Fox hosts’ takes on Trump claim will give you whiplash


After President Trump presented a map projecting the path of Hurricane Dorian that appeared to be altered with a sharpie, two Fox News hosts took completely opposite positions on the matter.

62 Comments on "Fox hosts’ takes on Trump claim will give you whiplash"

  1. Purple Flame Tarot | September 7, 2019 at 7:29 PM | Reply

    He has always been a carnival barker. Disgusting.

  2. Hannity is so shameless while he calls 💩 pudding and sells the spoons you need to eat it for $15

  3. If anyone buys this marker please write “I am stupid” on your forehead. Cheers Canada.

    • Louis n
      I think you should considerate on your country that’s fast becoming a shithole.

    • ​@Charlie Briones _”I guess you think there are absolutes?”_
      *Noun – a principle which is regarded as universally valid,..,*
      Solar System
      Genesis 1:8
      Psalm 73:9
      S ~ Black
      U ~ Yellow Brown Red
      N ~ White
      Psalm 49:11
      Hebrews 10:11
      Matthew 6:10
      Maori Malgache Mayan
      S ~ Aboriginal zulu
      U ~ Asia european
      N ~ Anglo saxon
      Matthew 18:18
      Job 28:28
      N ~ North (u) negative
      Ո ~∀xis magnetic
      S ~ South (s) positive
      Revelation 21:1
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      U ~ Man
      N ~ ↥ n. North pole
      *…or, which may be viewed without relation to other things*
      Matthew 6:10
      N ~ North (u) negative
      Ո ~∀xis magnetic
      S ~ South (s) positive
      Matthew 18:18
      S ~ Black
      U ~ Yellow Brown Red
      N ~ White
      Psalm 49:11
      Maori Malgache Mayan
      S ~ Aboriginal zulu
      U ~ Asia european
      N ~ Anglo saxon
      Psalm 73:9
      Proverbs 25:3
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      Revelation 21:1

    • @googlemaps7 Totally agree. I would go so far to say ALL politicians have lied at some time or other.
      Heres the BUT…. The dullard lies CONSTANTLY.
      Give me five flat out political lies from ANY politician and I will give give 20 from the dolt. ALL verifiable.
      Heres 2 to be going on with….
      “Windmills cause cancer” I think he meant wind turbines and they don’t.
      “I was at a meeting with the people who went to the meeting, I didn’t go to”?

    • @Charlie Briones
      Silly roman jew day owe.
      Drugs? ha ha ha
      silly people person
      of px.

    • @Louis N I think it’s masterful. These dumb asses at CNN thought they had kicked Trump while he was down every day all the while he got them to advertise for his campaign fund raising. Now that’s funny.

  4. Instead of helping hurricane victims trumpers are paying a $15 tithe to their Chosen One

    • @ralph risch I suppose you thought that was a gotcha question. It’s not. It’s an asinine question

    • @fran bran FYI he’s the POTUS and we were assured he was getting HOURLY updates from the National Hurricane Center even during his critically important golf game. It could’ve been more than possible he was more interested in his swing and balls than listening to something boring like people’s lives

    • @Catherine Trammel I for one am extremely disappointed in Hillary, her hubby Bill, the Bush’s and Obama. I wish they were as good at being bad as the conspiracy theorists claim because we wouldn’t be going through trump’s BullSh!t right now

    • fran bran yawn yeah yeah as soon as we see glorious leader trumps taxes

    • @Xcris crosX So you was all listening to Trump ? why not go to a weather station ?
      How many people died apart from the Bahamas strike,
      Trump warned people on the information he had, he did not create Dorian .
      This is unbelievable ,you dont care what the storm did,you are more concerned with what Trump said.

  5. Somebody’s lying on Fox News I’d say it’s all of them 🤷🏿‍♂️

  6. He should donate the money from the Sharpies to the victims of the storm, but we know better.

  7. Wait until Trump is no longer president…..his so called friends will turn on him faster than the flash!!!

  8. Profiting off of a disaster, that’s about as trump as it gets. Would make his father proud.

  9. blazzingsaddles4 | September 7, 2019 at 8:53 PM | Reply

    FOR SALE: Trump sharpie……Re-write history with your very own Trump sharpie pen- everything you write(or draw) becomes true in your own mind!

    • Why cant you just makr s point withoit ibsulting other fellow Americans?

    • @mritubevids take your disgusting language and ……

    • @Norman Peterson chicken of the sea. TUNA

    • @Anthony Egidio unforunately Trumps base consists of people who are decendents of earthlings who believed that the Earth was flat. Mary was a Vlrgin and the Earth is 2000 or so years old and in Adam and eve. Nice dreams created by former predecesors of Trump. Everyone is entitled to beleive in and create fairy tales. Bernie Madoff is keeping the light on for his good friend Donald Trump.

    • @mritubevids We new yorkers.remember and know the real Donald Trump and that is why we knew better than to vote for him. Bernie Madhof also created a mega empire and many others. Money cant buy humility. This is the problem with Trumps base. All they see is money and nothing else is important. Very sad.

  10. “President cant get much lower”? Wait til tomorrow.

  11. Joe Trippi: It can’t get much lower.” trumpy: Hold my big mac.”

    • Does he eat Big Macs? I thought he always defaulted to the plain old cheeseburger. 😛 Regardless, I get your meaning. 😉

  12. How can dump hold onto a Sharpie with such little fingers???

  13. luis whatshisname | September 7, 2019 at 9:24 PM | Reply

    Yes, Ttump can get lower. Watch and see!!

  14. Hey, I gotta have one of those Trump imaginary hurricane maps! To show my grand-kids. Who are a LOT smarter than Trump. Priceless.

