Amy Klobuchar: Foreign policy isn’t a game show, these are Taliban terrorists


Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) reacts to President Donald Trump's announcement of a canceled secret Camp David meeting with Taliban leaders, telling CNN's Jake Tapper the President treats foreign policy like a game show. #CNN #News

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  1. Most people in this comments section really make me worry about the future of this country with their utter lack of understanding of national politics. As for Tim Ryan, he doesn’t articulate policies and doesn’t have much energy either. Also, Beto O’Rourke stole the federal buyback program after Joe Biden proposed it. He literally beat the NRA on this issue in the 1990s, and he’ll do it again.

    • All these candidates historically back and stand for communism. This is how communism starts, with a boquet of free flowers. Then, when elected, the true evil becomes clear. Obama’s executive orders setup the final straw for the next president to be dictator. Then Trump got in the way. Hopefully in 2020 too, but what then?

  2. Yes they are terrorists, but we also need to end the war and get our troops home. We must swallow our pride and be finished thereb

  3. What happened to the ” we don’t negotiate with terrorists ‘ mantra

  4. ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ | September 8, 2019 at 10:54 AM | Reply

    well some people consider the taliban as freedom fighters………

  5. We’ve been in a war without no end for almost twenty years. Troops were becoming withdraw a week ago. And these so called reporters are shocked about this now? Our original objective was the death of Osama. That was done under Obama and yet even then the war was becoming unwinnable.

    This is just like Vietnam.

    • Agreed. The win was suppressing the Taliban militarily and killing their leader. Done. A punishing blow with the clear message that America would be back if the Taliban got ambitious again.

    • Nothing like vietnam. We lost 70,000 in that war, we drafted civilians into that war and do to the improvement in anti aircraft missile technology from Russia, it became to dangerous to continue bombing the north which allowed the North to increase its movment of fighters and weapons into south vietnam. We technically retreated out of Vietnam. I think a conscripted army and fighting in the jungle and fighting in Asia period, was tougher by far than having a all volunteer highly trained and motivated military fighting in wide open spaces. Vietnam was the last old school, body bag war we fought. Trump was smart not to fight in that cesspool.

    • They’re trying to stay for many natural resources there they say openly we’re protecting the women and children publicly it’s about their safety. However we know the Us Gov doesn’t really care about the safety of ALL the Afghan people.

    • Just like Vietnam , right. we killed 3 million people in Vietnam and they would not quit , People who have no vote are at the mercy of their leaders . we would have to kill 3/4 of the population of Afghanistan to have a win . when the nations is destroyed , Japan was destroyed at The end . Germany the same . get out or kill them all America .

    • It’s classic communist takeover from within.

  6. Busy Mom's Bento Ideas | September 8, 2019 at 11:00 AM | Reply

    Isn’t Camp David like the operations center for national security? We take Allies there NOT ENEMIES.

  7. She votes against the 4th amendment. Now agaisnt the 2nd. And the pos is running for pres. out of Minnesota. Why do people vote agaist their own rights? Truly stupid.

  8. Why is she a thing..???..Her polices are weak sauce…plus Her going after Al Franken makes her a non starter for me.

  9. no Class, no Clue, no Plan….Trump’s Foreign Policy.

  10. He had an agreement then the Taliban attacked. Klobuchar refuses to understand
    what is happening.

    • He publicly announced we’re leaving. That told the Taliban that they’ve already won. They have no reason to uphold their part of any promise they make now. How does President Art-Of-The-Deal not understand giving up your biggest advantage before you sit at the table.

  11. I was saying to myself, “please say something intelligent,” but Amy was immediately determined to disappoint me.

  12. Amy is not to be trusted. She is a threat to our Clean Water Security for all future generations because she has supported PolyMet and now Glencore to invade our Lake Superior Watersheds with Copper Nickel Mining. Respect our Treaties and back off!

  13. I really love my AR tho.. 😭
    Sad that psychopaths have to ruin it for everyone. People are just insane.

  14. Sept. 12, The “S.O.B.” should have “agent oranged”{AKA “round-up weed whacker”} the “poppie fields”. The poppie keepers would have killed each other by that “new years eve”.

  15. Have you tried teeth whitening?


  17. Nobody believes Trump could negotiate his way out of a tissue paper bag. I just watched the Pompeo video. He is obviously not running the show. Who is?

  18. now the US wants to negotiate after nearly 20 years of effort and trillions of $? bet the taliban feel strong and proud

  19. ShareThisFastDOTcom | September 8, 2019 at 12:32 PM | Reply

    Meeting canceled because the Taliban will be appearing on Jeopardy. Plan for next secret meeting will be held at a secret location in the Bush Memorial Library in Odessa Texas.

  20. Democrats always blaming others for their mistakes and lack of leadership, and they want 4 more years to mess up all the country as CA 💩 💉💊 and Illinois💩 💉💊💉💊among other states.😆

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