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  1. tRump is on his way with paper towels

    • If your a “patriot” gtho out of America and go to Nkorea. We only have room for American heroes and veterans who dont claim “bone spurs” in lue of defending their own country. We dont have room for ignorant racists gettin boners from an old azz fat orange man who thinks hes a king but is merely supposed to REPRESENT THE PEOPLE of America. i heard the communist party needs more “government officials” in nkorea. They have a trailor park and hat hooks and endless supply of pabst blue ribbon and obama meme stickers ready plus millions of innocent oppresable people waiting for scum like you. Us real Americans have it covered. buhbye. im sure you can find some old fat bald orange self worshiping demon to worship anywhere else you go.. i wish godspeed in your excretement from realAmerican soil.. i promise your army of american armchair “patriots” will recieve heroes “goodbye” as you leave OUR AMERICA.. It hasnt worked out so well for other people who tried to “claim” america.. if you decide to stay.. 1/4 + 0/4 vs 3/4 + 4/4 isnt gonna end well.. for you.
      lol! trumpf worshipers sensitive about paper towel.. yall sgould soul search why


    • @YouWillbe Mocked Considering nearly 50% of Puerto Ricans are serving or have served compared to America’s 7.4% it seems like we owe them quite a bit. They actually practice patriotism as opposed to the lip service most Americans participate in.

    • YouWillbe Mocked | September 3, 2019 at 10:41 AM | Reply

      @Eric Zahn We don’t OWE them SHlT… Its an ALL VOLUNTEER ARMY… the reason there are so many PUERTO-RICANS in it is because they are a pretty DUMB and LOW IQ group of people and that’s pretty much the best EMPLOYMENT they can get… I’m tired of these STINK-LATRINOs screaming at AMERICA and blaming us for everything, then the minute there’s some difficulty in their countries they come ARMS OUT with the BEGGING BOWL…

    • @YouWillbe Mocked As it stands they are to the man far better then you can ever hope to be. Calm down though little guy. Last thing we need is another alt-right shooter.

  2. This is just incredible. After 24 hours, Dorian is still battering the Bahamas

  3. Prayers up for the people of Bahamas

  4. It’s time to build homes out of steel and concrete slabs and thrity feet off the floor

    • I’m reading these replies right do y’all realize they build there home out of concrete?

    • And 50 miles from any coast line.

    • Freedom Forever | September 3, 2019 at 7:22 AM | Reply

      R.D. SMITH Is not even real wood ! It’s the most cheap material they use . And like you said they charge you thousands

    • @Ok Kj the roofs will be the only part that any wood is placed. In the videos you will actually see the majority is roof damages, having winds up to 210 this storm is a monster. I’m in the capital and Freeport where the storm is settling there are homes built for this and collapsing, this is not normal haven’t you been listening to the reports.

    • @MS HUEY the entire houses have been annihilated. You’re so stupid. Not much difference between a wooden house and a mud hut

  5. Tessmage Tessera | September 3, 2019 at 1:21 AM | Reply

    It’s stuck in the Bermuda Triangle. Freaky.

  6. Was hoping it would disappear once it got over the Bermuda Triangle

  7. Now seriously. Lets hope that all people from there get out off all with no deaths or injuries. I worry for the older people, that live alone and have no family anymore. This is a drama.

  8. That’s extremely unusual the way the storm is stalling like that. They called Hurricane Harvey the 1 in 1000 year storm and here we are having the exact same scenario that took place 2 years ago.

    • Tamara Santana | September 3, 2019 at 3:27 AM | Reply

      Put his money maker in the path and guess what he backs down. Simple yet effective way to play the wanna be player

    • As global temperatures rise, it basically throws weather patterns all off. Super-powers some, stalls others, things start acting wonky. The science of weather is going to have to evolve to keep up, or at least I assume so. There hasn’t been this level of technology with a global rise in temperature before, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it starts throwing what we know for a loop. These “one in x with many zeros” events are going to become more and more common until they’re “what used to be once in x with many zeros” events.

    • @Bookmouse very true and we have us humans to thank. Were indirectly making monster storms and were non the wiser. Soon were gonna get a storm thats gonna wake us the hell up but by that time its gonna be too late.

    • @Mr. Davario P. No, it’s NOT man made, you troll of trolls. It’s a hurricane, you learn about them in school you know?

