Fife on SNC-Lavalin scandal and if it will impact election


Former Chretien communication director Peter Donolo joins the Scrum discusses how the SNC-Lavalin affair will impact the Liberal campaign and if the voting public cares about the scandal.

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56 Comments on "Fife on SNC-Lavalin scandal and if it will impact election"

  1. I predict Truedeau loses and most will cite the SNC affair.

  2. Trudeau has his convictions, 2 so far, for breaking the Ethics law

    • @True Tech Sorry, who is “avoiding” the debates ? Trudeau perhaps ?
      Your comment is ridiculous.

    • @Tim McNamara Let’s debate about walking on water.
      You can walk on a melting iceberg, until its only water. At that point, you’d have to swim that much further to get to the shoreline, swimming past your partly submerged previously known coastal residence. Don’t you agree?
      I meant if you didn’t have a boat with or without a paddle..

    • @True Tech You’re as dumb as a rock. Wtf are you even talking about?

    • Not very trustworthy, and unfortunately he is lying.

    • Now he has to be convicted. Big difference. We can only hope being Canadian. I personally demand he be convicted. Pass it on.

  3. This scandal does effect how I will vote and I know now I can’t trust Trudeau.

  4. If you believe in “EVERYONE must follow our laws” or “No one is above the law”, then this matters. I seriously question a voters morals that would reward Trudeau.

    • frog fur Nice comment. Would have been easier for you to just say: I’m frog, me illiterate, duhhh.

    • Richard C that’s okay no one expects much from you. You’re a Liberal.

    • Ron Peer You can set your expectations at…. more liberalism

    • Richard C AHAHAHA what exactly is that? Dancing Bollywood style, weekends with uncle Agha on his Island, fake feminism, PeopleKind or donations for non prosecution with SNC Lavalin. Liberalism in Canada is nothing more than a sell job to the less fortunate in brain cells.

    • Richard C Don’t like Scheer? Vote for anybody but Trudeau. He’s a liar and thinks he’s above the law. Do you want to further empower a criminal?

  5. justin needs to pack up his stuff cuz he’s done

    we no like you no mo so go 😠

  6. Yvette Sanderson | September 15, 2019 at 4:08 PM | Reply

    Canadians don’t support pathological liars like Justin

  7. The biggest scandal in Canadian political history. This is where we either draw the line against corruption or we allow Canada to turn into a banana republic.

  8. icanthinkformyself | September 15, 2019 at 4:09 PM | Reply

    Sheerer cannot break through because Trudeau has bought off all of the media’s loyalty across Canada.

  9. If this does NOT impact the election…then we have a VERY serious moral and ‘ETHICAL” matter on our hands…pun intended!

  10. SO…
    according to Liberal way of thinking: I purchase a Porsche with borrowed money and I can not make payments. This makes me very successful person.

  11. Strong economy? Not out here in the West. I work 3 jobs in order to afford the basics. All I see from the federal government is Trudeau’s hand in my wallet.

  12. So, the pundits don’t think that the $650 million dollar handshake for the MSN, the mess with China and an RCMP investigation into the conspiracy regarding SNCL and potential charges of obstruction brought against Trudeau, who lied to Canadians from the very beginning of this travesty, will have any effect on this election ? Are Canadians really that blind ?

  13. If Canadians with brains have any pride or integrity, it should impact the election. Baby cakes Trudeau lied and covered up more than he told the public. Do we want this liar and cheater in charge of this country?????? We’re better than this. He isn’t worthy of the office any longer. Let’s get rid of him.

  14. Oliver is a disgrace to journalists

  15. The fact that you have to ask that question proves we are close to becoming a totalitarian craphole.

  16. Typical main stream coverage. The biggest issue needs to be the fact that Trudeau is morally and ethically unfit to be PM.

  17. The SNC-Scandal WILL impact the election. RCMP must start knocking on the Liberal Parties Door. It will be a SAD day for the Liberals.

  18. The reality is ,We in the western provinces,refuse to be
    governed, by a liar, And as far as were concerned, He is guilty of criminally obstructing Justice ,Were all well aware that the RCMP,,,,have fallen short on properly protecting Canada,These litigation’s involving mr Trudeau, and several other of his members, should have been dealt with prior to the election ,,,,,Again we in the west refuse to be governed by a liars and criminals,,,,IF Trudeau WINS,,,, THE west SEPARATES FROM QUEBEC, AND TRUDEAU,,,,,And there on their own,

  19. Craig Oliver “Trudeau has best job figures for generations”.
    He conveniently omitted to say 70% of those jobs are PART TIME!

  20. Which strong economy? Look at all the debt he’s racked up.

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