Alex Salmond on final Murnaghan

Alex Salmond on final Murnaghan 1


Did Alex Salmond get the news he wanted for Scotland from Brussels and Jean-Claude Juncker? Watch his full interview back on Murnaghan

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5 Comments on "Alex Salmond on final Murnaghan"

  1. Aye Alex….The Scottish Peoples Champion.
    IndyRef2 will be a walk in the park

  2. lol little England still doesn’t grasp the problem they are in. It will be
    greater Scotland with Ireland together a VIP status and little England has
    to beg at Harridans wall to get some kind of European footy 🙂 lol

  3. Usual huffing and puffing from SNP without authority. No doubt HM Gov will
    listen politely to Scottish Gov case and will accord them the leverage due
    to less than 10% of the EU ref vote.

  4. 💙

  5. High Culture Or Barbarism | December 18, 2016 at 7:19 PM | Reply

    Scotland is a dark violent little craphole which if it want’s it’s
    independence it’s welcome to it. It’ll either beg to come back within a
    decade or spend the next century as part of a vicious Bolshevik EU
    grovelling to be heard on the slightest issue. As for the SNP? A front for
    Scottish Rite freemasonry and the Vatican.

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