Dahlia Lithwick: ‘Nothing’ AG Barr ‘Won’t Do To Protect’ Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


In the wake of Jeffrey Epstein’s death, a new N.Y. state law allows sexual abuse victims of any age to take legal action after the statute of limitations expires. The New York Times reports hundreds of child sexual abuse lawsuits are now flooding N.Y. courts. Legal scholar Dahlia Lithwick responds to that law, and gives her ‘reasons that Bill Barr is Donald Trump’s lawyer.’
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Dahlia Lithwick: 'Nothing' AG Barr 'Won't Do To Protect' Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

51 Comments on "Dahlia Lithwick: ‘Nothing’ AG Barr ‘Won’t Do To Protect’ Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC"

  1. Stop letting Barr get away things that’s not his business. Why do they let him get away with it. That’s why I believe Trump had something to do with Epstein’s death.

    • He did that’s why he had to go and barr is protecting tramp.. I mean trump

    • “Why do they let him [Barr] get away with it.” ….Who’s going to stop him? Certainly NOT his own Justice Department ! …Barr will protect the guilty…. you can count on it.

    • @John C Americans clearly don’t care about their justice system. They should be filling the streets in protest and certainly not voting for Trump again. Trump supporters need to never, ever again claim that they respect justice, because they are supporting the fascist (criminal) dictator who thinks he is above the law. The entire Trump administration is as corrupt as can be, because Trump hired the shadiest and most corrupt people he could find.

  2. “Foreigner Fan” Below there is a perfect example of what the putinTrolls post on US sites.

    • They are ramping up their blathering incoherent dogma. Trump has hired many and he has well over $100 Million to spend with more money coming in.

    • SUN DIAL is blaming Obama?? Trolls and botts are everywhere. Ignorant? Not really, it is just a job or campaign volunteer.

  3. We, the United States of America do not currently have either a “President” or an AG! Literally. Anyone who supports the donal is accepting the fact that Moscow Mitch and donnie are literally assisting putin! Amazing! Time was when an enemy attacked us, Americans hated them; and sought retribution against said enemy!

    • First time in US History that we’ve had an unindicted criminal as POTUS and an AG that’s currently held in contempt of Congress. This is the most criminal and corrupt Administration in American History.

    • Puttentane Same | August 15, 2019 at 10:51 PM | Reply

      Keep shouting it loud, Patriot!

  4. Maybe Barr will take a bullet for Trump, even if it isn’t on 5th Ave.

  5. Amicus Brief on Trump’s Tax Records! On behalf of Trump and why is it about Epstein case? It is looking guilty when no one was even looking at him.

  6. #ChickenBarr🐔 should be barred!! He’s being held in contempt of Congress and they should hobble that traitor by getting him barred from legal practice!!

    • Below Barr’s job is to cover for Trump. Remember when Trump said, “Finally, I got MY attorney general.”…funny, I thought the AG is supposed to be our AG, loyal to the truth, not just Trump.

    • Elizabeth Ayres | August 16, 2019 at 2:04 AM | Reply

      V. Lee Walker Dis-Bar Barr!!! Lol

  7. Puttentane Same | August 15, 2019 at 10:46 PM | Reply

    What a shame if Barr gets run over by the Trump Train while sabotaging the tracks of Justice…

  8. Why would anyone with common sense trust Barr. He protects the crooked liar in chief, ignores subpoenas, and twist laws to benefit trump?

    • Barr is a disgrace.Trump’s private Attorney general.

    • suzanne adamson | August 16, 2019 at 7:56 AM | Reply

      Unfortunately, they’re happier if citizens Don’t trust the Justice Dept. It feeds into the whole fake news, can’t trust Anything scenario. Keep the people scared, distrustful, vulnerable. I want to get off their ride.

  9. AG Below Barr’s job is to make sure Trump is above the law.

  10. Barr is getting paid off, duh

  11. Trump loves to blame others for things he’s guilty of

  12. Meanwhile at Fox news all reports about epstiene have the comments disabled

    • I noticed that a week ago, and with other stories. I was half way through a discussion with another viewer, and BAM! the comments were “disabled”. This is such a clumsy move that raises all kinds of suspicions. Why would they do this?

    • Craig Crawford | August 16, 2019 at 6:03 AM | Reply

      @greg hill Fox doesn’t want any one reading anything that dissents from their propaganda….

    • @Craig Crawford That’s the obvious conclusion, Craig, but really? Like I said: Clumsy and Suspicious!

  13. Trump has already said openly, in the case of Sessions, that he absolutely demands that his AG does NOT recuse from investigations of himself, and instead does what he can and can’t to block or terminate such investigations. That must be why Barr had to walk back on his initial recusation from the Epstein sexual trafficking case. Obviously he was ordered to do that by Trump.
    Another instance of what Dahlia says was Barr sending a DoJ lawyer to the closed-door deposition of Hope Hicks to the House committee; and that lawyer (who had absolutely no reason to be sitting at Hick’s side in that deposition, and no right to be present at a closed-door meeting) intervening repeatedly to prevent Hicks from answering the Committee’s questions.

  14. “Nothing AG Barr Won’t Do To Protect Trump” – Including strangulation of prisoners with damaging testimony, it seems.

  15. looks like Trump has set the Barr pretty low…

  16. indefinitetruth | August 16, 2019 at 1:40 AM | Reply

    epsteins estate needs to be divided out to his victims 😑

  17. What role did Barr’s father play with Epstein?

  18. Barr should have lost his license after Iran Contra. He came back for more covering up and lying. He’s a trumpturd.

  19. Trump will tear this democracy(whats left of it, if any) given another 4 years.

  20. ROBERT KORNBLUM | August 16, 2019 at 8:18 AM | Reply

    Realization that AG Fled Flintstone is AHOTUS Personal Lawyer is NOT funny ! It is a serious existential threat to our democracy

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