How far can $1,000 a month take Andrew Yang

How far can $1,000 a month take Andrew Yang 1


Andrew Yang went from a "longer than long shot" to standing on stage at the Democratic debates. CNN's Jon Sarlin talks with Andrew Yang about how a tech founder who has never run for anything managed to make it this far. It starts with $1,000 a month… #CNN #News

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  1. Man I want that thousand dollars a month I think I’m going to vote for him

    • Trump's Liberation Army 2017-2025 | September 30, 2019 at 8:45 PM | Reply

      After working decades, many Americans only get $1000/month in SS payout when they retire.
      Yang is proposing to give all adults $1000/month. But retirees on SS only get $1000/month, not $2000/month This is political suicide.
      Messing with SS is political suicide. Even republicans don’t like to mess with SS.

    • trugangsta4real | October 1, 2019 at 12:03 AM | Reply

      Jay Harris there are many other reasons to vote for Yang. Check out his website to see all his policies

    • @Rebecca Sowell by that logic, no president should make decisions that affect longer than their own term. His solutions for taxing on a VAT to fund a trickle up economy, implementing an election finance policy go wash out corporate and global interests, or something as simple as abolishing the penny are designed to put us in the right direction and set us up for success.

      In your opinion, what promises wouldn’t he be able to keep? Just like any president, he needs to work with Congress but he hasn’t made any long term commitments outside of his long term energy solutions to take us off fossil fuels through a combination of solar, wind, hydro and ideally thorium based nuclear.

    • @Mimosa Baker it’s a dividend and everybody receives the same amount. I dont get more access to roads b/c I pay more in taxes. I dont get cleaner water because I pay more. Its 1000 per month regardless of tax status. If you’re a citizen of this country and dont use welfare programs, here’s 1k per month. If you dont think we can pay for it, lays it out in plain English, with their sources, so you can read the studies that support this claim.

  2. People like more than his 1,000 dollars a month campaign agenda. Americans on the right and left like HIM.

    • Mhm sure

      Andrew Yang says he wants the green new deal and the Paris accord

      Do you honestly believe we can afford all 3?

    • Conner Pittman | October 1, 2019 at 10:32 AM | Reply

      @The Boocraft no. But he needs to play to the Democrats as long as he needs to until his support is too big to ignore and he can make decisions with America’s best interest. He’s stated many times he will be more bipartisan and logical when taking office. So no I don’t believe he will sign the Green New Deal into law in 2021 but he will sign the Freedom Dividend which will get Americans heads up to being more receptive to policies dealing with climate change in the next ten years. It’s all a process one step at a time, he and his supporters all know that.

    • @Conner Pittman another question

      Do you actually believe…. we… tiny humans can possibly stop climate change?

      I’m not saying climate change isn’t real… all you have to look at is the ice age and other times on earth before we humans even produced emissions nearly at this level but it was still happening along with hurricanes.

      And do you actually think the US even has an impact alone? And do you believe that russia, china and others that impact the earth more than we…. would actually get on board and sacrifice progression and $$$$$ based on hope that it would stop?

      Last I checked… apparently if we jumped on the Paris accord back in 2017… that by 2100 the temp would drop by 0.023C with us… the US paying in for most of that meaningless effort.

      Is that acceptable to you?

      I think deep down you know there’s nothing at least for now… that humans can do to stop climate change. We’re only human after all.

      Blindly caring with a big heart and throwing money at it. Isn’t a solution….

      The democrats dont have any solutions that actually show a meaningful impact.

    • Conner Pittman | October 1, 2019 at 11:46 AM | Reply

      @The Boocraft I’m with you on that. I am Libertarian and I belief the only way we as humans can survive as a species is if we fully invest and go all in on privitized space exploration companies like SpaceX or Virgin Air or whichever so we can leave this planet and get all humans safely off here and onto a sustainable base somewhere else near our world

    • Conner Pittman | October 1, 2019 at 11:49 AM | Reply

      Also, I think that the Freedom Dividend is the main reason I see the best way we can collectively accomplish this. I’m sad the news media or anyone online or even Yang himself has pointed out that the best thing about $1000/ month for all citizens is if you are in a world crisis with other countries we as humans can collectively pool our dividends to one cause in case we need to rapidly leave planet Earth and colonize elsewhere on Mars or wherever. This can be achieved with simple math, even if only 3/4 of Americans have up their annual dividend for a few years we could pay for enourmous advancements in technology that will help us sustain life on other planets when we inevitably will have to some day.

