I Always Look Orange Trump Hits Light Bulbs As Debate Policy | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


As Democrats hit the big debate stage, Trump also took to the podium at a Republican retreat to poke fun at the 2020 contenders. Despite a heated debate, no apparent front runner has emerged from the Democratic party. The Daily Beast’s Margaret Carlson argues when Dems ‘are running against Trump, they’re all winning’ but when ‘they’re running against each other, they’re not.’
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I Always Look Orange Trump Hits Light Bulbs As Debate Policy | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

69 Comments on "I Always Look Orange Trump Hits Light Bulbs As Debate Policy | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC"

  1. It’s not the light bulbs it’s your spray on tan. Mr. ORANGE.

  2. Crooked Donald is the most corrupt politician in US history.

    • @Chris Handsome

      Why don’t you have a seat, Mr Handsome, and I will explain it to you:

      Trump has used the presidency as a way of enriching himself and his family. From day one he upped membership to Mar-a-Lago from $100,000 to $200,000. Then he told you marks that he was donating his salary, but just 4 memberships to his bedbug-ridden resort made up for his yearly salary.

      He took money from his “charity” to pay for portraits of himself. His foundation was shut down after a court found he was using it as “his personal piggy bank”.

      He held a fundraiser for veterans but never gave them the money raised.

      He is violating the emoluments clause of the constitution left, right and center, funnelling MILLIONS into his businesses from foreign and domestic sources. This is an impeachable offence.

      He is funnelling MILLIONS of dollars of taxpayers money into his businesses by staying at his own resorts and golfing at his own clubs year round.

      His children are using the power of the presidency to line their pockets and raise money for their failing business ventures.

      He has corrupted the Justice Department, installing yes men who act like his protectors and personal attorneys.

      Trump is a corrupt POS.

    • Creator- You,sir,are a brainwashed moron.

    • @Zack Reynolds trump worshippers consider reality a “brainwash.” think about that a minute. This really isnt far from an Orwell novel.

      How long ’till trump has them chanting “Two plus two is five!!” at his rallies?

  3. Casper ( Pence) and the orange menace ( Trump) need to go. Vote blue 2020.👣💙

  4. Jaudice happens when your liver is toxic. Orange face is toxic.

  5. Then why does he look orange outside in the Sun? 🤪

  6. Do the light bulbs make your wig look fake AF? It does

  7. WTF…is everyone laughing at “the bulbs make me orange”? Ahhh haaa haaa…your orange because you paint your face Trump.

  8. Pay no attention to that lying orange puppet behind the curtain.

  9. Clearly no one close to Trump has the guts to tell him how abzuurd he looks with a burnt orange face and white around his eyes.  He looks like he was at ground zero of Chernobyl wearing flash goggles.

  10. Trump can’t even get ‘light’ right! The old-style incandescents are the ones that gave things a ‘warmer’ or ‘yellow/orange’ tone!

    ‘Your argument is invalid!’

  11. Trump is an illegal alien.
    His complexion’s not even mammalian.
    Orange or burnt umber,
    or a similar number,
    and he acts like a Pachycephalian.

  12. That color orange is especially shocking when he pulls off the white hood.

    • @Tyler Street They did, I’m from the Deep South and the only klansman I’ve met was a hardcore democrat; he thought it was really funny that black people think the democrats are their friends.

    • Casper Ghost hi Tyler hi Casper hi 1950. Did you two know Bruce is now Caitlin cuz, well, things change. Put the DeLorean in the garage and try to catch up guys.

    • @Casper Ghost – l do not condone the KKK and the racial prejudice l see, is not limited to either party whatsoever ….?.?? That is Rethuglicon Hog Slop !

  13. Ya mon Da Troll | September 13, 2019 at 9:59 PM | Reply

    “I don’t know where any of the candidates stand on Medicare-For-All…” Actually, Bernie’s position on Medicare-For-All has been crystal f*cking clear for the last 20 years! #HeWroteTheDamnBill

  14. how do you pronounce buttigieg? trump wonders. no, it is not covfefe mr president.

  15. His face is orange because of a Russian golden shower!

  16. On a serious side, you can’t change stupid on Trumps ignorant base. We can change however by voting them out.

  17. It’s not the lights. It’s fake and bake, just like his presidency.

  18. The Orange Man will be punched and squeezed like an orange 2020

  19. I guess my eyes must energy efficient because you look orange to me. The country is ran by a clown.

    • And yet that clown has more brains and reasoning than democrats and most liberals

    • @White Knight “has more brains and reasoning” yeah, that about sums it up… People with the gramatical skills of an infant think trump is a mastermind.

      Fortunately, the rest of us know better.

  20. Guess what trump! You are orange don’t blame the lights you 🍊 buffoon!

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