Dem Judiciary Chair: Time To Impeach ‘Tyrant’ Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


Despite previously referring to impeachment as a ‘maybe,’ Judiciary Chairman Nadler now says “tyrant” Trump “ought to be impeached.” This comes as Manhattan’s district court has issued subpoenas for eight years of Trump’s tax returns. Rutgers Professor Brittany Cooper argues Trump “breaks laws all the time,” adding “there’s literally nothing [Trump] won’t do in service of his best interest” including putting “American democracy at risk.” Aired on 09/16/19.
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Dem Judiciary Chair: Time To Impeach 'Tyrant' Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

88 Comments on "Dem Judiciary Chair: Time To Impeach ‘Tyrant’ Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC"

  1. If Dems don’t impeach Trump, they should look to see if they can impeach Pelosi for dereliction of duty, for not allowing a serious effort to impeach Trump.

    • @Skip Taylor – her donors want to keep her in power to protect the oligarchy.

    • @Skip Taylor yes, that is why she confronted him big time during the government shutdown and why she refused to host the state of the union.

    • you can no Impeach a president unless the American Voters are behind it. The Republicans found that out with Bill Clinton. Itg does not matter how many People in CA or NY want it American is 50 States and in a Majority of them Americans DO NOT WANT IT. That is why there will be no house vote on it and should the dems get that crazy He will not be removed by the Senate and it will make the House Flipping to the republicans a 99% sure Thing

  2. It’s past time. Let’s go. Hold the committee vote. Send it to the floor. This is taking too freaking long. Chop, chop.

    • Black Monty Burns | September 17, 2019 at 10:37 AM | Reply

      @Gunner DJ labor participation is at a 65 year low. People are not adjusting to high taxes, impossible health care and debt, continuous war, police militarization, bank hacks and frauds, gig economy replacing real jobs, and rapid automation.

    • The NeedTo-ImpeachNow | September 17, 2019 at 11:27 AM | Reply

      @John Carter For sure, the Dems do not have to resort to criminal Gerrymandering or the Electoral College debacle to ever “win” an election

    • The NeedTo-ImpeachNow | September 17, 2019 at 11:28 AM | Reply

      @J. Francis Very good try but bear in mind that you can’t fix stupid or insane.

  3. Enabling this president and his corrupt authoritarian tendencies is not being a patriot, it is being a hero-worshipper. In WWII era Germany, they called these people “Good” Germans and the true zealots “Brown Shirts”. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.

  4. Wouldn’t the Coup be a foreign Gov. helping to elect a U.S. President? The egg is on Republican shirts here and McCarthy doesn’t want to take the suit jacket off so everyone can see it.

    • Justcallmexbhsx | September 17, 2019 at 3:21 AM | Reply

      …… what? Is it not the Hillary campaign, DNC, and Obama administration the ones that worked “payed” with the Russian government to influence the election? Lol your confused the media has made your mental 😂😂

      Facts are just facts.

    • He doesn’t want anyone to see the yellow streak running down his and his colleagues backs.

    • @Justcallmexbhsx
      The GOP is KKK in red caps now, rural ignorant redstate racists

    • ​@Justcallmexbhsx So your “argument”, is that the Dems “payed” (paid?) the russians, to help them lose the election?
      Did ALL the Intelligence Services, report that the russians tried to influnce the election in favour of orange boy?. Short answer… YES!
      Did putin admit, (in Helsinki), that the russians tried to influnce the election in favour of orange boy? Short answer… YES!
      You believe in, a bit to much trumpagander.
      And as you say….”Facts are just facts”.

  5. So we have a whistleblower report, about Trump, but no one can see it, because of Trump. They won’t even let our people read a compliant? When did oversight, involve a blindfold? Is this still America?

    • @John Kidd
      You’re deliberately ignoring the fact this this abnormally rogue, illegitimate “president” has been flouting, and trying to obliterate every part of our Constitution, which, IRONICALLY, he and his enablers have been misusing in their frantic efforts.
      – Using our Laws, for the sole purpose of ultimately *destroying* them.
      Quite a “trick” if they’ll pull it off.
      The smart money still says they WON’T.

    • @John Kidd
      How about
      P R O C E S S I N G?
      And T R U T H?
      Yes, we know; they’re _Alien Concepts_ to trump-supporters.

    • According to the America hating Right Wing, if the POTUS believes that the investigation into himself and his party is unjust he can, on his own volition, terminate said investigation. Staggering and blatant corruption.

    • No its not!
      Americans take their freedom for granted. 1st thing fredome dose to a nation is making people oblivious to their Rights/Government. They develope the mentality of “That Never Happens to me!” Then it doses! Ask Iranians, Italians, Brazilians, English….on&on
      “Every Nation Deserves its Government.” K. Marx

  6. Thank you Jerry Nadler . .it’s about time !!!
    Impeach that criminal NOW !!!!!!

  7. You are right this impeach is to avoid more corruption and defend the democracy of this country.

  8. PRAISE GEEZUS! PLEASE…as Nike sez “JUST DO IT”. No exclamation point needed.

  9. Waayyy past time. The Blue Wave didn’t happen to tolerate waffling. We voted for ACTION! So ACT, Congress. In 2020 I hope we can get the Senate back and render Moscow Mitch irrelevant and get this impeachment voted on and passed. I used to think Pelosi was a tough old bird, but now I’m wondering why she is standing in the way of justice. If this doesn’t go on, it is enabling and setting a very awful precedent.