  3. He is basically ending Kamala Harris run. So he is a champion in my book just of that. He has tons of energy. And honestly its awesome to see an Asian person doing great in politics. Why not Yang?? ✊✔💪

    • @jeff7775 I agree. Tulsi torpedoed Kamala’s campaign. She was dead on the water after the debate.

      As for Tulsi going after Warren. I would love to see that too but I have a sneaky suspicion that the DNC will circle the wagons for Warren. If Warren goes, the democrats are done for 2020

    • Nunya Bizness agreed. That said Let’s hope someone can step up and knock EW down a peg or 2. Still lots of time…

    • Yes! My sentiments exactly!

    • @Nemo Krada Wow, you’re a racist. Yang has never said that he would borrow from China. By the way, republicans get too worked up over people simple wanting to choose how to live their life.

    • @gyno How do Republicans force others to live their lives?

  4. VAT is NOT going to hurt the lower income more! Because everyday necessities are going to be exempt and or very low in VAT. The VAT is aimed at luxury goods! If if you are buying 200K car, rockets parts for your company, you pay more. To off set 1K a month, you would have to spend 10K or more on month to offset the gain.

    • With VAT, we can fund UBI. With UBI, people get more money. If people get more money they will spend more money, thus an increase in demand. With this increase in demand, companies will buy more items in bulk, thus reducing the cost of the item. VAT will actually help low income families.

      I don’t know much about economics so I might be wrong.

    • Broadstreet Flyers95 | October 1, 2019 at 3:49 AM | Reply

      Exactly it will not be on food clothing persona hygiene items or cleaning supplies. Yang has said this numerous times. New cars private jets yachts new homes laptops video games toys and those items yes a vat will be on them.

    • Broadstreet Flyers95 | October 1, 2019 at 3:49 AM | Reply

      @Gooey 911 You have no idea what the hell you’re talking about buddy.

    • Broadstreet Flyers95 | October 1, 2019 at 3:50 AM | Reply

      @Gooey 911 So does billions to Saudi Arabia and Israel and trillions on illegal wars started by Republicans make sense to you? You Mongoloid

    • @Gooey 911 You don’t get any free money. They wealth IS ALREADY EARNED in the economy. You can’t propose such a program in India, because it doesn’t have just 5% of the world’s population and the largest economy in the world, like the US.

      On the other hand, for those who pretend to be really smart who argues: Yeah, but the owners or the means of production (Gates, Buffett, Zuckerber, Bezos et al) contribute more, that’s why they’re earning thousands the average income. Okay, let’s do an little EINSTEIN MIND EXPERIMENT & pause the production lines worked on by the MILLIONS workers in the US from which our enormous wealth is created… and SEE how much Zuckerberg, Gates, Buffett, Bezos et al are producing their wealth, ON THEIR OWN…

      Point being: Yang simply wants to give A LITTLE CRUMB of that enormous wealth CREATED by millions of Americans, OVER DECADES —- invested in freeways and highways, in ports and airports, education and schools and universities, electrical grid and the Internet, the Armed Forces…. ALL LARGELY OR ENTIRELY PUBLIC INVESTMENT —– to the citizens.

