Tropical Storm Erika damage to Dominica Infrastructure is placed over Half a Billion Dollars

dominica tropical storm erika

A bridge in Roseau part of Dominica Infrastructure

Dominica InfrastructurePreliminary assessments following Tropical Storm Erika have revealed that Dominica has suffered over half a billion dollars worth of infrastructural damage.

At a press briefing Wednesday September 2nd, the Hon. Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit revealed that over $612m in damage has been caused to infrastructure; that is the country’s main roads and bridges.

The Hon. Prime Minister stated, “This doesn’t include homes, reconstruction of the roads in Petite Savanne and other communities as well as other main roads. This does not address the resettlement of several families or the associated costs. This is going to be a huge and expansive undertaking in order to restore the infrastructure.”

Neither does this include the 217 homes lost in Petite Savanne and another 154 homes across the rest of country.

The Prime Minister said further, “A more detailed assessment is being done and then we can look at the actual cost of the damage on persons’ dwellings. You would have recognized that because of the extent of the destruction on Petite Savanne and having had the decision to evacuate the entire village, discussions would have to be [around housing] the displaced people?

He noted, “Issues of resettlement, construction of homes and the associated facilities such as schools, health clinics and playing facilities will have to be taken into consideration. Also the smaller village of Dubique was also evacuated with many residents saying they do not want to go back. All I can say is that the State will take full responsibility to provide for these people.”

The tourism industry has also been dramatically affected.

One of the more affected areas is Jungle Bay Resort in the community of Delices.

According to the Prime Minister, “Several of the cottages were literally washed away by landslides and earth movement. In speaking personally with the proprietor he has indicated that that site will have to be abandoned and a new site procured for the construction of a new hotel. So one can understand the extent of the impact on tourism and the way of life for many people.”

The Douglas-Charles Airport has also been severely damaged.

Preliminary estimates suggest that it would take over $39.5m to restore services there.

According to the Prime Minister, “Every piece of equipment at the airport has been destroyed beyond use and so all will have to be replaced.”

The Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) is continuing its assessments.

The World Bank is continuing their assessment of the impact on infrastructure.

Clean up is estimated at $12m.

Source: GIS Dominica

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