Hillary Wore RED to Appear Strong! Decoding Trump and Clinton Debate 9/27/16


Hillary Wore RED to Appear Strong! Decoding Trump and Clinton Debate 9/27/16

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton compete at the Presidential debate to appear alpha male. Some say Hillary Clinton was more alpha male.
After the Presidential debate analysis – September 27, 2016 – Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton


19 Comments on "Hillary Wore RED to Appear Strong! Decoding Trump and Clinton Debate 9/27/16"

  1. Dear CNN a bunch of f****** hypocrite you think there’s no God in heaven
    trust me there is and you ignorant poor blind fool the blind lead the blind
    and you all are going to be judged just like me I am a Despicable Center 2
    so just remember you Wicked people you will be judged just like me Ozark
    Christ none of us save is saved without the blood of Christ so kiss you all
    over blind people April traders to America CNN at you goodbye trailers
    catch you later God bless America and Donald J trump our new president to
    be like it or not it is what it is and there’s not a damn thing you can do
    about it crazy I buy

  2. surprised she didn’t wear black and white checked , or a burka. nwo power!
    did she have her piss bag on her leg?

  3. I thought you wore red because she thought it was Friday

  4. #TrumpWon

  5. We can’t swim in the liar’s swamp, we just can’t, as I watched the debate,
    I saw Donald debate with Hillary+moderator, what a bias moderator!! Is it
    really a Hillary’s money talk show?

  6. Nelson Visconti | September 28, 2016 at 1:12 AM | Reply


  7. CNN is a Fucking JOKE just like Your BOSS Hillary

  8. Killary started the Birther movement not Donald

  9. dues that dumbass, clinton, even know what racist means?

  10. Red as in communist China

  11. angel Midnight-girl | September 28, 2016 at 2:14 AM | Reply

    (HILLARY) – IT’S CALLED CHEATING. She was given the questions ahead of

  12. I’m just trying to understand why we’re watching CNN?

    • because it has become a comedy show. Its a opportunity to se good comedy of
      stupid people, that lives on a different planat.

  13. Hillary Wore RED to Appear communist.

  14. Hillary wore red because she’s a communist.

  15. Was thinking that the red was to provoke his anger to cloud his thinking
    with rage…

  16. imagine Hillary Clinton talking to the world leaders😨😨😨

  17. Trump was Real and showed his emotions, that anger he showed is how many
    Americans are feeling right now ,,, Hillary acted fake and rehearsed and
    acted cocky and untouchable … My vote is for Trump

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