  10. So the Senate will automatically determine that it’s perfectly okay to have a massive criminal as our president. Got it.

    • Yes, so long as the criminal is a Republican they are happy.

    • @Paul Belardo what about what about what about what about… deflect, distract, deceive, the Trump cult at work again.

    • @Mimi Traveler Mimi You couldn’t keep up if I had it in reverse lol Hillary is a murdering piece of Trash who lost the election Because she had 0 message 0 personality and 0 talent end the story. Now what will you do when president trump wins again in 2020

  11. Bla bla bla, talk talk talk and nothing gets done. Let me know when they’re actually Impeaching Dumbpty Trumpty.

  12. Nadler is tired of Nancy Pelosi’s cowardice and foot-dragging, as well he should be.

    • Nadler doesn’t care about Pelosi or destroying his party with Impeachment. He cares about votes in his heavy left leaning district. Pelosi at least cares about her party, Nadler doesn’t.

    • It sounds to me like Nadler is now on Pelosi side. What he doesn’t say is clearer than what he says. The message is quite clear. THE DEMOCRATS DON’T WANT TO IMPEACH TRUMP. They don’t want to do sh*t. We all can stop HOPING that they will because THEY WON’T.

    • Polisi. Is dealing with The. Republican IG is corrupt the Mitch McConnell is corrupt. Democrats don’t have enough Democrats. Not enough Republicans to guaranteed their votes they are scared stepping down running off . those people that voted for Trump started this mess history tells it all.

    • @nailbiter It sounds to me like yet another commenter hasn’t watched the video.

    • @Fizzlewart
      I don’t just listen to what he says. I listen what he doesn’t say. That’s more important. You should try that sometimes.
      Trump says he loves this country but you think it’s true?

  13. Nadler is on board with the People and Constitution. Finally!!! It’s about fricken time.

    • skattergraph Stop with the lies. Clinton won the popular vote. Trump is still under 50 percent Nationwide. He’s the most corrupt President in the history of our country.

    • @henry lockett The Clinton Criminal Clan Didn’t Win The Popular Vote, It was Found out That There Were Many Criminal Illegal Alien Voters and Even Dead and Buried Voters for Hillary Clinton Which Were all Illegal Votes!!! How Does it Feel to be a CUP CAKE POWDER PUFF SNOWFLAKE BUTT HURT FOOLISH DUMBOCRAP VOTER With a MAGNITUDE OF IGNORANCE, STUPIDITY AND ZERO COMMON SENSE!!! Why are you Still Sniveling and Whinning About the 2016 Election??!!! POTUS TRUMP DIDN’T COUNT ANY VOTES, YOU DUMBOCRAP VOTER FOOL!!!

    • @Lexy Swope, if you “studied” the Constitution, what high crime has Trump committed? Mueller has said there was no crime committed, and as far as obstruction, you cannot obstruct anything without a crime! And yes, Trump won a majority of the Counties in the US, therefore winning the Electoral College, you know, as that Constitution you studied dictates!

    • You saw me Crying in the Chapel

  14. If a Democrat does not vote for impeachment then they must be replaced in the primaries. Pelosi that includes you!

    • Pelosi would vote for impeachment. The reason she’s vacillating now is political. She should put the interests of the USA ahead of political maneuvering.

    • Gina R. Do you relish the continued denigration of the USA? Your post indicates you do.

    • @Ken Albertsen Trump is degrading the US, with his divisive rhetoric. Most people have had enough.

    • @Mitzi B, God bless u for that. The guys who committed crimes and ended up in prison are humans too like trump so the needful has to be done.

  15. chewbactimusprime | September 16, 2019 at 11:40 PM | Reply

    trump must be made an example of for future presidents to look upon and tremble, praying that they themselves never come to such a place. They should in their alone times contemplate how utterly stupid trump was to do what he did which led him to such a fate as was to befall him.

  16. One wall isn’t good enough for Trump. Which is why he’s getting four.

  17. *Wake up, America — our President is killing us! We MUST impeach!*

  18. Trump should have been tried for Treason before he ever stepped foot into the oval office. This criminal enterprise must be stopped.

    • @Gunner DJ dude go easy on the crack….

    • @Gunner DJ oh lol, dreams are free.

    • @Luis Jalabert Why is it Americans on the Right are happy and up0beat and the left all look like that have had their puppy die. The dems are doing the job for us. All we need to do is run adds of things they say and they will not win anyplace but the Left coast and NY LOL

    • @Leonie Romanes What dreams the ones you lost in 2016 or the ones you lost in 2018 when the dems lost 98% of State wide elections or 2019 NC elections. I am not worried I travel the country for Work and the only place American Voters are not in Fear of the Dems are CA NY HI. Every time they open their Mouths to get the Left to Nominate them American tunes them out. Remember CA is not representative of Most States in America CA is for things Most other States are against and winning or Losing CA will never effect a Presidential election. Trump took 30 states in 2016 and I can see him winning 38 in 2020. Have a KAG day

  19. Spanky Tweetie Twump is the worst president in the history of America

  20. Trump and his ppl are giving the finger to rule of law.

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