      It’s NOT money out of thin air; it’s WEALTH ALREADY INVESTED AND ACCRUED (but which hasn’t been more fairly distributed to the stake holders: the American people & workers whose generational work, again, made our $20T a year economy possible, in 2019………….. BTW, when Elon Musk, Gates, Zuckerberg, Buffett, the Walton heirs, Bezos et al are creating their wealth INDEPENDENT of humans… on the moon, say… then, yes, we NO LONGER have right to talk about “wealth distribution.” But until then, when their wealth is a FUNCTION of tens of millions of workers, over generations… we have the right to talk about more proper, more fair wealth distribution…)

  5. UBI’s Ripple Effect

    Reduce crimes, so police can focus larger crimes.  Reduces financial stress on communities

    Reduce stress on police officers, less shootings by police.

    The logic is that people make better decision when they are less stressed on both sides. 

    Reduce financial stress on families.  Reduce divorces ( #2 reason for divorces ).

    More families are raised by 2 parents. Happier kids, better school grades, happier adults.

    Better society!  A stronger America!  Less mass shootings!

    Reduce homelessness and concentration of homelessness.  

    CA’s homelessness is not just due to high price, they come from all over because

    the weather is nicer. Plus population density and wealth in the cities are higher so

    They can pan handle, get services and access to food and other resources due to

    Lack of transportation.  Imagine pan handling in a small town in the midwest, freezing in the winter?

    With UBI, some maybe able to combine with friends and get a place outside of the city where it is cheaper.

    People who do not need the money will donate more to charities!

    Some will have less fear of losing welfare, disability and will start to volunteer more.

    Society will have less people to focus on so that the ones that really needs additional help can than 

    get the attention they need. 

    Just imagine the limitless ways UBI can change society as a whole!

    • BladeMasterz916 Although he is of Chinese origin, I am sure he has not read the modern history of China. Over 100 million people were killed, injured and missing during the 20-year socialist movement, and China almost collapsed。Many Chinese don’t like him, including me。

      Mr Yang and extremists from both parties are leading America into a trap

    • BladeMasterz916
      Very good list.

    • MacKenzie Engle | October 1, 2019 at 12:55 AM | Reply

      @Mind Crimes Capitolism that doesn’t start at 0. You probably cant grasp the reality that is a billion dollars. 1,000 dollars a month would help the 78% of americans who live PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK. How stressful that would feel, no only do you have to get your kid ready for school, but also you might lose your house. You must not have kids.

    • @Pinhead Larry then dont ever call 911 when you have a home invasion.

    • @Mind Crimes money solves my netflix subscription and alot of gas.

  6. He has my vote ., like if your voting for yang 👍🏽

    • Never registered but ibwant to vote for him but cant :’/

    • @Charles Brouwer Thanks for helping running the country into the ground!

    • @Charles Brouwer
      Then you have no problem giving me your $1000 each month, right? Just imagine you never got it, so nothing gained or lost and everything is still cool in your mind.

    • Charles Brouwer | October 1, 2019 at 8:43 AM | Reply

      A S nah I have no problem giving you socialist the boot out of my country! You are all anti American and should move and start your own little “utopia”

    • @Donald Trump Biden has already scaled down his ad buys; he’s getting ready to withdraw from the campaign; he’ll take all his corporate donations and go out to pasture; it’s either that or his black sheep cocaine addict son’s business dealings will be put under even more scrutiny. He was an idiot to think that anyone wanted him to be President. He’s a joke, a plagiarist since at least law school (!) and a fraud. Always has been, now a has-been.

