‘Enormous Crowd’ Gathers At Elizabeth Warren NYC Rally | Morning Joe | MSNBC

'Enormous Crowd' Gathers At Elizabeth Warren NYC Rally | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


2020 Democratic candidate, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, held a rally Monday evening in New York City, where she vowed to tackle government corruption if elected president. Sen. Warren's campaign said the crowd exceeded 20,000, but an estimate could not be independently verified. Aired on 9/17/2019.
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'Enormous Crowd' Gathers At Elizabeth Warren NYC Rally | Morning Joe | MSNBC

88 Comments on "‘Enormous Crowd’ Gathers At Elizabeth Warren NYC Rally | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. More people than there was at trump’s Inauguration. Elizabeth is a straight arrow unlike forked tongue trump… 😁💙💙💙🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

    • probably…. but I would be surprised if gets more votes than Trump…

    • The reality is, Trump’s going to win again in 2020. Looney Tune liberals heads will explode

    • Gerhard Rinkens | September 17, 2019 at 5:45 PM | Reply

      @Barry Sutton … Bernie and Biden are the only viable candidates (besides Tulsi who is not there) who could win…. although, they both may have lost already as Bernie is seen, wrongly, as socialist, which he is not and he would be perfect for president… and Biden seems like he is not really up to it although, he would be a dignified president…. actually both are…. Warren…? seems more like fit and astute houswify… ok, I better do not say more.

    • Reginald Breadpudding | September 18, 2019 at 1:26 AM | Reply

      I think you should give Andrew Yang a listen, he’s so articulate with his plans and solutions, all of his policy is laid out on his webiste Yang2020.com. Here’s a great sample clip from a long-form interview he did recently https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1koGZZZdgA

  2. Still nobody talking about how automation is chewing off the entire job market at a disastrous rate??

    • @Tom T To be honest I do understand your dad , a couple of months ago my daughter walked me to the bus and while we are waiting I look around there where 11 people including a young couple (she was sitting on his lap) and all of them my daughter included where looking at their phone , right then and there I felt I had lost touch but to be honest I’m glad at the same time because I grew up in a time before the smart phone came out and conquered the world and it’s attention . That said I also love to see and experience new technology and sometimes I wish I was a couple of decades younger 😉 . My advice for new technology is use it to the maximum but use it wisely because the most precious we have in my opinion is time .
      edit By the way I’m a fan of scifi so yeah I know The Terminator lol.

    • Trump is such an issue in himself that it’s hard to discuss any other issues.

    • @JRG2733 lol

    • Buttigieg brings this up at almost every rally and interview. I could post a dozen or more examples of his speeches on automation.

    • @E C I never heard the guy, but good for him.

  3. Warren Bernie 20/20

  4. He’s a “showman”? Joe, what kind of drugs are you on? He’s a CONMAN, and he puts on a CON, he’s done it with every aspect of his life. We know he’s not a billionaire, we know his daddy gave him $400 million, we know he dodged the draft, we know how he really got into college, we know that his casino’s, hotel’s, and everything he’s touched, has failed. He’s the type that will show you a bar of gold, sell it to you, and run away before you realize it’s pyrite. Do better Joe.

    • ThePeoplesChamp | September 18, 2019 at 2:18 AM | Reply

      @A Cool Million I can see you’re the type that will interrupt yourself just to hear what you have to say. Figure that one out. You went all over the place with your reply, it was rather incoherent. You start whining about Sharia law, sexual violence, and a multitude of issues that HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH MY COMMENT. Almost as if you wanted to prove to yourself that you’re intelligent. Seriously, if you can stay on topic, I’ll gladly dialogue with you.

    • ThePeoplesChamp | September 18, 2019 at 2:39 AM | Reply

      @Fred M I agree 100%, his intent is what makes him a conman. As a matter of fact, he’s the literal definition of a conman. Seriously, go look it up. He brags about a book he wrote, but then the co-author says he put in 99.9% of the work and he just slapped his name on it. He brags about his golf score, but his golf buddies exposed that he has a habit of “accidentally” kicking his ball to get a better angle. Sure, those two things are insignificant, but I pointed them out to show that it’s in his nature to con people. Bottom line, the word “showman” conveys a sense of cleverness and tact that this guy lacks. Calling him a “conman” is more fitting.

    • ThePeoplesChamp | September 18, 2019 at 2:41 AM | Reply

      @D. Bates As a few people have pointed out, the difference is the intent.

    • The lowest unemployment levels in our history for all classes and genders is not a con stupid socialist.

    • @rachell smith What’s funny is, the one stat that you thought would help your argument, actually makes you look foolish. Here’s a riddle, how do you count someone who’s not there? Simply put, the number of unemployed people shrunk, because, quite a few were removed from the unemployment rolls. Again, it’s hilarious, because you thought that stat was a “winner” for you.

