Impeachment Investigators Issue Subpoena To Another Trump Official | Hardball | MSNBC


Next Thursday, investigators are scheduled to depose Tim Morrison, a National Security Council officer and the first current White House official who will testify. Morrison would have been on the July 25th call between President Trump and the Ukrainian president. Aired on 10/25/19.
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Impeachment Investigators Issue Subpoena To Another Trump Official | Hardball | MSNBC

52 Comments on "Impeachment Investigators Issue Subpoena To Another Trump Official | Hardball | MSNBC"

  1. If he was a Never Tre45oner, He would have not taken the Job.

    • Taylor, is one of the few, isolated cases,, when Trumpty Dumpty did hire the best!.
      Trumps good hires, are pouring slow drying cement in a bucket and will sink him in the toxic swamp. maybe they will dump him in the shallow end with just his nose above the water.

  2. Better a “never tRumper” than an “always tRumper”.

  3. I'm Just Saying Though | October 25, 2019 at 10:39 PM | Reply

    Why don’t anything ever happen to them when they ignore a subpoena.

    • There is nothing in the constitution that says you have to vote for an Inquiry. So what are they doing wrong? This is not an impeachment yet. You gotta be smarter than this

    • If they ignore subpoenas it is added to the list of evidence proving obstruction of Congress.

    • Saltponds239 so salt am I going to get answers to my questions?

  4. Trump took his Sharpies and a world map to bed last night. Now he’s building a wall around Ukraine.

  5. I’m the team? Really? I’M A LOOSER!!! More like it. 🤪🤡💩🤮

  6. Jim Kilpatrick | October 25, 2019 at 10:43 PM | Reply

    Truly Repulsive Un ‘Merican Pos.

  7. Trump threw Pompeii under the bus saying “ it’s Pompeo” like what do you expect it’s Pompeo!

  8. This is disgusting…to rise to Bill Taylor’s position, he would have to willingly police everything in his entire life to demonstrate his commitment to policy. Taylor is committed to diplomacy, and surely when he learned about this contradictory back-channel diplomacy, he was shocked. The president should not be saying anything about him.

  9. Being a Never Trumper is a sign of intellectual integrity.

    • @freejutube Now you’ve blown my whole argument, or perhaps just the exception that proves the rule.

    • @ruth depew i’m 100% ok with your argument. I meant that, at some point, always-trumpers will be so ashamed of trump that they will pretend to be never-trumpers 🙂 and doing so, they’ll have rebuilt their intellectual integrity (is that possible ?)

    • @freejutube I am 100% OK with redemption. It is after all our only hope.

    • @Tessmage Tessera definition of “never trumper” implies being a member of the Republikkkan party.

    • It’s a sign of being a human, frankly.
      Only monsters support the kidnapping of children as a policy of the State.

  10. is a never trumper one who saw thru this monster years ago??

  11. Let me get a like if u r a never trumper or a dislike 4 a 4ever trumper!! Let’s go guys!! Time 4 a change nowz!!

    • I agree – the Dems will be kicked out come 2020 – Bye

    • @Saltponds239 it would be nice to impeach him just before christmass. So the evangelicals have something to talk about over dinner. Don’t forget to watch your bloodpressure. It is unhealthy if it get’s too high.

    • @Zoey Lowlands Last weekend, I ran a half-marathon so I think my heart may be in pretty decent shape.

      As for the impeachment thing, I welcome it. Since the Fascist in the House are doing it behind closed doors, if it ever passes the House (the last 3 failed) and goes to the Senate, it will be a full-blown televised event.

      I can’t wait to watch Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, Adam Stiff and others step up, swear on a bible to tell the truth, the whole truth. We can watch them stammer and shake and blabber and then I wonder whose blood pressure will be going up?

      American and the world will see the scam and come the 2020 election, all dems will be gone and Trump re-elected for 4 more years. Talk about blood pressure going up.

    • I really think this is just a time to stroke your newborn-fragile ego.

    • @Josh Starks The dems really need to get over it. Wait until Trump is re-elected

  12. Being insulted by Trump should be worn like a badge of honor. 👍

  13. Calling an honourable veteran Mr. Taylor dishonourable, it’s a disgrace😒

    • @Christ Bearer Patriotism? Closed door hearings on one of the most important functions of the House (Impeaching a President) and they call Trump a Fascist.

    • Christ Bearer another laughable tool. The left can define a good person outside of their political view. Example. I didn’t like Bushes policies at all but I never thought he was a bad man. Again another right wing clown pushing independents like me to the left.

    • @Kevin stevens As an independent, why wouldn’t you like to know if our Intelligence Community may have overstepped their boundaries?

      No fake dossiers – just emails, text messages and affidavits in their own hand.

    • Saltponds239 salty we have already been through this. This has been looked at and nothing was found to be wrong. This is the orange turd trying to hide his crimes. You salty I grew up in NYC. I knew who Trumpy is and what kind of a person he is. Back in the day he was a charming guy in society but as a businessman he was known as a con and a crook. He won so I thought as many of us independents did, give the guy a chance. You know guy he has done nothing to improve anything for anyone but himself and his business IE the tax break. I am in the payroll biz and I know it was a joke for most hard working Americans. Now we are seeing the corrupt side of him coming out. You will see in time if you support him you WILL be disappointed

    • Kevin stevens Can they? Ask leftists how many white people are not racist. Join the left… you socialist tool (literally).

  14. Anybody with a brain, a soul and a conscience should be a never rumper.

  15. Darlene Hawkins | October 25, 2019 at 11:40 PM | Reply

    “National relief” to loose Trump he says. How about international relief.

  16. I resent the implication that you need religion to be a decent human being,

    • Thank you. So do I. It’s really an insulting insinuation and demonstrably untrue. Most atheists somehow manage to be good without a god.

    • I agree. Thank you. I was taught to treat all people with respect, thoughtful consideration, and kindness. This is the way I expect to be treated. I didn’t need to go to church to learn this, my parents taught me.

  17. That is so lame Mr president…”he’s never-trumper” meaning as a trumper he must dig dirt for you…very telling

  18. When Bolton is the ethical one you’re in serious trouble.

  19. This is such a dirty mess, with the lying president at the head of the pack. God please let him have a fatal downfall. G.

  20. Medical Breaking News: “Bone spurs is a mental disease.”

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