  7. Never ever excited with a political candidate! Never bothered to vote because I thought both parties were corrupted in our good old constitutional republic, disappoinments after disapoiments made normal Americans numbed and disengaged led to believe our votes don’t matter. Now that this conventional American Style Democractic Republic infused with Yangism, breathed new life into our common decency as a nation put humanity first and most worthy of celebrating! We’ve got the idea, we searched our souls and we as whole America think harder and It’s that time again, and it’s now up to US, the U.S.A to wake up to the painful reality around us, to embrace to reunite the benevolent forces around us to respect to set aside to resolve our differences and reach our common goals in this shared society because we see true humanity in this GrassRoots movement for America. America is at crossroads, there is no better proof than that of the Trump presidency engulfed with trunamis of mind numbing scandals , broad daylight corruptions at all three branches and unappologetic lawlessness. Are we going to remain Socialism for the corporate greed, Welfare for corporation profits as oppose to Individualism for the ever shrinking middle class Americans who have been left behind in this winner take all economy, whose lives have been taken a toll if not shattered by the trickle down capitalism? Yes, you can work as hard as you can take ten jobs and work twenty four hours if you can. You’re sure have the freedom to do so, you can be whatever as successful as you can be and sky is only the limit! And yes you have the freedom to help yourself all you have to do is just to unleash your own unlimited human potential. It’s truly motivational in a sense, if you don’t succeed because it’s your own choice that failed you, thank freedom of choice! Just don’t worry about the economic inequality, don’t talk about the desparity in the resources, don’t question the system, don’t look at my rich dad’s deep pocket pay attention to yourself, he was never caught cheating on taxes so stop asking the questions, just work as hard as you can then you will succeed. What’s wrong in this picture? Normal Americans could tell this is the lie disguised as motivation, it’s freedom of choice for no real freedom for life. Fortunately normal Americans are smarter than politicans, lobbyists, corporate media and all their interwoven special interests group would like us to be. That’s how we see our new era of American leadership in Andrew yang’s rising, we know we just don’t stop at HOPE and CHANGE in vague no more. What is facinating about Yang is his pragmatic no nonsense approach touches the same reality facing ordinary middle class Americans across all social political spectrum, he sheds the lights with 21st century solutions to 21st century problems for we the people. Let’s help him win for US because we the people had kidded ourselves for far too long by letting more of the same career politicians harvest their feast at our expenses.
    Real change is only made possible when we have policies put the money and resources in people’s hand, Andrew Yang is the first candidate ever vows to align money and political power with the interest of middle class, to put aside our differences in ideology, color, religion and belief to include all ordinary Americans in this long overdue conversation. What is true freedom? Andrew Yang has solutions back with data and logics, aspired by compassion and humanity. Freedom Dividen and Democracy Dollar is the most effective and timely way to break this political gridlock, to bring real systematic change to our dysfunctional government, to make it work for all Americans! Don’t let the establishment short change us, we’re the U.S.A, we’re supposedly the owners and shareholders of this richest economy in human history! As Yang said, UBI of $1000 per month is the game changer for a lot of Americans and Americans families. This is the capitalistic solution to our modern time problems we need to deal with as early on as possible, it lays the foundation for us, the U.S.A to tackle the challenges ahead from the implications of AI development and Automation to climate crisis and mass shootings. Andrew Yang’s candidacy has inspired an all new generation of American leadership, unleash the power of humanity within us we the normal people can make a difference if we participate in the political process. Yang Gang Matheletes love the numbers because numbers don’t lie Make America Great Andrew! Move America Towards Humanity! Yang Gang is the Power unleashed, Yang Gang is the power to stay beyond this primary and 2020 general election! Powered by YangGang! Powered by Humanity! Relentlessly Resolutely!

    • @Tchad Carby Sadly you nor Yang can point to a successful UBI to date despite 20 or so being tried over the years.

    • I agree, yang and his poorly programmed bot army lie.

    • david abe you have way too much time to be writing all of this, clearly you don’t have a life

    • @Perry Stone let me see if I got this right.

      If someone spends 10-15 min fact checking Yang they have no life… But if a person mindlessly accepts Yang’s con as absolute truth where they rush from Yang video to Yang video and obsessively support him… then they suddenly have a broad happy life?

      You’re a perfect Yang supporter, mindlessly and lazy. I gave you a list of prof that Yang is lying, all it takes from you is a small amount of time clicking on the provided links. A historically small amount of effort was required from you and yet it was clearly far too much of a personal challenge. Instead you decided to pretend you had the ability to insult me.

      MATH: lol, you guys don’t know how to do math. Clearly even a mild amount of brain power required to think about your own candidate is too hard for you.

      Prove my previous post wrong, don’t attack me like a simpleton. Again, I already did the work for you, you just have to click on links, watch a few short videos and read a few paragraphs at best.. Up for the challenge or were you defeated at well before MATH.