      Also, do you truly understand what socialism is? If so, why would you apply it to me considering my post had nothing to do with socialism? I get it, you’re one of those idiots that’s just regurgitating a word you’ve heard on TV. With useless eaters like you around, I’m beginning to understand how he was elected.

  5. Warren 2020. She’ll be the best president the country has had in decades.

  6. Come on, Joe, Mike, your words are important. Please stop depicting Trump as a “showman”. He isn’t. He’s an aberration, a science project gone horribly wrong, a human miscreation exhibit. If he were the last wannabe-show on earth and paying BIG to attend, I wouldn’t waste my time. He’s a loser in all that’s meaningful in life—none of which he has, a base-deceitful psychopath, a degenerate criminal reprobate unparallel … Paint him as what he truly is. Nothing better.♥

  7. Warren easily attracts smart people. Her challenge is to sway the blockheads.

    • @d d Well I am not rich and I do have a degree I served my country in many shitholes and Lost friends you got more questions?
      I find it most Democrats supporters or either socialist or deaf dumb and blind which are you??

    • @Jack thompson <- LARP. A bad one at that.

    • @d d I have a master’s degree ..I’m very educated..voted Trump and I’m not a Republican..I would say people who voted for him are pretty smart..he did win right

    • @Kristi Lambert Yes Kristi, he did indeed win. Can you tell me what it is about Trump that you approve of? What has he done since gaining office that confirms in your mind that you were right to trust him with your vote and your support?

  8. My home state girl I love her let her win I would be the happiest man on earth to have her as a first female president

  9. I dont care about crowd size. She didnt have to pay anyone to show up, unlike the orange liar.

    • Erik Torbjørn Bjørnsson | September 18, 2019 at 11:33 AM | Reply

      @Kris Ross it’s not recorded. They only frame the center. There’s maybe a thousand

    • @Erik Torbjørn Bjørnsson Apparently you haven’t seen the shots on twitter. People completely pan the camera around 360 degrees. Just go follow trump on twitter and look. You don’t have to like him I get it. But go find out the truth. You are totally wrong. Not trying to be mean. New Mexico was packed. Video of 4 or 5 thousand people outside. You are being lied to✌

    • Erik Torbjørn Bjørnsson | September 18, 2019 at 12:23 PM | Reply

      @Kris Ross I don’t need to, I’ve literally sat in a seat at a Trump rally. And you’re telling me I didn’t see what I saw.

    • @Erik Torbjørn Bjørnsson OK Eric. So you apparently you sat in a previous rally that wasn’t full and now judge all rallys as being the same🙄If you want to say New Hampshire and New Mexico rallys were not packed go ahead. It’s not the truth. Even the fire Marshall came out and said New Hampshire rally broke Elton Johns previous record at that particular arena. Stay asleep bro. I’m moving on with my life. When Trump wins in 2020 don’t act all shocked. All the evidence was clearly there✌

  10. From a clown to a professor? Wouldn’t that be something? Like hot wheels to 67 mustang fastback…

    • iLikeScienceStuff ! | September 18, 2019 at 12:32 AM | Reply

      @Andrew Cramer That’s not that long ago. I’m always surprised anyone has native american because so many of them were killed or died of disease. Most Americans don’t realize they are living on top of an apocalypse.

    • @iLikeScienceStuff ! shes like 1/1000 native american. She used this ridiculously small percentage to benefit herself. Thats pretty messed up and i dont know how you can defend that. I cant take her seriously

    • iLikeScienceStuff ! | September 18, 2019 at 2:29 AM | Reply

      @Andrew Cramer if its native, and using the 10 generations you said, the max she could be would be 1/100.

      i’m not defending her, i am trying to understand it. I would say it is enough to consider because putting it in numbers doesn’t do it justice. You would have to picture being a half indian in the time when indians were looked at as less than human, murdered on regular basis. Then that half indian went on to have a half half indian, they would still experience racism very much. This would go on just another 8 generations. But picture the trauma carried on through those generations through those years when not being white meant you weren’t “one of us” type of mentality. In those times, even among whites, racism was normal and encouraged. If you weren’t white the law didn’t even apply to you in many instances.

      Just saying that that lineage compared to a lineage of someone who had a background of european white would have had a harder time building any type of wealth. Many of these ivy league schools have generations and what they call legacies. These are almost like dynasties that were created years and years back. So if you are applying to a really good school and you want in, and you know you have family lineage of native american, you better put it down as quick as you can. Especially in the time she was going, ad especially as a women in that time.

