[Dominica Users Group] Lennox Linton’sthreat to Supriay

I am very impressed and must commend you for a beautiful piece of writing that ‘really’ (as my friend Corbo would say) tickled my fancy. We all (at times) will ‘seemingly’ compromise our ‘better’ judgement based on the information at hand, combined with the credibility of the source; this does not ‘somehow’ make us evil or ‘supportive’ of corruptive activities; Corruption must be qualified and then denounced for what it is, responsibly, and not out of some politically motivated malfeasance; it should not be subjective or some partisan conjecture, as we continue to witness to date. It is the bane to economic advancement and more importantly, a source of social disintegration, as is being witnessed in Dominica and the Diaspora.

This issue of corruption in Dominica is ‘considered and suggested’ as the fore of our domestic and economic problems by (not just by opposition political proponents), but by also influential and credible citizens in the Diaspora. Whilst this is indeed alarming, it needs to be qualified and substantiated, due to our political nature, and ‘lessons’ learnt of times past.
I see corruption as the greatest threat to any economic reform we may be considering or contemplating; the problem to date has been the qualification and substantiation of the truth! One thing I will surmise with great dispassion is, “if our society’s atmosphere continues to deteriorate (as it has been of late), then what is the use or good of our economic reform efforts”? If not for this reason alone, there must be a compelling need to eradicate the corrosive effects of corruption on the Dominican political and economic structures and on its public life. I do not think anyone of us would disagree with these statements and the realities surrounding them; the question is ‘how do we qualify’ and ‘substantiate’ lennox Linton’s investigative reporting as being accurate and truthful? This is my personal dilemma and one which I struggle with in conviction; and I am certain I am not alone in this paradox! I do not know about you, but I am not used to any apparent contradictions that actually expresses a non-dual truth!

Institutional corruption, or as some are prone to decry it as “criminal capitalism,” is not an idiosyncratic phenomenon. Instead, as a form of socially disapproved behaviour, it is sweeping the globe. And as a universal problem, corruption is timelessly applicable in every culture, and every culture – with significant exceptions- treats “impure” norms of reciprocity with official condemnation. Paradoxically, corruption’s main ally is the fact that is has become universally commonplace, and the venal pursuit of private gain at the expense of public duty is particularly virulent in a period of rapid growth and modernization.

Friends, fellow Dominicans;
I am no fool, nor am I here writing these ‘chosen’ words by accident or with a didden agenda, and neither are you, so I will no longer venture along those lines. Dominica and Dominican politicians are not exempt from corruption, and anyone being suggestive of,’ is a fool and should not be considered as a worthy adversary in rebuttal of’. However, what we need to qualify and negate from the current realities, are the facts from the fiction. Lennox Linton (whilst mischievous and at time ‘seemingly’ diabolical in intent) has indeed made us (the public) aware of serious and alarming concerns regarding the Prime Minister and his government. I do not , nor would I suggest, dismissal of this awareness, but I certainly will continue to question authenticity and accuracy of its content in its entirety!
I have ‘consitantly’ maintained we have the provisions in place to prevent and address such concerns, in the Ethics Committee, the IPO, and the Director of Audit; that they are obligated and mandated by ‘law’ constitutionally to investigate these ‘assertions’, not ‘allegations’, and have not to date. And why is that I continue to ask? I have asked for qualification of the integrity of those we have entrusted, and man these mediums of balance and accountability, and “NO ONE” to date has come forth and responded in condemnation of them as being corrupt or easily manipulated! What does this say to me as a ‘non-politically’ motivated independent thinker? One who is exempt from the cabaway and marches to no politically motivated drum beat? Am I wrong for questioning and seeking validation?

I do not dispute or dismiss the claims of discovery regarding the new sources of wealth and power, and or the concomitant transformation of social values of our leaders and members of government now, or in days past. What I vehemently dispute and detest is the methods employed, and the twisted fabrication of half truths uttered in representation of the facts. When one corrupts or wilfully distorts the truth it will inevitably surface, for the truth will always prevail.
If we are to lead by example and hold those entrusted to our nation accountable, we need to be consistently accurate in the reporting of the truth. When we disregard this basic fundamental, we become undemocratic in our resolve and set free those guilty and in contempt!