  15. Gale Memee of 6 | September 7, 2019 at 9:45 PM | Reply

    What Trump did was a crime. Just another in his long list of them.

  16. Cool Hand Mark | September 7, 2019 at 9:56 PM | Reply

    What’s 12 inches long’ and hangs between Drumpf’s legs… Sean Hannity’s necktie.

    • Now that’s funny. I bet any Trumpettes who saw that would get mad. I guess they cant handle what they see with there own eyes.

    • @Michayal Valder Sounds like you’re a person of experience in this situation.

    • I think it’s masterful. These dumb asses at CNN thought they had kicked Trump while he was down every day all the while he got them to advertise for his campaign fund raising. Now that’s funny.

    • @Pretentious Prick Coming from a guy who gets his news from,a black guy married to a white guy,is hilarious ,
      Respecting people is not sucking them off, oh wait I did not intend to dissolution you ,keep sucking .

  17. Trump is gonna have to put a new tariff on imitation chinese SHARPIES!

    • @Mockery Channel who’s dumb. He was talking about fake Sharpies imported from China. I got the joke.

    • @Anderson Cooper Oh, FFS! Everyone knows the _initial_ predictions of the hurricane’s impact included Alabama. Nobody denies that. _But it’s not the point._

      The point is that an early Trump tweet was two days out of date. _Two days,_ when dangerous storm information is updated every _few hours._

      Trump issued way out of date info publicly. _Alarming people when they were not in danger._ The weather information services had updated their info & projections and had eliminated Alabama as in danger. _Two days earlier._
      Everyone knows Trump lies. We’re used to it. The media just issued mild corrections at first, not really criticising Trump, but expecting him to admit he got it wrong.

      All Trump had to do was issue a correction in _one_ of his many tweets. A very simple correction- “I’m sorry, I was wrong. Predictions now say Alabama is out of the hurricane’s path”. _That’s all he had to do._

      Instead of a very simple correction, Trump doubled down & displayed a faked map, claiming it proved he was right, and that the media were liars. They weren’t. When Trump lied AGAIN, _that’s when the media went after him._

      Did Trump own up this time? No, he doubled down AGAIN, issuing _another_ faked map, AGAIN claiming it proved he was right. He was never right, he had been 2 days behind the weather services information. Then lied.

      He just kept lying so he wouldn’t have to admit he got it wrong. Lies upon lies upon lies. And you’re defending him by posting more distortions & deflections. Nobody denies Alabama was initially thought to be under threat. The issue is Trump screwed up and kept heaping lies upon lies to cover it up. And you’re helping him.

  18. Sharon Atkinson | September 7, 2019 at 10:06 PM | Reply


  19. Make Racists Afraid Again | September 7, 2019 at 11:06 PM | Reply

    All this because of an old man’s ego.

  20. The people who continue to support Dotard have ZERO integrity. PERIOD.

    • @Skyprince27 ”Are you on drugs???”

      Are you trying to gaslight?

      So you are telling me that the sole purpose of borrowing money and accumulating debt is to simply make up jobs and pay people wages?
      forget unfunded liabilities, social welfare programs (free abortions), mandatory government schooling, immigrant healthcare and education etc.

      Just to make up jobs…?

      WTF man I never knew it was that simple!!

      Borrowing 9 trillion dollars like Obama did simply accumulates suffocating loan repayments. Obama essentially offloaded a huge problem he inherited to the next president after him (trump).

      Trump has reduced the rate of borrowing

      It’s pretty clear it’s flatlining, and you can even see the Obama administration pump that borrowing rate up right before the election 2016 for whatever reason. (probably throwing more fuel on the fire when they knew a republican was going to win).

    • ​@Skyprince27 lmao, oh no I’m getting wrrreeecckked by liberals, save me Trump ;(

      Grow up moron, this isn’t middle school where popularity reflects ones self worth. You may not use Instagram but Im deducting you probably use Twitter given your use of Hash tags.
      In that case my point stands, Trump has millions of times more followers on twitter than you do, therefore by your logic Trump is millions of times superior to you in every way.

      derrrrrr! I bet you didn’t think your bad logical reasoning would be exposed so hard. 🙁

    • @Walrus Guy
      Reference your post:
      Are we really supposed to believe it when you have articles like “Trump pretty much admits he expects servicemen to be rapists”

      See link to @realDonaldTrump on Twitter:
      _26,000 unreported sexual assults in the military-only 238 convictions. What did these geniuses expect when they put men & women together?_

      Sounds PRETTY FUQUEN RAPEY to me!!!

    • Crystal Giddens | September 8, 2019 at 12:22 PM | Reply

      @Walrus Guy as I mentioned in my previous post, the notion these guys are sincere in the least is ridiculously absurd. Yes, indeed, they are gaslighting you and anyone else who debates them…. They know damn well they are full of lies. The truth and anything remotely close to it, is their dire enemy. M Scott Peck wrote a book about them called *People Of The Lie.* They literally, and I am not exaggerating in the least, have no morals and there are legions of them! You can see it when you communicate with them. It is obvious but we all have a tendency to project so we assume somehow we can get through to them, that they are *”normal.”* Seriously, you can’t. They literally hate the truth. That and they hate truth tellers. MAGA triggered them out of their minds because they have been so busy destroying America that the notion someone would want to MAGA absolutely revolts them to their core and indeed they are afraid that it could possibly happen. The best way to communicate with these “people,” if they even qualify as such, is to let them know straight up you know *”what”* they are. Read the book. They truly exist and there are legions of them! It is Biblical in proportions.

    • Ani Bell I think it’s masterful. These dumb asses at CNN thought they had kicked Trump while he was down every day all the while he got them to advertise for his campaign fund raising. Now that’s funny.

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