  9. Steve - USMC Veteran | September 3, 2019 at 1:52 AM | Reply

    Florida might be dodging a bullet for the moment, but dam, those people on those islands in the Bahamas! Brutal just brutal. Praying for you all!!

    • @tomitstube see? There you go again taunting and behaving like a passive/aggressive again. You start off somewhat coherent and rational, then you go and ruin it. Who would want to join you in that? The whole purpose of free speech and debates is to win hearts and minds. Nobody wants to be put in a box, but here you are putting all Trump supporters in one box. You de-humanize people and make a case that they’re not empathetic enough. Not sympathetic enough…
      That’s so you can justify trashing them. You’ve gone ahead and planted your flag of victory in Mount Morality and unless someone thinks exactly the way you do, they’re not worthy of TRUE morals. You’re a snob, bro. You’re attempting to be the arbitrator of everything that’s correct. That’s your logic. Obviously prayers aren’t good enough for you. What do you suggest we do? Annex the Bahamas and pay for all their stuff?

    • @Uncle Reggie “When you gonna take a knee for white kids being brutalized by cops, too?” what makes you think that taking a knee for killing unarmed black men, at a rate 2.5 times higher (and 1/5 the population) than white men isn’t helping white people from being killed by cops too? 5000 AMERICANS have been killed by cops since michael brown (2014) in ferguson mo. you don’t think this is a problem? *ONE* person killed in the united kingdom over that same time frame.

      you really think i’m for cops killing white people reggie?! is that what you get from this?! really?! do you believe helping the most vulnerable is hurting white people somehow?! you’re really starting to disappoint me reggie, every time i get into these things with right wingers like you, you start snowflaking with white victimhood. i take back calling you a “descent” guy, especially seeing how extreme right your videos are.

    • @Uncle Reggie i can see fox propaganda has taught you well, play victim when you get called out on your support for specific policies and ideology. i’m done trying to “win the heart”, of people like you, logic and facts don’t get us anywhere, you have archaic beliefs and only dig in the more you’re proved wrong… it can’t be done, liberals and progressives are done compromising with the likes of you, you aren’t worth it, you’re never going to admit or cop to anything i specifically call you out on, it’s deflect, deny, and play victim. trump is nothing but an attack machine, and you boot lickers lap it up, but when he gets push back, it’s play the victim. fortunately most of america is on to this con game. trump is going down in a landslide. and REAL America will have finally spoken.

    • @tomitstube What are you even talking about? You came out here and attacked a United States Marine because he’s compelled to pray? Dude. Sometimes all we can offer are prayers. That’s not good enough for you so-called “liberals”. I asked earlier and I reckon I have to ask again since you went into full defense mode after a coordinated attack. What would be good enough to offer someone that’s being pummeled by a storm clearly beating the crap out of an island BESIDES a prayer? You didn’t even know what kind of prayer it is, either. It could be a Buddhist or Hindu prayer.

    • @Steve – USMC Veteran These atheists are like 1% of the population globally, and start more crap than the Muslims and Christians combined! They’re clearly satanists under the cloak of anonymity.

  10. Theres way more than 5 dead.

  11. its pretty remarkable and i think it’s almost historical to see a hurricane stay in one spot for 24 hours

  12. Oh my god how terrifying. I can’t imagine having an eye wall stall over you and you are getting 155mph winds out your window for hours and hours.

  13. Tamara Martinez | September 3, 2019 at 2:35 AM | Reply

    My heart is broken. Prayers for Bahamas.

  14. Lord please have MERCY…🙏🙏🙏

  15. Beyond the Obvious | September 3, 2019 at 2:36 AM | Reply

    This is crazy. I never in my 30+ years seen a storm let alone a storm this powerful just stall. Its chilling to see that. A storm just stopped or move that slow. Never seen anything like that.

  16. I am realist and scientist. 130MPH can make a cow fly! Or a pig fly! WTF!

  17. We need to pray, long and hard

  18. I’m in Australia

    Good luck everyone god be with you all

  19. So amazing how palm trees always hold up. They wave n bend but don’t break…..even in Tsunamis they remain. If I lived on one of these islands……I would definitely plant a whole line of Palm trees…between my home and the shore. While all human structures fail….natures island plants hold up.

  20. I used to live in west palm beach and I have friends there and I hope they are ok and prayers to everyone in Florida ❤️❤️🥺

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