Bernier: “Andrew Scheer doesn’t deserve the confidence of Canadians”


PPC Leader Maxime Bernier responded after a report alleging that the Tories hired a consultant to discredit his party.

#cdnpoli #elxn43

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56 Comments on "Bernier: “Andrew Scheer doesn’t deserve the confidence of Canadians”"

  1. He is a Canadian and he’s has rights just like everyone else

    • @Lorne McLean …And you’ll get exactly the same bs from Scheer too. Nothing is going to change between the two of them. Vote on convictions and principles and vote PPC

    • @jai yadav no body is worse than the lying Trudeau

    • Lorne McLean ……so if I’m to understand your logic….you voted for one person in hopes of not getting another elected? You’re saying that you didn’t vote for the policies of the cpc, but voted only in hopes of defeating the Libranoes?
      There is where the true vote splitting happens. One must vote for whom/what they want……not vote for what they don’t want!
      In fact, it is you and your family that wasted votes……you voted for more of the same, just a different party doing it.

    • @Garry Iwankow Yes there is, it’s Scheer Liar, can’t put a simple job resume together without lying. Scheer won’t be any different than liar Harper. Remember his ethics violations? how he broke the law? his arrogance and attempts to grab attention by playing that stupid toy piano?

  2. Yes the conservatives did do this there lack of acknowledgment shows there guilty otherwise, Sheer would defend himself. Conservatives went pretty low this election

    • The Great Dominion | October 19, 2019 at 3:47 PM | Reply

      Yes the CPC is guilty of committing politics in this election.

    • @The Great Dominion The NDP and Liberals are in on this as they are all Controlled Parties.

    • and they are going to win. :/

    • Do you want your tax money spent on other countries or Canada. Easy choice choose Canada Scheer won’t give money like Trudeau and his band of idiots

    • movie madness Of course he will. Nothing in his platform is different from Trudeau’s and he will take every advantage he can to grab and hold power. He has no principles, he panders to every group he thinks will gain him votes, no matter how incompatible they are, and he is weak.

  3. Yaghoub Sharifi | October 19, 2019 at 2:55 PM | Reply

    Let me fix the title of the video for you:
    Bernier: Scheer and Trudeau don’t deserve the confidence of Canadians.
    I agree with Bernier. Trudeau, like all liberals, is a weasel and Scheer is a very weak conservative. I don’t know when Canadians are finally going to free themselves from the corrupt establishment and try something new.

    • This!

    • Gotta vote NDP and suffer for it through 4 years. Lol as bad as it sounds. Seems like the only way. These three clowns are fucked.

    • @mrmilkoil that’s literal insanity. The NDP will be 4xs worse thsn Trudeau. I’d rather 8 years more of trudeau thsn NDP. NDP would collapse our country. PPC will remove our deficit and create jobs.

    • @Lorne McLean but Scheer says he supports more lgbt rights, more abo_rtion and planned parenthood and more Christian persecutions. I don’t see an once of concervatism in his policies. I’d that truly what you believe in?

  4. Vincent Patrick | October 19, 2019 at 3:28 PM | Reply

    I voted Bernier and most of my family is going to

    • He shouldn’t even be aloud to be in the election. Only at a provincial level not a federal level

    • @Nunya Bizness “a bigoted separatist who only founded a party because he wasn’t chosen the leader”

      This is not why the PPC was founded. The People’s Party was founded because its founder believed that a party with more populist views was desired by Canadians and the Conservative Party was no longer able to provide such a platform, and was indeed moving too far left, thus leaving conservatives with no representation.

      This is also the reason why the Reform Party and later, the Conservative Party, were initially founded. The conservatives of the time were moving more towards centre politics, leaving a real need for an actual conservative platform. Mr Harper himself said that it can be argued that Populism is the real conservatism, and this is why the Reform Party was indeed a populist party at its inception.

    • @movie madness We do things differently here in Canada. Any citizen who desires to run for office is free to do so. It’s just one of the perks of living in a free country.

    • Raghubir Singh | October 20, 2019 at 6:56 AM | Reply

      @Itsa Dependu teri maa di fuddi

    • @Raghubir Singh Yours. With a Pakistani.


  6. lol the only time they put bernier on TV is when hes blasting the cons

  7. phucking MSM now covers Bernier when it discredits Scheer, bias is so obvious its painful

  8. Vote ppc

  9. Oh the sweet sweet irony of having tinfoil hat CPC members claim that Max was hired by the Liberals to go after Scheer, when in fact Scheer hired a Liberal to go after Max! You can’t make this stuff up folks!!!

  10. Go Max Go – PPC all the way!!!!

  11. Last minute tactics we said it would get dirty vote smart not emotions that is what Mad Max is betting on your emotions, think about it for a minute a threat to the Conservative party this is laughable , just sour grapes . Disappointed in Max Trudeau antics at work

    • Not last minute. Kinsella was hired months ago to spread misinformation about Bernier. Look it up.

    • @Jeremy Crow What has Sheer to gain from doing what Max says he did , it is laughable no threat in the poles what so ever just sour grapes it seems , and a alley with Trudeau very sad

    • @Garry Iwankow We don’t know for sure if it was Scheer, but if it turns out it was Scheer (seems to be the case) I would guess he was worried that Max would take away too many votes from the CPC. Keep in mind this was months ago.

    • @Jeremy Crow will be what it is , one dirty ellection , lost my respect for Max one dirty thing to do in the 11th hour without proof just here say cheers Jeremy

    • @Garry Iwankow Maxime exposing that he’s been the victim of a disinformation campaign made you lose respect for Maxime? Talk about blaming the victim. Geez.

  12. Then let weed Canada get more illegal become legal drug’s lol

  13. Go Max…

  14. realcanadiangirl64 | October 20, 2019 at 9:56 AM | Reply

    I despise this snake

  15. I’m putting my X on MaX.

  16. Andrew Sheer today refused to confirm or deny this news, saying he could not disclose the conservatives party contracts with outside firms.

    Like Justin Trudeau during the SNC Lavalin scandal. Mr Sheer has been refusing to answer questions and tell the truth. History shows how corrupt our old party’s are, this is the kind of dirty politics that fuels Canadians cynicism about politics.

    Andrew Sheer does not deserve the confidence of Canadians this Monday. Not more than Justin Trudeau. He defends no clear Conservative principal. In fact we saw today that he has no principal at all.

    Like Justin Trudeau, Andrew Sheer is willing to say & do anything to gain power, he is ready to steal the election with lies and manipulation.

    I left the Conservative Party Of Canada after realizing it has been morally & intellectually corrupt. Now who can doubt it?

  17. Ralph Killoran | October 20, 2019 at 11:14 AM | Reply

    Seeing the few negative comments I suspect Kinsella’s paid trolls are still on the job.

  18. Oh come on now you’re acting like this is something new this is ridiculous no s*** politicians corrupt film at eleven.

  19. What’s this “Canada” thing I keep hearing about? Is that in Alaska?

  20. I'm Your President | October 20, 2019 at 12:27 PM | Reply

    Wish I could vote there. Bernier all the way!

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