Hillary Supporter Can’t Accept She Lost- Goes Nuts on Live TV 11/9/16


Hillary Supporter Can't Accept She Lost- Goes Nuts on Live TV 11/9/16

During a Donald Trump protest a Hillary Clinton supporter just can't accept that Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump and panics on live tv. He says Hillary Clinton is a lawyer and should just walk into the Supreme Court and sue the United States to win the election. The Hillary Clinton supporter almost has a nervous break down, but after releasing all he had to say he was able to make it through in the end.

Hillary Clinton supporter goes crazy – November 9, 2016


33 Comments on "Hillary Supporter Can’t Accept She Lost- Goes Nuts on Live TV 11/9/16"

  1. chris provinsal | November 10, 2016 at 12:57 AM | Reply

    Wow the protests are drawing bigger crowds than Hillary rally’s. lol

    • that is what happens when loving, tolerant, accepting, open-minded, honest,
      college educated, communist libs don’t get their way.

    • im 28 live at home, despite having very good scholarships and graduating
      with honors i got 50k in debt. I have been denied about 75 job
      opportunities, my internship didnt write me a letter of recommendation my
      senior year, i didnt get any awards or commendations. You dont see me out
      on the street corner burning effigies and yelling “not my president” the
      truth is the government dont owe me anything, the private sector doesn’t
      owe me anything, we have to earn everything we have and that is the way it
      should be. But trade deals like NAFTA and TPP, racist liberal programs,
      make it nearly impossible for educated people to find meaningful work. I
      love my bookstore but id love making $60,000 + more

    • xCalkeryZERO That is great! You will go far in life! I wasn’t given that
      chance in life. I’m 53 been a trucker for 20 years . I’ve seen my country
      fall to its knees now it’s time to dust our butts off and get to work. We
      maybe down but will not exspect defeat! America little towns needs
      everyone’s help. The unemployment is so bad. think god your working.

    • So much truth Jan.

  2. bet if they got nuked the next day, they would of been still crying. this
    was going to be ww3 or this and I am glad I am not seeing nukes fall from
    the sky.

  3. Michael Considine | November 10, 2016 at 1:12 AM | Reply

    I’m protesting the fact that I’m out of goddamn beer!

  4. too much kool-aid for that white guy

  5. Aleksander Henzel Henßel | November 10, 2016 at 1:16 AM | Reply

    Cameraman in the role of a passer-by
    beauty manipulation.
    I hope people will see that the media is a powerful weapon of the elite.

  6. Chriszlaststand | November 10, 2016 at 1:16 AM | Reply

    Brian knows that guy is a actor. This is part of the problem. CNN can’t be
    trusted. The phony racist word does not fly in the face of the truth. CNN
    needs to close its doors. They spread hate and disinformation propaganda.
    Shut it down.

    • yep, and how about asking people somewhere else than NY or Cali..lol..it’s
      so obvious what CNN is doing

    • Yeah I agree. This is why HGTV and Adult Swim get better ratings on TV than
      CNN, FOX, and MSNBC. This is why the NYT and WSJ both were down nearly 96%
      last quarter. Its crisis actors and planted reporters that are out on the
      street hyping up these drug addict communists who claim to be liberals, who
      are liberal about nothing and communist about everything.

  7. Wow. That guy is a nut and doesn’t understand how our Electoral Process

    • We don’t count the popular vote because Hillary and Timmy-boy would be
      xeroxing and stuffing ballots for weeks leading up to the election. I can
      see why that would be beneficial to him.

  8. ProfesserNutButter | November 10, 2016 at 3:44 AM | Reply

    Hahahahaha racist is going to mean nothing come 2017.

    • Dude, look up all the voting fraud videos, she did not win the overall vote

    • these libs don’t know what liberal means. And I am sure “activists” like
      Van Jones aren’t helping. These kids need some real education. I am lucky
      to have gotten my education at a private institution, outside of liberal
      city walls.

  9. These are the illegals and there ankers babies how are not in the country
    legally. They have been told over n over to get there green cards or file
    for citizenship. They don’t comply with the laws.

    • They been lead to believe that we are going to have open boarders so they
      don’t have to comply with the law. guess what anker babies yes your parents
      and friends do have to obey all the laws not just the ones You want to.


  11. WTF, I have to WORK to help make America great again? That’s not FAIR!

  12. These illegals and students need to be brought to heel

  13. How could the educated be so uneducated..

  14. Clinton supporters were all about the electoral college when Bernie had the
    popular vote, but not in the Presidential election – What?! ‘Hillary should
    sue the United States’ yawwwwwnn

  15. Waaaaaaa….. butthurt.

  16. I don’t need Hilary. OK? Got the point? Good. Go home and don’t cry.

  17. What an ignorant brain washed fool ….. Lord have mercy and save this man
    in Jesus name .. Amen

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