He tweeted hate at her. She sued. Then she met him


A torrent of hate hit Taylor Dumpson after she became the first black female student body president at American University. She fought back with litigation. And then she agreed to accept an apology from one of her tormentors.

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  1. They actually picked-up the wrong one Love you girl

    • @Mockery Channel most normal people seem to side with the girl being harrassed because she’s black and not the neo-Nazis that were harassing her. We know which one you identify with.

    • Mockery Channel | September 22, 2019 at 1:05 AM | Reply

      *** most normal people seem to side with the girl being harrassed because she’s black and not the neo-Nazis ***
      Well that’s the problem with LIBERAL IDIOTS and DUMB NlGROs… they don’t understand the CONCEPT of FREE SPEECH.. the minute they are OFFENDED by a certain incident they want to DESTROY the INSTITUTION of FREE SPEECH to satisfy their uncontrollable FEELINGS on the matter. EXAMPLE: Most ‘Normal’ People would seem to side with making FLAG BURNING a CRIME… but that too is FREE SPEECH… So we don’t go by what the MAJORITY FEELS when it comes to FREE SPEECH… we have the 1ST AMENDMENT to protect ALL SPEECH, so that no one who comes to POWER can OPPRESS and PERSECUTE the Minorities. Got the picture?

    • Saṃsāra's Light | September 22, 2019 at 10:14 AM | Reply

      @Mockery Channel as someone already pointed out.
      You’re wrong and you’re a bad tr0ll. 👎

    • Ulrich please young lady, pray the prayer the full armor of God.

    • @Keion Chase , dont bother your self. Obviously he doesnt understand the difference between hate speech, harassment and freedom of speech.

  2. Grace-Mary Christina Kelly | September 21, 2019 at 4:15 AM | Reply

    WOW She’s so brave and wonderful!!!

  3. Warning those of you who walk around with the poison in your blood call HATE you well get delt with 👍

    • @Joshua Joseph bro you know it’s always one of these cowards on here they stay on YouTube

    • @Robert Hubbard you see my car and I have a profile you don’t and my name is Tony Harden what’s your location I’ll come and visit.

    • @Robert Hubbard so you hate black people also as a musician

    • @4th Gen Power you replied to my name. DUH! And my profile is set to private with a 1000 plus videos ranging from the very first Gunsmoke radio broadcast, to hundreds of other old-time radio shows, Red Green and Benny Hill, and various other TV and movies shows. Included are various style music from Robert Johnson to John Denver. Hundreds of cooking, construction, and how to videos on subjects that I’m interested in, as well as guitar instructional videos. However it wasn’t myself claiming someone was fake because they lacked a name or a pic while not proffering the same, now was it?

  4. This is disgusting behavior. I am repulsed. So glad she won.

    • @Chris Young Ahh you’re a European. Maybe you should focus on destroying your own country, and stay away from ours

    • @Bradly Dylan So no points to add to the discussion just a whine that the other people of the world that are suffering because the US is in crisis want to help settle things down. The US seems quite happy to destroy itself and if that was the end of the matter then fine. But the US is affecting the rest of the world so we are involved.

    • Andreas karlsson | September 22, 2019 at 4:54 AM | Reply

      @Aaron Friedman are you this dumb? Do you really not get the point?

    • @DiGeorge Syndrome

      +Aaron has a point unless there was some threats involved first amendment should be our guide+

      And the important word there is guide.

      A group like these white supremacist that is violent create an orchestrated campaign to intimidate a young individual member of a minority. When does that step over into threat? That is the judgment call, if none of the thousands of messages actually on their own threatened violence is there a point where collectively they do? This is a judgment call, fine your courts use the first as their guide, but you still need to judge when things go over in threat and harm. Words have power. The word people, the word the and the word we, individually are just words but put them together as “We the people” and you have power.

  5. Quality Con-trolling | September 21, 2019 at 4:21 AM | Reply

    I hope she is the voice for discrimination in her field and that allows her to carry the passion she has against discrimination to help others.

    • Mockery Channel | September 21, 2019 at 7:22 AM | Reply

      @Keion Chase *** STFU Nazi POS and pay the WOMAN. ***
      Can you just stop being so GAY for a MOMENT and come up with an ORIGINAL LINE? You sound like an NPC who is repeating his Programmed Line.