      I’m just trying to pain the picture for you, i don’t know if i am right, but its worth looking at from all perspectives. Putting things in a number doesn’t show the struggles as well as picturing each generations struggle with not looking white in a country built out of genocide of the race you resemble, racism, and slavery.

      Yes, she doesn’t look indian, but if she has indian in her that means somewhere down the line someone looked very indian and it was slowly bred out along with slowly reducing the racism that went along with it.

      Don’t forget how soon ago it was that people were openly racism for not being white. My dad tells me stories all the time about things labeled “no negros, only whites” and he said it was just normal life for him. He would say indians were looked at like thieves and traitors. I’m his son and I listen to those stories, i am only 32, a millenial, and I get to hear those stories from just one generation back.

    • bill bixby Trump lies every day several times.

    • bill bixby What accomplishments?

  11. I’m rooting for Bernie, but if Warren wins I’ll be almost just as happy. She’s amazing.

    • @CrimsonTide who in the f*** loves their private insurance.

    • And if WARREN becomes PRESIDENT then POWER TO HER

    • Rahi Differences between her and Bernie? I’m a Bernie girl all the way but Elizabeth Warren and Bernie are basically the same platform, the same passion, thoughts and ideals for the country, both fully capable, both highly intelligent and highly respected, both are clearly for the greater good of America and the world. They are two sides of the same coin, with their main difference only being gender. Both of them will put the other in a highly impactful position.

    • BlackBird No she’s definitely trustworthy. She’s definitely not cozying up to anybody but her own ideals. I’m a %100 Bernie girl here, but I’ve always respected Warren. Over 10 years ago had a great conversation with her in Harvard Square in Boston, randomly saw her in line at a coffee shop, And she was actually ripping on a bunch of Democrats- Biden in particular- about Wall Street and complaining about the corruption involving the bailout. She was going off about police brutality too, Talking about the cases involving Oscar Grant and Angelina Garbarino. Didn’t seem like anybody really knew who she was and she mentioned casually more than halfway through the conversation that she was in government fighting brutality and Wall Street, but definitely not in a braggadocio way. She was extremely humble. I had heard of her before that day but didn’t recognize her and looked her up after that conversation because you could tell she was so sincere and passionate. I didn’t know much about those two brutality cases either. Been a fan ever since and I am HIGHLY skeptical of all politicians, even the “good guys”

    • Exact opposite of me. I’m rooting for her but if Bernie wins I’d still be ecstatic

  12. Wow, firing up a crowd without spewing hate and divisiveness.

    • Septembers Whisper | September 17, 2019 at 6:07 PM | Reply

      Gee, we heard her speak no more than a paragraph. Guess that is all it takes to get you all fired up. It is people like yourself that don’t bother to really know what is going on that makes everyone else worried. So the fact warren is on Risperdal a drug for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder is okay with you. The fact she wants wide open border for everyone from everywhere to come and park their butts for “free” medical and “free” college at you expense. Can you even imagine what that will do to our country to have millions upon millions if not billions moving in? Have you even thought about that even for a second. Have you any idea just how much that “free” stuff is going to cost Americans. Really people, use you head and look into what these people are going to do to this country. Once we give it away, we will never ever get it back.

    • Septembers Whisper billions moving in? There’s about 7 billion people in the whole world. That shows how wrong you are. Regarding your other questions… just because you don’t know the answer, it doesn’t mean it is impossible.
      Evidence of her medication please? What about trump’s mentality? He can’t even read a Teleprompter. He lies continuously and is a conman.

    • @Adam P that’s one thing people like about trump. He doesnt read a prepared script from a prompter to the people. I says it like it is.

    • William Bailey no, you misunderstand what I wrote. He CANT read a Teleprompter. He tries in vain to read what someone else has written. When he goes off script he says something pathetic and stupid.

    • William Bailey Watch this..

  13. America has already elected Dummies! So why not now a Professor?

  14. Warren or Bernie, I like them both 🤔

  15. Mika you’re a hack. Bernie has had bigger crowds but you ignore it

  16. The White House Occupant will call Senator Warren’s LARGE CROWDS “fake news”! Elizabeth Warren is the REAL DEAL, AND, she has a command of the English language and Decency!


    • Ralph do you know what a dictator is? because the last I have seen there is a democrat that wants to take our guns. Instead of taking face value of the vermin you support do your own research you have the tool to do so don’t be lazy

  18. Common Sense A Super Power | September 17, 2019 at 1:05 PM | Reply

    Do you know what tRump is?
    He sent his DNA to a lab and results came back labelled *”stool sample”*

  19. Elizabeth Warren, Intelligent Articulate and Tough, just what America needs to regain Americas Prestige. Cheers from Michael. Australia.

  20. I will vote for Elizabeth, she’s the REAL DEAL folks!

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