Congressman Jason Crow: Border Patrol Told Me They Need Help, Not A Wall | The Last Word | MSNBC

Congressman Jason Crow: Border Patrol Told Me They Need Help, Not A Wall | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


Freshman Congressman and Army veteran Jason Crow joins Lawrence to talk about Trump’s decision to divert $3.6 billion from military projects around the country to fund his border wall, and why he decided to support an impeachment inquiry.
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Congressman Jason Crow: Border Patrol Told Me They Need Help, Not A Wall | The Last Word | MSNBC

40 Comments on "Congressman Jason Crow: Border Patrol Told Me They Need Help, Not A Wall | The Last Word | MSNBC"

  1. it is a vanity wall

  2. Joke time

    A man is driving down the Beltway when traffic suddenly stops. The man keeps looking to see what the holdup is when he sees a man walking up the road stopping at every car to talk to the driver. When the man gets to him the driver asks what’s going on. The man replies, ” Terrorists have captured the presidential limo with Trump, Don Jr. and Kushner inside. They’re demanding $ 10 million for their release or they’ll burn them alive.” The driver asks, “How much have you collected?” The man says, “10 gallons, but people are still siphoning”

    • Much better than your other one, but for jokes to be funny one can’t completely hate the subject of their joke. When this is the case, it ceases being comedy. Dana Carvey explained this a couple years ago regarding how SNL and Alec Baldwin are unable to be funny when poking fun at Trump, as they’re not “poking fun” at all, just attacking.

    • I prefer the one about drumpfh and Obama in the barber shop. trump’s barber finishes and asks if he’d like a splash of cologne, “no, melania will think i’ve been in a cathouse”.
      Obama’s barber asks if he’d like a splash, Obama replies “sure, Michelle doesn’t know what a cathousr smells like.”

    • Lmoa! To bad it’s just a joke.

    • Donna Humphries | September 6, 2019 at 9:52 PM | Reply

      @Dana Herron and Eastern Woods, Excellent!! Thank you both for the best laugh of the day!! Best Wishes to you and yours…

  3. SpankyPants is robbing Peter to pay Paul for dah Wall.

  4. Only Spankypants & some of his rabid racists support this tRumpy vanity Wall. My parents didn’t escape the Iron Curtain to only have me fenced in again!

    • @Kelly Owens seek help

    • @Sherrie Nale + I certainly said nothing about P J’s right to express an opinion, no matter how irrational, & unfortunate it is. If you want to see plenty of folks who are unconcerned with securing our border, or the safety of Americans, you need only watch the next Democrat Presidential debate. Virtually every candidate has advocated for an OPEN BORDERS policy, while some even proposed providing free health care for the millionds of uninvited guests, with no legal right to reside, or work in the US. The 100,000 Americans who have violently lost their lives at the hands of criminal illegal aliens since the year 2000, alone would wish there weren’t so many people unconcerned with securing our border, the safety of their fellow Americans,
      and the plight of the least fortunate, the working poor, & members of minority communities, who are harmed the most by
      the unrestricted mass migration from the 3rd world.  

      If you can help me identify the LIES you believe I told, I will gladly make any needed corrections, or delete my entire post, but I will need some actual evidence of my errors,
      if that’s not to much to ask. I would like to take your word for it, but this issue brings out a great deal of dishonesty in some people. It wan’t long ago that Democrat leaders denied favoring OPEN BORDERS policies. At least every candidate currently running for President from the Democrat Party has fessed up …. finally. 

      Hey, It’s a start.


    • @Kelly Owens Nope. No Democratic candidate has advocated open borders ever. That is Fake News at its highest level. I realize you’d love that to be true but saying it, repeating it, doesn’t make it true. What the Democrats advocate is a secure border using actually effective means as well as advocating that asylum seekers be treated in accordance with our laws in a compassionate manner and allowing them their legal process. BTW if you want to have people running around in our country who are ill with diseases that can infect you and your family and friends, then you are sick in the head. If you travel to say the UK and get sick while there legally or illegally, you will be treated at no cost to you. It is called being humane. You appear to be inhumane and incapable of embracing your fellow human being. It is very sad to be you as you live in such a paranoid and highly biased mindset.
      No, Democrats Don’t Want ‘Open Borders’
      President Trump has falsely claimed at least two dozen times since taking office that Democrats want to open American borders. But legislation shows that Democrats support border security measures, though not the border wall he wants to build.

  5. B. Terence Harwick | September 6, 2019 at 2:13 AM | Reply

    Jason Crow — a true American, radically unlike the idol worshipping base fakers of the USA.

  6. “I always want to get the best information possible”. Works for me. I think I love this guy.

  7. The next dem prez needs to take half the defense budget and build MASH hospitals in every city and town to provide free healthcare, thanks SCOTUS.

    • Not to mention MASH Hospitals to treat the dying and wounded that have suffered from massive increases in hate crimes and mass shootings since Trump became the electoral college president.

  8. Considering where Trump is taking money from (armed forces etc.) to build this wall that he is a fanatic about, I can’t help but wonder if this wall is really just a huge diversion to mask how much Trump is helping Putin to restore the old USSR to its previous “glory”, Something very dear to Putin’s heart.

  9. The greatest USA bloopers – “Trump-et” we haven’t forgotten. Gun control wish list: Licence the gun, licence the gun owner (background check included), eliminate military style rifles, Limit bullet Magazine size to five, Stop hiding behind 2nd amendment. Reduce gun numbers generally – America wants you do something.

    • Well said. They always forget “lawfully sanctioned militia” part. In this day and age that would be military and police.

    • @Rosa Lee Ward exactly and the army reserves and national guard. These weapons should not be in civilian hands.

  10. Like visitors go to the Great Wall of China,l doubt they’ll flock to the not so Great Wall of Trump,that’s if it ever gets built which is doubtful.Ego tripping clown.

  11. So, Trump’s supporters need to start chanting, “A Few Good Men,” instead of, “Build The Wall.” Ah, if only…

  12. Trump and his administration is nothing but trouble. Everywhere those people go they bring with them nothing but trouble. It is time to remove this criminal cabal.

  13. This guy is legit! I believe his motivations.

  14. JoAnne Middaugh | September 6, 2019 at 9:40 AM | Reply

    No Congressman. Trump wants a monument— that’s what the wall is. He probably want his name in lights every mile or so. It also is about his racism and a distant third is his promise to the base. The latter is only his desperate attempt to win re-election. He doesn’t really care about keeping promises to anyone—never has, never will. The MAIN reason for the wall is his ego— the Monument to him.

  15. This MF 🤡trump wishes he was above the law but soon….Justice is Coming

  16. Local government will be the key of
    Truth/lies and when your water is poison
    When your paycheck shrinking
    When gun violence killed your child
    That’s Not Fake….
    When it happens to you or your family

  17. I hope Mr.Crow does good work for the good of this country! Make a difference!

  18. Andy Clockwise | September 6, 2019 at 1:12 PM | Reply

    It must be terrible to live in America.

  19. 👏👏👏👏👏 Congressman, Rep., Jason Crow (D) Colorado, w/Armed Services Committee ~ it’s good that you visited the Mexico Border, and so glad that you have jurisdiction over the Border wall money! We appreciate you, Congressman Jason Crow! thanks for serving this Country in the Military, and your service as a Representative!💙💚💙💚

  20. Trump has gone ROGUE! Time to IMPEACH! WTF is Congress waiting for? The complete collapse of our Economy, Democracy, more children to die in cages or WW3??!! All of the above?!

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