BREAKING: Donald Trump Meets with Mitt Romney 11/19/16


BREAKING: Donald Trump Meets with Mitt Romney 11/19/16

Donald Trump meeting with Mitt Romney – Donald Trump News – November 19, 2016

8 Comments on "BREAKING: Donald Trump Meets with Mitt Romney 11/19/16"

  1. and so it continues….

  2. Just say no to the globalist puppet known as Mittens Romney.

  3. If I new this was from cnn I would not have clicked on it. CNN sucks

  4. Trump puts the BEST PERSON FOR THE JOB in the best position!!! He plans to
    offer something to Sheriff Clarke, but he will not short change America by
    putting someone in there of whatever color just because of their color, be
    at white or black or pink or purple. This PC culture is what is killing
    America. Where is it all going to end? Does this also mean that we need to
    reinvent the NBA to reflect accurate amounts of white people to black
    people ratios? Absolutely not and the fans would suffer if the best people
    were not put in the best positions according to their talent. This has
    nothing to do with racism but everything to do with giving America the best
    people regardless of color.

  5. Trump will continue trumping! American people heed!

  6. Stopped watching at 3:00, definitely not interested in CNN ‘s ‘opinions’ on

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