Bloomberg Fires Back vs. Trump, But Will Critiques Bruise His 2020 Chances? – Day That Was | MSNBC


2020 presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s rise in the polls, boosted by record ad spending and a massive campaign infrastructure, has been accompanied by tweeted insults about his height by President Donald Trump. But the former New York City mayor is also facing criticism for past statements on his use of controversial stop-and-frisk policies and comments that the end of racially discriminatory real estate redlining caused the 2008 financial crisis. Aired on 2/13/2020.
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Bloomberg Fends Off Trump’s Tweets, But will Critiques From Others Bruise His 2020 Chances? – MSNBC

46 Comments on "Bloomberg Fires Back vs. Trump, But Will Critiques Bruise His 2020 Chances? – Day That Was | MSNBC"

  1. P.S. Keep your promise T – show us your taxes.

  2. Michael owns, Donald owes.

  3. Michael spends his money, Donnie spends yours.

    • Robert Winning | February 18, 2020 at 6:12 PM | Reply


      lol great argument, So you still hate that farmers are getting relief funds?

      and you claim you care about america?

      meanwhile your party wants to give away money to illegals, criminals and other people who do not deserve it

      Yeah, great plan.

      Its not like the rich already ran their money out of the country to hide it, im guessing you think socialism is gonna make things fair?

      whata gullibel tool of the world elite.

      The world elite are for one world socialist govt, so bernie is not anti establishment.

      he is pro establishment


    • True, that orange snail 666 on steroids has no soul, he knows he is very well hated.

    • @Robert Winning listen up there Chucky. Where did I say I was against farmers getting relief? My beef with it is that the bulk of it goes to the big agri business not the family farm.

      If you want to talk farming, I personally work on promoting local farmers in my community, you? Or is bloviating on social media the sum total of your support?

    • @Robert Winning your paranoia is showing there with the world elite crap. Is it time for your meds now?

  4. He has the right pockets

  5. 0:28 Mini Mike?
    How about Plumpy-Trumpy?
    Phony Donnie, may be?

  6. Why same video posted again! I think it was posted few days ago

  7. I would think the other candidates would WANT him to be on the debate stage. They can challenge him directly on the issues.

  8. MICHIGANDERS. 💖💖💖 Bernie Sanders!!!

    • Bernie will knee the Bloomer in the crotch, head butt him, then drop him to the floor with a powerful elbow strike, and not even break a sweat! 😈

  9. Friedman, the man who coined the term: “Green New Deal” has gone over the deep end pandering for billionaires!

  10. “Red-line” Mike

  11. This all goes to prove that the two Parties are in reality ONE Party!

  12. Yea that’s all we need .. another rich old white republican from nyc 🤷🏽‍♂️ mr stop and frisk

  13. Doomberg 2020, the best media mirage money can buy.

  14. 2:50 Good one. No wonder hes over 20 times richer

  15. A perfect example of why we don’t want billionaires pretending to serve The People.

  16. “Little Mike” lolol

  17. Every day – between the DNC and Trump we are learning we have a criminal country – disgusting.

  18. If he is nominated Bloomberg will be the final nail in the coffin for US democracy. You will be an oligarchy. If you want that, go right ahead, but be aware of what that means to you.

  19. MSNBC, ready to call him an oligarch yet?

  20. Marlowe Dugger | February 18, 2020 at 5:32 PM | Reply

    I would love to hear Bloomberg say Trump I’ll show tou my net worth and taxes if you show me yours. Trump says. I am in audit.

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