Economic Citizenship Programme of Dominica

Why should our citizenshop be so easy?

Following are some extracts:

No residence requirement

Under the programme a person can become a citizen of Dominica without having to reside in or even visit Dominica.

Full rights of citizenship.

……He cannot be deprived of citizenship except for fraud connected with his application.  He cannot be deported from the country and even his children born after his acquisition of citizenship are also entitled to become citizens.
A person who is the holder of a Dominica passport can travel visa free to a large number of countries including England and Switzerland.

No taxes

Citizens of Dominica pay no taxes on their worldwide income.  Taxes are only payable on income accruing from Dominica.  Further, Dominica has no inheritance tax, wealth tax or capital gain tax.

English Language Not Required

An applicant for Dominica citizenship is not required to know or speak the English Language.

Applications for Dominica citizenship are handled with the strictest confidentiality and with sensitivity and discretion.  No person, Government or Governmental authority is informed about the applicant or the application.

Under this option the investor-applicant pays US$100,000 which qualifies the investor, spouse and two (2) children under eighteen for economic citizenship. An additional US$15,000 per child is required for children who have turned 18 years but are less than 21 years old (that is the child has yet to become 21 years old). Also, a cash contribution of US$25,000 will be required for any additional child under twenty-one (21).

Single Option – Cash Investment

A Single Option application is defined as one where the investor (whether single or married) is the sole applicant for economic citizenship. Under this option the “Single” investor would be required to make cash investment of US$75,000 which would be directed towards public sector financing.

Other Applicable Fees

– Application fee – US$1,000 per investor (Non-refundable)
– Processing Fee – US$200 per applicant (Non-refundable)
– Naturalization Fee – US$550 per applicant
– Stamp Fee – US$15 per applicant

– Processing of applications for economic citizenship can take at least eight (8) weeks.

End of extracts————————————————————–

Its for this reason that true (not the so-call true) Dominicans will always content that there was a great NEGATIVITY to the previous government (same as for Lablanc & PJ) because they represented the little ‘black people’ on Dominica (and sorry for putting it like this).

There was accountablity for the monies rasied by the then program during the previous government term in office yet that administration was heavily criticized.

I will ask this if I may <<<<<>>>>let us consider taking on the words and not the personality. Too often we pick out what it is we want to share our biases and forget the long term consequences on the totalities. {jcomments on}

5 Comments on "Economic Citizenship Programme of Dominica"

  1. Anthony W Astaphan,S | October 5, 2010 at 2:28 PM | Reply

    Economic Citizenship Programme of Dominica

    This is a dead issue. Reforms and procedures are in place which protect the public interest.

  2. Economic Citizenship Programme of Dominica
    So you believe that Dominica should LOSE a potential $100,000 revenue per applicant because the applicant cannot visit Dominica??? I call that false pride!

  3. Economic Citizenship Programme of Dominica
    Parry, Tony, where is the accountability for these monies?

    While Rosie told Canada he is stopping that program it did not stop Canada from placing visa on us.

    Where is the government open policy on the program that Tony said is “This is a dead issue? Reforms and procedures are in place which protect the public interest”.

    Why is not made public just the same way as Canada and United States place their requirements on the web.

    Let me have all of this info. My databases together have over a million email addresses that I can circle that info to and also place it on the web.

    Making a program so easy in my opinion is a ‘Freeport’ for criminal minds to abuse.

    So all that we should be concern about is the money and not RESPECT of our nationality.

    This is so bad for us.

  4. Economic Citizenship Program
    Isn’t it hypocritical that the Labor Party administration called the Economic Citizenship program under the UWP administration,”SELLING PASSPORTS”.
    Now they are presenting the very same program they demonized.

  5. Economic Citizenship Program
    That seems to be the general nature of our politics on Dominica. Let-me-do-it but when its the other person I say that it–is-wrong.

    The DFP had accountability like wise the UWP, now we have no idea what is happening to the money collected under this present re-engineered program yet our so-call intellects accept the way this present administration is doing business…What a shame.


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