Fwd: In Aftermath of Attempted Murder State Seeks to Muzzle Press Freedom?

Word out is that a “Gag Order” was served prohibiting commentary on  a case
involving  money laundering and other criminal  misconduct now before the
courts on Dominica.
The first victim of dictatorship is a free press.

Let us hear from the apologists to say that it is not so.

If true, let the PM speak to this.  Let him deny what  we see in Dominica
happening before our very eyes. Let him deny this move  toward the
destruction of our democracy. Let him deny the  control of  forces cloaked in the dark
robes of judicial probity to cover up the stench of  criminal conduct.

If true, let the learned Jurist, our silent President, speak  to this
effort to muzzle press freedom. We must let the world know what is  happening in
Dominica. They are afraid and their actions show. We must not  be.

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  1. In Aftermath of Attempted Murder State Seeks to Muzzle Press Freedom?
    See!! It dosen not take a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on in Dominica.. This little country is rotten to the core, and it is run by a CRIMINAL enterprise… They have ALL the institutions in their poclkest.. I dubbed Dominica Little NIgeria 8 years ago and many people were very upset with me.. Well hello Welcome to Little Nigeria- The Banana Repblic of Dominica.. This is the next level the thugs took our country to.

  2. Anthony W Astaphan,S.C | December 28, 2010 at 12:47 AM | Reply

    In Aftermath of Attempted Murder State Seeks to Muzzle Press Freedom?
    You sound like a forensic lunatic who has disrobled all legal training and understanding of the rule of law. There is no right to public trials and lynching; there is no right to disobey orders of the court: and there is no right to misinform and create hysteria. But for you, it seems that these things don’t mean a damn to you because this is all part of lynch Skerrit Cabal’s approach to the rule of law! Shameless!And yes I did tell Roosevelt Skerrit that he needs to be very careful of political snakes who come bearing poisoned gifts and fraudulent kisses! I am delighted to hear that the cap fits you!

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  3. In Aftermath of Attempted Murder State Seeks to Muzzle Press Freedom?
    Why do you not want in the public domain that which may well affect the
    national interest? Why should our press not be free to shine light in dark

    If I spoke to the PM, that is my right to do, and you should not
    intervene to prevent him from speaking to others who would share with views which
    diverge from yours. I will speak to anyone where it furthers the best
    interest of Dominica and so arrest our decline. The PM has a mind of his own, do
    not degrade him as some puppet cranked-up by a puppeteer.

    But you stand in dominance in Dominica, Lord and Master of all you survey.
    You seek to use your position to crush dissent and can find the police to
    serve papers when they cannot be found to provide security to the victims
    of crime. And that is how low you and your ilk have brought the country.

    But again, you profit and the fees come rolling in.


  4. Daniel - New York | December 28, 2010 at 5:10 PM | Reply

    What is really happening on Dominica
    Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan and a team of lawyers defending Stephen Isidore in a court matter against former Chief Magistrate Glenworth Emanuel has called a press conference this morning to condemn the discussions of the court matter in the media.
    Astaphan told DBS News that media discussions of the case have created public excitement, fear and animosity and “it must stop”.
    Meanwhile, investigative journalist and talk show host Lennox Linton, Matthias Peltier and talk show host Angelo Allen have been slapped with court orders which prohibits their mentioning of anything on the matter in the media.

    REAL MADNESS at home

  5. Yoland Jno Jules | January 4, 2011 at 9:10 PM | Reply

    Nothing is wrong with Dominica something is wrong with Lennox Linton The Christian Brothers of New York Thomson Fountain Radio Q95 and the U W P they are the ones stirring up problems in DA they sending the wrong message to you all over seas and trying to disrupt the Government and instigating Seville war in Dominica just because they lost power they are hungry for power parasites prying on the minds of weak Dominicans be care full of them

  6. Yoland Jno Jules | January 4, 2011 at 9:19 PM | Reply

    Gabriel you don’t leave here you must deal with New York that wear your interested in what have you done for Dominica more than create an atmosphere of confusion you are a bigger dictator than Skerrit we love him do matter what all you try he stand strong go and clean your back yard. you not interested in DA you are an American and a hypocrite you wanted a job you didn’t get so you vex we better off without the likes of you your brother lennox Linton and the UWP.

  7. Mr.
    Gabu, the PM has work to do. Stay there with your foolishness. Dominicans are smarter than you think. You all have lost all your credibility and now exhibiting signs of utmost desperation. What a shame! Let’s see how far you all will go to tarnish the good name of the country. It would be better if you put that energy into building the county rather than trying to down the PM. He is working and you know that. Greed, jealousy and woman is what going to bring all of you down if you continue along that dangerous path your are treading.

  8. Philipson Dobson | January 9, 2011 at 2:40 AM | Reply

    In Aftermath of Attempted Murder State Seeks to Muzzle Press Freedom?
    In addition to our colonial masters and their laws and justice, while we cry
    of adopting and holding on to their structures and decency in adminstering
    and seeing justice done, a MP in UK has just been sent to prison for
    defrauding the treasury, he claimed and cash money for rent to a house which
    belonged to his mother and also one owned to his wife.???? Here , we condone
    tax evasion, mistakes by lawyers etc…and we condone it based on patriotism
    and “he is a noce Guy”//This MP was a nice man and despite the dewvelopment
    plans of his government, he is beoing sentr to jail fo rhis state cdry. In
    Domininca we condone itr.

    Papa Bondie

    God Bless us

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