Hillary Clinton Was Protected by Shadow Government! 10/18/16


Hillary Clinton Was Protected by Shadow Government! 10/18/16

A State Department employee has said that the seventh floor of the State Department was acting as its own shadow government full of Hillary Clinton associates and lawyers who were brought in to review the emails but were protecting her.

Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Update – October 18, 2016


20 Comments on "Hillary Clinton Was Protected by Shadow Government! 10/18/16"

  1. Obama emailed top secret info to Hillary, idiots

  2. and yes I’m talking about Obama!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Statements of FACT! And obama knew all about the e-mail’s! Hang the hag
    Hillary, put obama into The Lake of FIRE we all get to go home. Oh wait,
    every so called Republican who went against Trump (We The People’s choice)
    should be investigated, indited and hung along with the rest of the
    traders! We The People STAND ON The Constitution! It is our job & our duty
    to make sure this government stands UNDER The Constitution!

  4. just stands there and lies…no problem w/ doing that. scary

  5. @Obama is a JOKE

  6. InternetDisciple | October 18, 2016 at 2:36 PM | Reply

    This on the heels of Director Colmey not charging Hillary Clinton after
    running a list of her crimes.
    At the very least, democrats don’t seem to mind the appearance of
    (How about a vote of no confidence?)

  7. Vote for Hillary = War with Russia and ISIS
    Vote for Trump = USA Allies With Russia against ISIS creating one of the
    most powerful alliances this world has ever seen
    Seems pretty clear to me

  8. Michael Considine | October 18, 2016 at 2:39 PM | Reply

    Agents within the FBI need to come forward and expose this treason and blow
    it wide open. Maybe they are more concerned about their pensions than
    stopping a criminal gangster from becoming President, as uf Obama wasn’t a
    criminal himself. What huberous! Lying bold face to the American people!

  9. He lies never a straight truth answer

  10. George Carlin, I believe nothing that my government tells me.

  11. There just not true…Hahahahaha says the worst US President of all time.

  12. I see that there is 39 comments in the counter, but I can’t 👀 or read
    them. I would ask if anyone else has this problem but,I wouldn’t be able to
    see or read your response! lol!

  13. you can read these comments if you sort by newest 1st. not sure why it dont
    let us see it automatically.

  14. Thomas Gagliardi | October 18, 2016 at 6:58 PM | Reply

    How can anyone not know that when Obama,Hillary and their cronies open
    their mouths it is always,as their father the devil does,lies!

  15. goto play store and download pollmole to see how trump is doing.

  16. The Obamas’ did acting courses.

  17. The “Proof” that the World is being controlled by a “Shadow Government” is
    slowly being revealed They are no longer even trying to hide it from
    us.This is no longer a “Conspiracy Theory” folks , the game of life for the
    average citizen is rigged , from cradle to grave and elections are only
    held to give us the “Illusion of choice” George Carlin was right , we have
    no real choices.
    Peace Y

  18. Ryan O'Donnell | October 18, 2016 at 11:00 PM | Reply

    In their eyes…(no wrong doing). In the “LITTLE PEOPLE” eyes…(your

  19. It’s hard to imagine, that they actually think we’d believe them… after
    all the bullshit and lies! This has been the LEAST transparent
    administration in US history!

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