Carl Bernstein: Trump is unraveling in wake of whistleblower complaint


Watergate journalist and CNN political analyst Carl Bernstein asserted that President Donald Trump was experiencing "an unraveling" in response to "evidence of the President's corruption" in a whistleblower complaint.
"We are seeing both in real time, with the President's remarks and also through documentary evidence, his corruption," Bernstein told CNN's Brooke Baldwin.
The complaint alleges that Trump abused his official powers "to solicit interference" from Ukraine in the upcoming 2020 election, and that the White House took steps to cover it up.
Bernstein pointed to Trump's subsequent comments on how spies were dealt with differently in the old days in referencing who provided key information to the whistleblower as a display of "his temperament in an extreme, perhaps even greater than we've ever seen before."
"We're watching, too, an unraveling in front of us, both factually and also temperamentally, in terms of the conduct of the President of the United States," Bernstein said.
"And why?" he added. "Well, partly because the President of the United States recognizes that there is in this whistleblower's documents terrible evidence of the President's corruption."
The complaint has been at the center of a controversy that has spurred Democrats to launch a formal impeachment inquiry. The White House on Wednesday also released a rough transcript of a July 25 call showing that Trump pressed Ukraine to work with his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and Attorney General William Barr investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. There is no evidence of wrongdoing by either Joe or Hunter Biden.
Bernstein argued that the complaint showed Trump's "willingness to undermine the free electoral system in this country, to involve foreign powers in our election, and also to try and get (the attorney general) involved."
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  1. If all was so innocent and good, why coverup, hold back, blackout or redact information. Let it all hangout.

    • ​@andy miller The Dems realize this is their final chance to regain control of the presidency. The current Dem candidates are scaring away too many people to ever win this 2020 election. Even some Execs of corporations are starting to back away from the Dems. Some have stated privately that if Warren becomes the candidate, they are switching their votes to Trump.

    • @james miller Check your vocabulary. “Your” is possessive case, as in ownership. “You’re” is the contraction for “You are”. Better accuracy will bring you closer to believability. Work on punctuation and capitalization, also. This is America. Education IS available for those who want it.

    • first last the last refuge of incompetency is to try and embarrass or ridicule. If you want good grammar, if that’s what turns your compass to Nerd please involve yourself in discussions that contain less emotion ad are perhaps oriented toward literature and not Politics. Take your red pen and tiny mind and fly away.

    • first last good point👍🏻

    • @first last why bother correcting a random person’s grammar? It just makes you look annoying and persnickety. Yeah yeah Shakespeare will be rolling in his grave and the fall of modern language blah blah, or I’m the typical modern idiot. Heard it all before man and it doesnt matter.

  2. And now you know what you voted into office. Good job.

    • idylchatter – you must be talking to Putin.

    • Thank you. Is it hard to accept that Trump is a complete dope and yet his policies still make more sense than every dem candidate and also Hillary Clinton? So many stupid Americans who cant use basic reasoning or logic.

    • tphillip66, all he did was repeated ramblings, insults, lies and spew things that he had no basic knowledge of our history and alot of mispronounced names and words. He’s a flunky in the Whitehouse

  3. trump makes Nixon look like Mother Theresa

  4. Michael Westerland | September 27, 2019 at 9:02 AM | Reply

    Brooke Baldwin did an excellent job here by allowing Carl Bernstein to speak without interruption.

  5. I’m looking forward to the day Donny throws Jared and Ivanka under the bus for whatever insane reason.

  6. Anonymous Ahmadi | September 27, 2019 at 9:06 AM | Reply

    This must be called firegate, the mother of all gates!!!

    • yeah, but thinking this is the worst that can happen is what got Trump elected in the first place

    • This must be called firegate, the mother of all gates!!! DEMOCRATS DO NOT HAVE 67 VOTES IN THE SENATE

    • How dare the chief executive ask the head of another nation to investigate corruption linked to a US election! Disgusting, isn’t it. Imagine if Biden had not asked but made an actual quid quo pro demand on Ukaraine, or Obama promised Russian leaders more flexibility, or Hillary had gone to the Russians for opposition research to influence the election. The press would have a melt down, right?