    • Oh look another future black democratic politician who will use the discrimination narrative to get elected and fight all her battles….how original.

      She has already got a taste of playing the victim for power. Wonder where this will lead her?

    • Quality Con-trolling | September 22, 2019 at 8:23 AM | Reply

      Ray Gomez I think that’s a Russian bot

  6. Rodriguez Robinson | September 21, 2019 at 4:23 AM | Reply

    Hold your head up young lady,job well done,you are a beautiful inspiration to everyone who has ever been a victim of hate and racism worldwide.

    • Andreas karlsson | September 22, 2019 at 4:50 AM | Reply

      @Redpill christopher dont do it then, but I can almost guarantee youve never had to recieve that kind of hate.

    • @Redpill christopher Yes hate speech is illegal, so are.many other speeches, such as threatening someone’s life. Making bomb threats. I learned it is now illegal to give the middle finger to police now. Everything has a limit, tame your racist mind and heart.

    • Rodriguez Robinson God Bless You, Those who did this are cowards.

    • ​@Redpill christopher Only weaklings attack and threaten other people; more so when done anomalously. She didn’t sue them just because she didn’t like what they said, but because their actions are criminal. It’s a pity you are unable to tell the difference.

    • @Redpill christopher ok white nan

  7. I support the student body president Taylor Dumpsen

  8. Good for you, young lady. You are a splendid role model for all decent self-respecting people.

    I wish you all the best. ❤️🌷🌹🥀🌺🌸🌼🌻🌞🌿🌝

  9. Of course she won. It’s one easy decision. There’s no place for hate and harassment

    • adey126 Here you go…Watch this video on YouTube….CNN would NEVER show this, it won’t fit their agenda.

      Brutal videos add to MPD staffing debate.

    • John Patrick why yes, when someone is doxed and given irl death threats placed around their school those whom made the death threats should be held in contempt of the law regardless of political affiliation.
      Why do you doubt that this civil case was anything but appropriate?

  10. “You picked the wrong one…you picked somebody that wasn’t going to back down.”

    • @Jane Day, your silly rant is full of Straw Men, insane generalizations, lies, and idiotic accusations and largely unworthy of a response.

      I will respond to one lie, however. Blacks are not increasingly voting Republican. You asked why the Republican party is increasingly white, remember? So you accept that fact. LOGIC – If it’s becoming both more white and more black then it would have to be getting less everything else. You have no evidence of either more blacks or less other races voting Republican.

      You said more blacks are voting Republican either because you actually believe the nonstop string of lies and bullshit that come out of the Mango Mussolini’s pie hole or you simply made it up to suit your (incredibly poor) argument.

    • if the jokes were in you I know for sure you wouldn’t take laying down. those were no jokes, this people who did this to her were and are cowards hiding be hiding the computer, or hanging bananas. I am very proud of her she is protected by God’s Hands, and she got the strength to say and what was right.

    • @T Tullock – refusing to read a relevant, on-topic, cogent response is tantamount to a concession. Your personal incredulity about white supremacism is not a valid argument. Nor is an increase in it mine. STUDIES show an increased willingness to admit to and discuss white supremacist beliefs and ideas. Personal opinions can piss off.

    • @T Tullock – Antifa is tiny. Antifa is, as its name implies, all about opposing fascism. Are they just as nasty? They are willing to use violence to oppose violence. However, your false equivalence is the equivalent of faulting a crime victim for self-defense AND equates anti-hate with hate.

      Extra dumbass points for the stupid Straw Man fallacy at the end.

    • @Jane Day – LOL. How about this – I think you’re telling a lie about that article that supposedly makes your claim about Democrats’ fondness for drug cartels.

      Prove me wrong.

  11. Smart woman. Suing is the proper way to protest in this nation. 💯

    • stonewall tommy jackson | September 21, 2019 at 3:20 PM | Reply

      Oh wasnt nobody complaining, just speaking the truth that goes on every day I don’t see why she’s so special.

    • stonewall tommy jackson what truth are you referring too?

    • Dont get it twisted the war gets fought on every level but lets not act like it’s just the courts because people already dying and more are going to die on both sides for this to get resolved because these white supremacists people are in every system of government, the left and right every police dept, the courts DOJ,the schools banks,the military,white supremacy has infected the world and these people are not giving it up without a fight.

