask yourself why you chose it.

  16. Unless there is a change in leadership and position I now see a future when America and Europe are enemies, Europe needs to get it’s sh1t together on military spending and quickly. America can no longer be trusted or relied upon.

  17. The only guardrails that ever existed around Trump were on the escalator going down.. and he couldn’t even bare to regard their existence either..

  18. Americans are cowards for letting this Trump creature run wild like he is.

  19. Anwar Crutchfield | October 10, 2019 at 8:54 AM | Reply

    When the guard rails go away that’s when they roll the tanks down the street.

  20. i wanna know how other countries cover our “news” 😩

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