    • the mother of all gates!!! Wrong. Mitch McConnell will not allow a trial in the Senate happen. Trump wins

  7. All of you news services need to keep replaying Graham’s old rant about what impeachment should be.

  8. DUMP the RUMP – please ! Don’t wait any longer, do it now before he completely destroys the once great USA.

    • @branda Anderson Are you saying I’m Trump Trash because you have replied to my comment? Maybe you should look up some real facts. You do know what facts are, don’t you? Or are you going by CNN/MSNBC trash that they try to push as truth/facts. You do know that Soros controls most of the media, don’t you? There’s another fact for you. He doesn’t just control Media Matters,, or John Podesta’s non-profit (what a laugh!), Obama (seriously), but his Tides Foundation and Open Society group funds many radical groups that are against America and the Constitution.He almost took down America in 2006-2008 because he makes millions when a country’s economies go bankrupt, just like he did to England and I believe France. I have my eyes open. I’ve been doing my research for almost 15 years.


    • PARAGON Domestic terrorism This is America- Donald glover

    • do it now? What…have Mitch McConnell rule their will be no trial in the Senate? Trump wins!

    • Bud Tommy they said the same thing about watergate until the tape came out

  9. oldtimedrumcorps | September 27, 2019 at 10:34 AM | Reply

    “Unraveling” assumes one was raveled previously . Standard operation procedures. Just more confirmation of a known character defect .

  10. Rock the Casbah 21 | September 27, 2019 at 10:55 AM | Reply

    Bless the whistleblower. May the rest gain similar courage to come forward.

  11. Carl Bernstein, the embodiment of experience, eloquence and a true journalist.

    • hahaha you are a fool

    • tranton I agree!

    • @Bill McDonald “hahaha”? Nervous laughter from a scared little boy.

    • @Bill McDonald no your very stable genuis, with the best words and the best everything ever had, and if criticized in the least screams bloody murder, its terrible this is the worst is actually the biggest best/worse fool ever, and you voted for him so congrats you deserve each other. If you cant see this president as a fool, well so sorry for you bud, living in a dellusion must be hell, you just dont realize it. I do hope you awaken someday, i dont like seeing anyone suffer so.

    • @Don Fields You idiots. You’re ready to impeach over a phone call. Literally a nothing phone call. So you really want one of these Democrats to be in the White House. You are ready to pay for free healthcare for illegal immigrants? Ready to pay for slavery reperations? Bernie’s Healthcare plan is 24 trillion over 10 years. Unless you under 29 a year your taxes are going way up. Warren is worse. Biden? Trump is a dope and is still 10 times better than the career dem do nothing politicians.

  12. Hey, America….how is all the “swamp draining” going? From here it looks like someone turned on the outside tap and left for vacation.

    • Freewheelin' Franklin | September 28, 2019 at 9:22 AM | Reply

      @Robert Athey 
      He inherited a thriving economy & only gets credit for not fucking it up so far.
      Pay attention here. I’m on a fixed income & make, TO THE PENNY, the exact same income I did the previous year. My withholding was, TO THE PENNY, the exact same as it was the previous year. I got less of a return. Trump lowered the tax rate, while also eliminating many write offs resulting in, I paid MORE income tax after his so called tax break. That’s first party experience.

    • @Freewheelin’ Franklin You stupid fucks just regurgitate words and cant even put them in proper context. Tell me what i said that was propaganda. I’m not a shill for the Democrats or Republicans or Trump. You want to talk propaganda? Are you fucking serious? How about school children chanting songs for Obama and people worshipping the ground he walks on. He can put people in cages and the left will literally blame it on someone else. I dont worship anyone because of their skin color or because they served in the military. That is full on delusion.

    • @Freewheelin’ Franklin This response right here is why we elect stupid people. You didnt listen to a word i wrote. I dont place faith in Trump. The DNC gave me 2 choices Clinton or Sanders. Trade, China, and a rejection of woke bullshit ideology is why I voted Trump. I gave Clinton multiple chances to win me over. She failed over and over again. I supported Dem candidates nationally and locally.

    • It disgusting how Trump tried to use his position to ask another nation to investigate corruption. Sincerely Joe “quid quo pro” Biden.

