Congressman Threatens E-Cig Company With Subpoena | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, D-Ill., is threatening e-cig company JUUL with a subpoena for not responding to repeated requests for documents about the company’s practices. The congressman also weighs in on Corey Lewandowski's Tuesday hearing. Aired on 9/18/19
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Congressman Threatens E-Cig Company With Subpoena | Morning Joe | MSNBC

22 Comments on "Congressman Threatens E-Cig Company With Subpoena | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Banning flavors is not going to stop the back alley sales of THC vapes that are killing people. Its in no way connected to retail e-cigs, and NOTHING to do with flavors.

    Why is no one talking about banning flavored whiskey and vodka? Arent those flavors “targeting children” too?

    People just want ot shift the blame to the businesses for what amounts to parents not paying attention. How do you people think kids are getting their hands on these things? They can’t buy them! They get them from adults…. almost always parents.

    Just like they used to do with cigarettes. The numbers sound bad, but its the same kids who would have been smoking at the same ages if we didn’t have vapes…

    And the more they pretend this is related to the diseases and deaths is irresponsible at best, and negligent homicide at worst. They know the real cause and refuse to acknowledge it because they are using it to wedge the legislation thru for the tobacco lobbyists.

    Just making more smokers this way, and setting a dangerous precedent with deciding adults dont have taste buds, and anything that has a flavor is automatically targeting kids…

    Irresponsible, lazy, and useless legislation that is only meant to produce a cash influx for the tobacco companies who wants their clients back.

  2. e-cigs? really? umm… try not to get shot today.

  3. FilthyMcDumpin'Clips | September 18, 2019 at 12:22 PM | Reply

    Total toilet reporting. disgusting people

  4. Regular cigarettes went through the same thing, that’s why they are not permitted to air cigarette commercials on regular tv.

  5. Nancy Pelosi said she wanted bars in front of his face. “Bars” are places you go to have beer. But actually prison

  6. Have to say this is less of an issue than election interference, or really any other topic. Tylenol has more deaths associated with it.

  7. E-cigs, prescribed opiates and Guns what’s the difference?

  8. Illegal vape oil with synthetic thc is the issue. you want to stop people dying enforce existing laws

  9. Tobacco industry is loosing money if Trump wants their financial support he will ban E Cigs
    All were related to buying off of the streets nothing to do with actual E Cigs .

    47,220 gun incidents in 2018
    582 were children shot and killed and Trump does nothing.

  10. Anti-Moron League | September 18, 2019 at 1:23 PM | Reply

    What total and complete moronese. Flavored ecigs have nothing to do with the current lung scare. The deaths arise from ILLEGAL tampering with synthetic oils (already illegal under current law). So just enforce current law and get back to scaring the public about plastic straws. Geesh, Dems are really disgustingly infantile… wtf happened?

  11. Hummm, so Ecigs are not paying enough to keep the government away, but gum manufactures are?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. First the FDA should regulate what is in cigs and e-cigs. Why the tobacco companies are allowed to put in hazardous chemicals to promote addiction while the government wrings their hands is beyond me. Once you get down to just boring nicotine there’s a good chance many will quit.

  13. Did you know tobacco & all tobacco products are illegal for ANYONE under the age of 18? Did ya know that Teenagers are dying at an alarming rate in the United States? Doctors & experts all agree that high powered bullets in their bodies are bad & could disrupt the development of their brains & can reduce their capacity for learning & breathing.
    So if you ban anything you feel might be killing & hurting Teenagers, before you ban the things that are actually killing & harming our children, such as Highpowered Semi~Automatic & Fully Automatic rifles & armor~piercing bullets & ammo clips of 10 And up? It will prove you lot care nothing for the health & welfare of our youth. Howsabout ya SDSTFU until you can do or say something useful?

  14. But cigarettes and liquor are COOL RIGHT no ban on those u pick ecigarettes and the vapor.HOW DARE U

  15. Appreciate all you guys…and yes, Ari is a hottie!!!

  16. As someone that research e-cig topic extensively here is what i believe to be the facts:
    1. Smoking or ecigs nicotine is addictive.
    2. Nicotine has negative effect on development of adolescent brain and body
    3. Chemical compound diacetyl is linked as a direct cause of popcorn lung condition.
    4. Claim from 3 is based on a study of workers from food flavoring processing plants who were exposed to diacetyl in much higher concentrations than are present in some e-juices.
    Overall smoking is allot worse for your health than is vaping, however that does not make vaping safe.
    I believe nicotine containing vaping products should have same regulations as cigarettes, however that does not mean that vaping is not a healthier alternative to smoking. I believe vaping is the best smoking cessation method we currently have.

  17. Threatening them with a subpoena? Like they have been doing with all these trumpturds who ignore them? BFD!

  18. Wow, you guys forget… BubbleGum Cigars & Cigarettes, Yummy!!

  19. stop all cigs not just e-cigs. Just say no!

  20. Teresa Young, Zombie Whisperer | September 18, 2019 at 9:20 PM | Reply

    I know someone who works at one of those vape making factory, he was more concerned with paying the rent than making vape juice.

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