    • @david abe you haven’t proved anything but how much time you waste being unproductive.

  8. Top Yang policies in order:

    1: Human Centered Capitalism
    2. Freedom Dividend
    3. Democracy Dollars
    4. White House Psychologist
    5. Term limits for Judiciary

    • Would the $1000 per month help teachers?

    • Artemas Ward yes it would. It would also help teachers educate students. Yang understands that teachers only control 1/3 of a students success rate in education….the other 2/3 is controlled by the students family and home life. $1000 would help these students and their families be healthier, less stressed, which both lead to a better learning environment. Yang is also for raising teacher salaries because he understands teachers jobs are HUGELY important to the future success of our society. And of course an extra $1000 a month for teachers would help them directly.

    • @Adam A. If President Yang pardons Trump and his family – will that be a good thing?

    • I like his policy about securing our data

  9. The late President JFK said ” let’s ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” This is what Andrew Yang will do for our country. He is helping the homeless to the richest. May God help him to fulfill his dream.

    • @John Dough idk. Maybe they can pay it for themselves. Since they were the one looking for debts in the first place. So please give it to me if you dont need it.

    • @Game4Life Nope I don’t give money to dead beats. I will give it back to the government as I did not EARN it! The national debt needs to be paid off and I am not toing to be the one that drains the nation.

    • @John Doughokay how about this. You give me half of it, then you can give half to the nation.

    • Gonzalo Chocano you don’t have a business degree so you don’t even know what you’re talking about

  10. Yang is the future guys. 15 year Republican here and I switched my voter registration to Blue, first time ever, just because of him. He gets it.

    • @#BuffEliza 1.000 a month to all Americans is dramatically more far fetched then a 2000 mile wall

      What makes it even more far fetched is the fact that Yang wants the green new deal and paris accord

      What makes it even more far fetched and a con is the fact that Yang raised his hand due to others doing it to when all the candidates were asked if they plan to give free health coverage to illegal immigrants

    • Jesse Garretson | October 1, 2019 at 11:04 AM | Reply

      @#BuffEliza hey let’s not bad mouth past desicions. Were all just people doing the best we can. Let’s have some forgiveness and spread the love and vision of Yang so we can more people on board and move forward as one Country 😉

    • Jesse Garretson | October 1, 2019 at 11:08 AM | Reply

      @Donald Trump why you asking if everyones homosexual? There are better platforms for cruising for gay sex then youtube

    • #BuffEliza Yea, but you dumb Liberals will still vote either to Sanders, Biden or Clinton. Only Yang or Corey would win the presidency.

  11. CNN Narrator: “But critics warn that a consumption-based tax like a value-added tax could end up hurting the lower and middle classes harder than the rich. That’s because those that make less money end up spending more on goods and services.”
    CNN Interviewer: “Final question: what would you do with your Freedom Dividend?”

    Wow CNN. Way to drop a subtle dig at the Freedom Dividend and then not mention that Yang has already addressed that issue in his plan, and then not even question him about it during the interview, but rather ask a pointless one instead. This is a veiled hit on the Freedom Dividend, getting the last word without letting Yang defend himself.

    Yang has already stated over and over that the VAT would be distributed to goods and services that are more common for the rich, like buying a yacht or a mansion, while it wouldn’t touch goods and services that lower class people depend on like basic groceries. Why is it that everyday Yang supporters know far more about Yang’s policies than professional media sources? Who is really teaching who here?

  12. Yang’s freedom dividend turned me off initially, but after watching one of his longer speech videos, I understand his visions/solutions better and became a supporter. A lot of people are like me but haven’t had a chance to watch some of his longer interviews/speeches to understand his visions/solutions better.

  13. Andrew Yang calls himself barely a politician. Many question his qualification to run for POTUS because they think he is barely a politician.

    But I’d say Andrew Yang is the PERFECT kind of politician we desperately need.