Although this harm is extremely difficult to assess, it is nevertheless generally conceded that it contributes to the increasing deligitimization of the political system and in its wake erodes the moral and material fibre of our society, as is evident with the discontent of late; in its place are incipient nihilism and a pervasive culture of amoral materialism. I understand that left unchecked, corruption can reach a staggering scale as exemplified in Bogota, Columbia.
I recognize the importance of the work that Lennox Linton and company have undertaken and would never dismiss the importance of it, but warn of the dire consequences that have resulted and will continue when the truth is not reported in its entirety or with politically motivated intent.
Dominica is at a moral crossroads and as a people divided in spirit it saddens me to see such talent and passion go to waste. I sincerly hope we can overcome for the sake of our people.
Be blessed.
My opinion
Christian Volney.

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  1. [Dominica Users Group] Lennox Linton’sthreat to Supriay
    We all have some healing to do to repair some of the damage that this polarisation of views has caused.

    Chris, you have to lay off the personal criticism of Lennox’ efforts and focus on promoting your own take on things.
    This is not all about politics. Some of it is about defining our destiny as a nation.

    I used to think of myself as a champion of the malayway in Dominica partly because I grew up seeing a lot of inequality and unfairness in the isle of beauty and splendor.

    Believe it or not I did forsake Dominica. I once swore I would never return to that backwater.

    Trouble is too many of us felt and did the same. The drain!
    I sincerely felt remorse and returned but by that time I realised that our country and my beloved malayway had not fared well in my absence and had been hijacked by a few greedy and pitiful individuals who had taken advantage of our absence to take over the country.

    These misfits would have been nobodies if we had not abandoned the mothership to those twerps. Trouble is, they were no longer running around the village with no shoes on their feet and holes in their khaki pants hand me downs anymore.

    They had seen an opportunity to exploit the malayway and they took it!
    In the blind man’s world the one eye man is truly king.

    So we are to blame. If we had returned in time and not been prodigal for too long fellas like RS would be teaching in some obscure primary school and carrying fig in their spare time. Not running the country.
    However there is nothing we can do about it for now.

    Except to let them know that not all of us are malayway stock. We not all never see come see crazy.

    That is why Mamo could never ever be accused of putting her hand in the cookie jar. She had her cookie jar and it had cookies in it.

    Fellas that running the Labour party today were always hungry. Compare them to say Rosie who had honesty and integrity beaten into them.
    These politicians are a new breed on the block. They are of the “greed is good” upbringing.

    So we have to stop bickering and get down to brasstacks.

    You must no more attack Lennox’ integrity with innuendo than he RS’ honesty without solid evidence. It is only fair.

    I know that Lennox have “breeding”. I knew his dad Mishak and honesty is as natural to him as playing cawant is to you. No offence.

    Let us lay this issue bare and take this investigation to the “next level”

    Refrain from using maypuis as a smoke screen and let us see if we can restore good governance to this beloved country of ours.

    By the way I do not give much credence to Parry’s outbursts.
    Occasionally he gets coherent ideas but his brains not always synchronised with his writings. Muddled thoughts!

    So if you and Lennox can keep it clean and shake hands at least virtually! We can get this show on the road.

    There are lots of other shenanigans going on other than this villa that we need to talk about.

  2. Trevor Johnson | October 21, 2010 at 1:51 AM | Reply

    [Dominica Users Group] Lennox Linton’sthreat to Supriay
    The strength of a man’s character is not only revealed in what he stands
    for, but also in what he stands against.

    It is not determined by time, place, friend or foe, but in the decisions he
    makes when good fortune or bad shows its face to him.
    His integrity is a non-negotiable understanding between him and the world,
    and is not surrendered lightly.

    Morality is the anchor of what he will accept and what he will reject,
    regardless of circumstance. It has been said that no one can affect the way
    you carry yourself; that they can only help reveal you for who you are.

    I have witnessed the elevation of people I once thought disdainful under
    very trying circumstances, and I have watched those I have rallied with
    reveal themselves to be deceitful and disrespectful when opportunity
    provides. This is not to judge, just to observe.

    Integrity, character, morality, are not just words, they convey an idea of
    high ascension, impeccable quality, desired destination and determined

    These very words have been used by advertisers to sell everything from
    leather to soap, and have been used by spin doctors and politic
    speechwriters to describe the best and brightest among us, as well as to
    wrap a coat of respectability around the despicable and the horrid.

    Time has a way of revealing the cheap though, the made up version collapses
    in the bright light of truth and the fraud is exposed eventually.

    Regardless of your personal beliefs, these are not just words; they will be
    used as adjectives to crown you or deny you. To describe you, either with
    pride or with shame by your loved ones after you’re gone.