    • @esj8341 We are living in media driven bizzaro world.

  13. Politicizing National Security.
    Drumpfire about to explode.

    Cannot let this man go nuclear.

  14. Are “the walls closing in”, again? Lol, this is pure lunacy.

  15. Mr Bernstein we hace a new Deep Throat! And this one has evidence in the open!

  16. Looks like Trump, Barr and possible Pence and many in the White House staff are all implicated in this one… Great job trumpy bear!!!

  17. UNRAVELING???? I dont think anyone accused him of being Ravelled in the first place.

    • Thanks Thugsy – for the chuckle.

    • Only the Dems are unraveling. One failed get-Trump attempt after another. Insanity of trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Three years and counting.
      The news cycle life of this impeachment farce might last only several weeks, depending on far the legacy media can stretch it.

    • last first..
      Let’s be perfectly clear here.
      Its not about party lines anymore. This Potus is a Con. Look clearly through all the media, look at his history, We The People Not us and them the people.
      He is lining his own pockets before your very eyes. He thinks he is above the Law because he has money.
      He cheated on multiple wives. Avoided service to our country with fake bonespurs that dont seem to bother him on the golf course.
      He cheated on his multi Million dollar taxes and bragged about it sighting “loopholes”.
      He lies upon lies and many of us see through all that.
      Republicans keep protecting themselves. Party above Country it seems.
      I served our country, pay my taxes, and am NOT a Democrat.
      I do believe in checks and balances, and have faith that people will come to their senses, or they won’t. But democracy ideally gives everyone a voice. And those who disagree actually should be able to Express their opinions. Without Fear, or persecution.

    • @Thugsy DaClown >..amen, amen

    • @Thugsy DaClown Exactly. It’s so clear. Not quid quo pro like Biden but Trump is not a Democrat.

  18. Carl perhaps politely does not mention the other big player in the cover-up operation, and that is someone who just happens to be this country’s Attorney General.

    • @Bud Tommy lovely to be so thrilled that the President of the United States is likely to get away with his crimes because of the corruption of his fellow Republicans.

    • Blink Once on Sunday! | September 28, 2019 at 11:17 AM | Reply

      @Susan Rumph Sadly, that may actually happen. But I think there might be hope yet. Because this scandal gets worse by the day. The worse it gets, the more toxic Trump will become for the GOP. Eventually, it may reach a point where Senators will feel so much intense pressure to convict, that they have no choice. But that depends on the democrats not allowing Trump to control the narrative as he has the last 3 years. Keep on the attack, don’t give Trump any wiggle room.

      The other thing to consider is that the next President is almost certain to be a Democrat at this point. Even if impeachment fails, the next AG is surely gonna send Trump and his flunkies to prison. In that case, the long-term damage to the GOP might be worse than if the impeachment removes him. Criminal trials and guilty verdicts by juries will look pretty bad for Senators who obstruct the impeachment and let him off the hook now.

    • @Susan Rumph Like the Biden Crime family?

    • @Blink Once on Sunday!

      Absolutely! I’m on board with everything you said. I’ve just given up on expecting the outcome that I think is both ethically & legally correct. Now, I wait for the eggs to hatch & see what emerges. I want all these people, not just the President, to pay for throwing our country to the wolves. It’s our Congress, our President, our Supreme Court. We elect them & pay their salaries in order to make beneficial choices for the country that are alignment with the constitution. We don’t elect them for personal enrichment, power grabs, corruption & holding the majority will in a stranglehold through gerrymandering, racist voting laws, the electoral college.

    • @Bud Tommy

      Unlike Trump supporters who practice eternal ‘what aboutism’ to avoid the Trump crime family being brought to justice (by the way, he’s sounding more & more like a cut rate mafia Don with his inept consigliere every day), I’m fine with anyone corrupt, regardless of party affiliation, being brought to justice. I only require that the evidence is verifiable & doesn’t originate from Breitbart, the Trump administration, the deep state, Fox news, etc. If you can’t meet that level of fact checking & proof which would stand up in a non-corrupt court of law, please don’t expect me to respond.

  19. Anyone heard from Ivanka and Jared. Cat got their tongue?

  20. “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” -Socrates

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