    Andrew Yang has knowledge of the stats, real issues, and well thought out solutions, way better than the so called ‘professional’ politicians. And all that knowledge and experience from self focused reading/research/brainstorming over years, all on Andrew’s own time/energy. Without getting paid to be a politician.

    No, Andrew Yang is not barely a politician. He is the very epitome of a politician we’ve been missing.

  14. “Let’s send a wave crashing down throughout the country to get Washington to become leaders instead of followers again” – Andrew Yang, our future 46th President
    Democracy Dollars would wash out corporate lobbyists donations to Politicians by a factor of 8 to 1.
    We are losing millions of taxpayer dollars every year because we still make the penny. Eliminate the penny and put the funds to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology research funds.
    VAT is a consumption tax which rewards the most frugal citizens who save while punishing those who consume and spend lots of their income on land purchases, luxury items, etc. while Warren just simply wants to tax people above a certain income line because, “they’re rich”. That’s pretty much her reasoning.
    YANG has over 150+ other brilliant policies on his website, please check them out you will surely agree with a lot of them.

  15. People need to understand that Yang’s appeal isn’t just $1,000 a month

    • Preach!

    • Jonathan Christopher | October 1, 2019 at 3:05 AM | Reply

      @bingo_fuel Trump’s Tax Cut for the rich cost 1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS. And you and I saw NONE of that money. Yang’s UBI would also cost around 1.5 Trillion…except…IT WOULD GO TO US!!! It would go to everyone! And pay for itself by actually making a TRICKLE UP economy. THIS WILL HELP YOU!!! It will help all of us. Bless us all.

    • Broadstreet Flyers95 | October 1, 2019 at 3:54 AM | Reply

      He is for a lot of good policies. Medicare for all, a real green energy proposal, democracy dollars to stop corporate lobbyists from having such a stronghold over politicians, free mental health counseling, the legalization of all drugs, ending the drug war, releasing non-violent marijuana offenders, regulating and legalize marijuana nationally, ending the interventionist illegal regime change wars, he is for cutting our bloated defense budget in half, ending the wars. He is the best candidate.

    • Broadstreet Flyers95 | October 1, 2019 at 3:56 AM | Reply

      @bingo_fuel The guy spending trillions on nonsense and sending billions a year to the Saudis and Israelis. You’re an idiot

    • True, but $1000 a month can’t hurt. Am I right or am I right?
      Now watch Trump try to copy Yang’s UBI approach! He is too unscrupulous and sneaky not to.

  16. IMPORTANT: If you want to vote Yang in 2020, you NEED to vote for him in the democratic primaries. That’s the only way he’s going to get on the ticket.

    In some states that even means registering as a democrat in order to participate. If you don’t identify as dem, hopefully you’ll be ok with it since it’s a means to an end and you can always change later. Look up the rules in your state so you don’t miss any deadlines! Also make sure that you’re registered to vote!!

    Please LIKE this comment to make sure the message gets delivered :))

  17. CNN: “luxury goods VAT is regressive and hurts the poor”
    Economists: Unless you spend $10,000 per Month on toys, you’ll make more money with the Freedom Dividend.

    • Jesse Garretson | October 1, 2019 at 10:55 AM | Reply

      @John Dorsey bless you sir!!

    • Mario read Andrew Yang’s policy proposal first before you criticize. You would have to spend 10 k a month in consumption to offset the 1k a month you get that means you would have to make more then 120k a year and spend that 120k a year in just consumption so for 94% of the population the 1 k a month would help more then anything.

  18. They keep lazily calling him a tech entrepreneur when he’s actually from an education and entrepreneurship non-profit background.

  19. I switched to Democrat just to vote for Yang. He’s the best candidate in 2020

  20. Yang: I’ll give money to the poor
    Poor: No, that will make the rich wealthier
    Logic: Am I a joke to you?

    • Idc if the rich is becoming more rich. At the end of the day all i care is putting food on the table, being to be able to breathe at night. Not always being stress, you feel me?

    • SuperBoy Prime | October 1, 2019 at 7:32 AM | Reply

      Courtney Tubbs “assholes” give me 90% if your income every month

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