    Something to think about…

  3. [Dominica Users Group] Lennox Linton’sthreat to Supriay
    Sorry Doc, but I beg to differ!! How do you suggest we do that though, Good and faithful doctor? Remember Dominica is the patient, so if she is dead just bury her and weep! I don’t think so. We have to remove the malignant cells and give her a chance. Honestly are you asking us to give up on our country? Think of all the countries that were cleansed and are doing better. Rwanda? Remember Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda, Amerivca and slavery, India, and so many others. I cannot believe that the only solution that our academics and intellectuals have for the sickening disease in Dominica is to go along our merry way as though everything is honkie Doorie! This is pathetic! Are we really cultivating a little Nigeria in Dominica? OK, then just leave the fight to those who want to fight it alone, and do not stand in their way. I think those who choose to fight it are just as legitimate as those who would prefer to leave it alone!

  4. [Dominica Users Group] Lennox Linton’sthreat to Supriay

    People’s perception of me has never determined my reality… and that is not about to change any time coming soon.

    But responding to vague, dishonest, broad brush criticisms from unrepentant party hacks like Parry Bellot and Chris Volney is a tiring non-productive exercise in futility. They know the truth. They have heard the facts over and over again… but they have committed themselves to fooling the people into believing that all is well with criminal activity in the office of Prime Minister so long as SKerrit is the occupant.

    I blew the whistle on a governance matter of significant public interest. I assembled more facts to support my statements of concern than anyone else has ever done in similar circumstances in the modern history of Dominica. First there were accusations that the emails were hacked, doctored, cut n paste, tampered with, tainted and coloured and Supriya Singh was a figment of my imagination. Since it is now publicly known that the originals of all the emails in question are available from google as a last resort, Supriya has come to life as “the person who wrote the emails” and the amended accusation is that I “read the emails in their entirety”, took them “out of context” and “misrepresented” their content. I have asked for particulars and specifics. None have been forthcoming. All I get is frequent doses of invective, hate mongering and generalized accusations of unprofessional media conduct from people hell bent on tricking and deceiving the public into believing the blatant lie that SKerrit has no ownership interest in the villas.

    So the message no longer matters. The messenger has become the issue.

    Fortunately, facts are extremely stubborn things and no lie has the blessing of immortality.

    Supriya Singh was recruited by Hartley Henry to work for Skerrit on his house in Vielle Case and the Villas at Savanne Paille. She had a design/supervision contract for 29K US alongside a 10% fee for sourcing materials in respect of the house and was hoping to close a deal for 58K US in a similar arrangement for the Villas. She sourced architectural designs for the villas from Cynthia Asis Leif in California on behalf of Skerrit who approved the scope of work and fees of the architect for the Ocean Front Villa Project by email dated July 12th, 2007. On July 28th, 2007 Skerrit requested and received by email an update from Supriya Singh on progress with the Ocean Front Project. Supriya Singh arranged payment for the architectural services on behalf of Skerrit. The architect has confirmed that the villas at Savanne Paille have been built to the specifications of the designs she produced for the Prime Minister through Supriya Singh. Renneth Alexis has said under oath in a court of law that he does not remember instructing an architect for the project he supposedly owns.

    On November 6th 2007, Supriya Singh addressed her 58K contract for the Ocean Front Villas to Hartley Henry “so as not to put his (Skerrit’s) name on any paper work”. On December 10th, 2007 she told Dinesh Singh at Guyana Furniture Manufacturing Limited via email that the PM “has to start the villas in January (2008)”. On January 21st, 2008, Supriya Singh confirmed in an email to Hartley Henry that the “Ocean Front Villas have started and I am about to complete the purchasing of the tiles, plumbing, windows and doors for that”. She also disclosed “I have been assigned to Isidore and Alexis to run with that one…”

    There were regular updates to Skerrit and Henry throughout 2008 including the very definitive email correspondence addressed to Skerrit dated August 21st, 2008 in which Supriya Singh makes some telling admissions:

    “I mentioned to him (Alexis) that after my site visit I was of the view that we cannot bring the villas into the original time frame that we gave you and I suggested he formally let you know this… Eddy (Simon) and Alexis are capable but I know we gave you certain commitments which i am not sure we can honour so I would like to have a full assessment with Alexis, Isidore and yourself present…”

    What Dominica is being asked to do by Parry Bellot, Chris Volney and other members of the Skerrit cabal, is to ignore this extensive record of meticulously researched truth and fact and await an admission from Skerrit (whenever he decides to make it) that he has an ownership interest in the villas at Savanne Paille in contravention of section 47(1) of the Integrity in Public Office Act.