    • @Adrian P truth

    • @Adrian P That…Go..For…ALL…Period.

  12. BackAndStillBgMsDangerus Dangerus | September 21, 2019 at 4:56 AM | Reply

    The big, bad Neo-Nazis. All of them scared to death and afraid to show up in court. They feed each other’s hate and show false bravado only in groups. Single them out, not so much. What a pitiful, useless segment of society.

  13. *This is disgusting behavior. I am repulsed. So glad she won.*

    • @Kyle Towers Why?
      That was my second point, and you haven’t even addressed my first.
      Are you conceding that the MSM did, in fact dox Nicholas Sandmann and slandered him and put him in danger by doxxing and slandering him?
      That they allowed their viewers to harass him and threaten him in their comment sections?
      Address that part and than we’ll move on to Castro’s donor list.

    • @John Patrick, for now, since I’m in the shower, I’ll stipulate your version of those events. This one event. One example.

      Now deal with your error/lie. Based upon a lie by Republican pols, of course.

    • @Mockery Channel No, this is not free speech, this is a hate crime. It’s about time ignorant on line bullies were put in their place. Trump needs to be confronted and stopped for his online bullying. He’s added nothing but turmoil. He’s no leader, he’s an idiot.

    • @cj p It’s people like you that make life miserable.

    • @Baraka Hagatanga stay on topic! I know its hard!

  14. Like many are saying, she is a beautiful and intelligent young lady.

  15. The US needs more citizens like Taylor and less traitors like Anglin.

    • We also need more wars for Israel. We definitely don’t do enough of that. Fingers crossed that we wage war with Iran because Syria, Iraq, Libya & Afghanistan just aren’t enough.

    • @Mr Jones – At least he’s afraid to say anything beyond “lol” for fear of getting sued. That’s a step in the right direction. We can’t stop them from being monsters, but we can at least get them to shut the hell up…. and if they don’t, well now we can sue them for $750,000 dollars! 🙂

    • well said

    • Joseph Mingle: He is a hate filled racist monster who targeted a young girl because she had the temerity to be black and successful.

      Your YT name also has me doubting your bias as well; care to explain why you would use such an infamous handle?

    • @Joseph Mingle another racist for trumpf turd on the internet

  16. People can be so disgusting. A young lady accomplished something to be proud of and instead of enjoying her time at university, jealous, hateful people ruined it. I hope it eats them up knowing they are paying for her education. She has a bright future ahead of her, I hope this passes quickly and she can enjoy it. Good luck and best wishes to her.

    • Whites have always hated educated Blacks. It use to be illegal for Blacks to learn how to read. Knowledge is power; I desire, and have acquired much of this.

    • @Keepstakin
      ^^ Hey look, it’s a Russian trying to invoke more racial divide.

    • @Don’t SSleep When was there ever unity and equality? You Demoncrats antifa cucks are.so silly. Anything you disagree with you blame Russia now?
      I rather vote for the right wing racist, at least I know who my.enemies are. Better than having undercover racist who pretend not to be White Supremacist, but operate on all levels as White Supremacist.
      An enemy of my enemy is my Ally. I align with the racist right wing, to defeat undercover racist of left wing.

  17. Sue every last one of these nazi trashbags, take everything they have or ever hope to have.

  18. White males are angry and bitter even though they’re born with the world in the palm of their hands.

  19. Why do they always sneak and do ish. Never face to face unless they have an advantage. Cowards.

    • @Mental Steak We’re concentrating on this story. Of course you can search the far reaches of the internet to find a story that makes your case. “Whataboutisms” is just s deflection from addressing an ongoing problem. You’re probably one of those trolls who went after her.

    • @u2good2b4gotn
      I am fairly certain @Mental Steak is a state-sponsored Russian account. What-aboutism is Russia’s jam. Has been for decades.

    • Amaskilz 99020714 | September 22, 2019 at 8:49 AM | Reply

      @Mental Steakif you are going to excuse this behaviour based on some others who are of a different shade are doing it then you need to examine your brain

    • @Mental Steak Already.. Do..That… Look..At…School s…Work.. Site…Car…Attacks…All..on.. TV

  20. The Neo-Nazis were too cowardly to appear in public or defend their actions in court. Shocking.

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