Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault on licensing requirements for media


Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault has walked back comments he made in this interview on CTV's Question Period regarding the licensing of media, seeking to clarify that the federal Liberal government "has no intention to impose licensing requirements on news organizations, nor would we try to regulate news content."


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35 Comments on "Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault on licensing requirements for media"

  1. Canadian government telling you what you can hear.

    • how quickly can you vote put a minority government? bc….they gotta go. this is really idiotic. He really does want to follow China’s model. Canada is not Chinese.

    • brcx3001 this government has to go they want to police what we as free thinking individuals are allowed to see

  2. Maskirovka. It’s about censorship, government being able to say what is trusted, what is not.

  3. What a awful country we are turning into

  4. So just like China ? Control only what they want you to see. Regulate just means Control.

  5. the government is now about to start a secret trial vs ezra levant for writing a negative book about Justin Trudeau. during the election 24 or 25 books were written about Trudeau all positive except ezras book ‘the libranos’ all are let go by big brother except the libranos. not told what the problem is just questions. a star chamber. with this new ‘licensing’ your fundamental rights are being stripped from you and very few know and even fewer care. Canadas willing censors and Canadas willing censored. pathetic.

  6. do Canadians even want this?.

  7. What makes the Liberal government think that streaming services such as Netflix would pay GST – customers pay the tax, not companies. It is a sales tax, and it _will_ of course be added to the cost paid by consumers. To pretend otherwise is deceiving the public. Just add it to the pile.

  8. Cell phones , TV and internet would be way cheaper if we didn’t have to have Canadian owned. If they can’t do better quality or keep it at a competitive price why should the government force it down our throats ? I’m Canadian proud of it, but if I don’t want to buy Canadian or can’t afford it why should I have no other options?

    • dude, have you checked an electronics store recently? NONE of it is Canadian. Canada has NO Canadian brands anymore. The prices are high bc they’re paying a bunch of beaurocrats to sit in rooms and tell you what you want to watch, not bc its made in Canada. Nothing is made here. That’s why there’s no quality assurancances and no guarantees and your laptops break down in a week and they get to blame it on china. That is exactly why. The taxes went to the bearucrats, the companies got sold and you’re buying cheap crap and so it everyone else. Look into it, you’ll see im right.

  9. Companies don’t pay GST. Customers do. – At least Evan took him to task. That was a car crash.

  10. There is no such thing as Canadian Culture-“we are a post national state.”

    • He only thinks Quebec has culture.

    • Justin Trudeau hates Canada. He is doing everything possible to tax Canadians and destroy Canada but Canadians are just letting him get away with it! We are in big big trouble in Canada with Trudeau and the Liberals in power!

  11. Jamie Reinhardt | February 3, 2020 at 4:23 PM | Reply

    Just like tresonist trudeau… this guy couldn’t give an acuall legit answer… smoke and mirrors

  12. regular donkey | February 3, 2020 at 4:35 PM | Reply

    Let’s be honest. 75% of citizens don’t believe mainstream so what’s the difference?
    They preach to an ever shrinking market.

    • If 75% if Canadians don’t believe MSM why are the Liberals back in power??

    • regular donkey | February 3, 2020 at 8:31 PM | Reply

      @Cayrick Pan explain what that has to do with narratives?
      Liberals didn’t capture the popular vote either. Eastern welfare put libbies in power.

  13. Victoria Alvarez | February 3, 2020 at 4:43 PM | Reply

    Here you have it Canada; the Liberal Party censors deciding what you can watch on tv, browse on the internet, & listen to on the radio. It is now a legitimate proposal. Did you vote for this?

  14. They are telling Joe public that you’re going to pay more taxes.

  15. Paul Straughan | February 3, 2020 at 5:07 PM | Reply

    This is not to protect Canadian culture… They want to control everything we read and watch… TRUDEAU THIS IS NOT CHINA

  16. This smuch is Trudeau’s new fall guy. He never answered any questions directly or honesty.

  17. Forget the coronavirus The greatest danger to Canadians is this out of control Liberal dictatorship

  18. Sam The Electrician | February 3, 2020 at 5:43 PM | Reply

    The minister is so worried about a Billion dollars from ads but is a rabid fanatical anti-oilsands activist which brings in 90 billion a year in revenue, what a joke.

  19. That Minister keeps BLINKING like some evil robotic insect! Very disturbing!

    • Northern Climate | February 3, 2020 at 9:03 PM | Reply

      Patriot Noticed that to. Look at the pointy chin. Stephanie has a Woman’s skull. Real Men don’t have jaws like that. Real Men have square jaws.

  20. This is communism plain and simple. Wow, is this what our ancestors died for???? They’d turn over in their graves.

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