    Perhaps, as the three syllable eloquence of Robinson suggests, we are a nation of competing 12 year old essay writing girls after all.

    “To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice…” Proverbs 21:3

  5. [Dominica Users Group] Lennox Linton’sthreat to Supriay
    Lennox, this is much more interesting and more commensurate than the previous sniping that you were levelling at Chris.

    You see how you present a so much more coherent and cogent argument when you keep it impersonal?

    I like this. I prefer this. We know that you are a very capable debater. I remember you from the old DGS days.

    Perhaps much more interest and discourse could be had if we keep it in this vein and tone.

    Once we re-establish the rules of engagement, maybe this can become again what it used to be and what it was designed for.

    Let me be the first to make an observation on what you present us with.

    I can fully understand your absolute conviction that the property belongs to RS. I can feel the passion in your assertions. But so far (and I know that RS has less than savoury characteristics as evidenced by the land deal tax evasion scandal and the one that you guys should have held him
    accountable for!!!)I think you have in my view only presented us with at best circumstantial evidence of the ownership of the villas.

    I have no reason to doubt the authenticity of the email messages and the taped telephone conversations, but what is at stake here is more than the mere exchange of email messages.

    This man is being accused of Theft. This is what it amounts to in your widely published and expressed views. Have no doubt about it.

    It is not “bobol” which is a nice term of art used in Dominica much too often to describe what a person can get away with, snidely.

    “Bobol” is for carnival band songs and cabaway gossip.

    If the allegation is that RS did not or failed to declare assets that he owns then that is a matter for the IPO people.
    I have said time and time again that those fellas have no teeth and no bolls to share between them. The commiss was neutered a very long time ago.

    Now again listening to and reading your views, I have absolutely no doubt about your journalistic ability or style and I mean that. Your investigative journalism is perhaps the best we have had in Dominica for a very long time. Maybe since Gordon Moreau RIP.

    But so far I see no forensics.

    That to me is what will cook the bacon and take the biscuit.

    To prove that RS embezzle funds will take more than mere investigative journalism. You will have to engage in a bit of forensic investigation and that is going to prove to be a very difficult task.
    You will have to provide irrefutable substantiated independent evidence to convince beyond ANY reasonable doubt that this man is guilty of the crime. In a criminal court.

    The burden will be on you to come up with this evidence. RS will not confess. Bubbles will not confess. Police will not investigate the financial dealings of the Minister of Finance.

    Follow the paper trail. Go to the land registry and ask for the title documents. Get a lawyer and subpoena them. Who owned the land that the villas stand on. Is it registered land? Who applied for the planning permission to build the villas. Do the villas have planning? Who paid for the planning. If
    Bubbles has a mortgage on the land as he claims where are the title documents to support the loan.

    Go to the inland revenue. They should be able to retrieve the tax returns of this man Bubbles. How much tax did he pay last year and the years before that. Investigate the collateral that he used to get the loans to build the villas. Has he paid any tax since? Is he claiming relief on his mortgage

    You cannot expect us to speculate that the villas are owned by RS based on email evidence and voice recordings etc. That may well be corroborative evidence/additional evidence but it will not stand up in a criminal court of law.

    Now that is the way I think this argument should be going.
    Get absolute proof.
    If faced with absolute irrefutable proof that he owns the villas then RS will do a deal.

    Otherwise all this to and fro is just pre carnival and calypso fodder.
    Good for listening to but not good for much else. As I said earlier, good entertainment.
    But I know deep down that you not a joka.

    Go deep my friend and delve deep. It is there!! Bypass the monkey and go for organs of the grinder.

  6. [Dominica Users Group] Lennox Linton’sthreat to Supriay
    I was under the impression that this was a forum for ideological discussion
    based on a foundation for the betterment of Dominica and a platform for free
    speech. However entertaining, so far it feels like a self-promoting court
    of law with definitions of legality and connotations and denotations of
    words comparative to 12 year old girls competing for the best essay. Now
    that we’ve established that there is a problem. There always is. What’s the
    proposed solution?
    Also, three syllable words don’t make a better argument but it’s clear why
    we use such terms because of the British background and their Parliamentary
    process imbedded in our culture but yet we must be civil to one another…
    we all must have a voice because its adversity that has made us all strong.
    Dominicans are strong but without direction… even if there was 100 billion
    dollars in the treasury, I’m almost certain they wouldn’t know what to do
    with it.
    It’s like a bad marriage… the husband wants to build a house, the wife a
    garden, the children want school but no one ever sits at the table to
    discuss what they want; so the money goes to alcohol, clothes and toys.

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