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  1. Trump claims ” It was a perfect Call and did nothing Wrong” then why they are blocking the witnesses from testifying in Senate. Let the Truth comes out.
    What are Trump and Republicans afraid of?.

  2. Whoops! The President’s Council gets out-foxed again.

  3. Joke of the Year.

    Trump and Republicans going after Corruption. 😃😃😃

    • @TehPiemaygor Ivanka and Eric both went to Georgetown and Wharton…..where did Hunter Go? You’re right….it’s hilarious!!!

    • @Jeff Dean You have proof he got him the job. Or just more made up conspiracy theory bullshit?

    • You’ve got to give them some credit. They managed to say it with a straight face.

    • Spencer Zumwalt | January 29, 2020 at 10:34 PM | Reply

      @Free Thinker Hunter Biden went to Georgetown and then Yale law school. Also did 2 years service in the Navy. More than General Bonespurs and his kids could do. What was your point now?

    • Jo-Anne Gawley | January 29, 2020 at 10:36 PM | Reply

      @reno jk KEEP flopping around like the dying racist that you are. Your days are numbered and your arseholes could cut washers. Enjoy the downside, you disgusting, ignorant hillbilly.

  4. The difference is Bolton is willing to come in NOW he wasn’t before!!!!!

  5. No more excuses: Bring on witnesses and documents. We want to hear them; yes, America does.

    • @Sam Wright Well slightly off topic to what you just said, but I don’t like how democrats are bringing up Russia and other things that have not been proven at all and have nothing to do with the articles at hand. I think a lot of people don’t even know what they have impeached Trump for, and if they understood it just has to do with a phone call and possibly asking for a investigation into Hunter they would care less, that is if they don’t just hate Trump. Personally I feel Hunter Biden is not running for president and the only thing Joe would have to worry about is if corruption found on his son leads to him.

    • @catalyst_99 Nice try, they have the transcripts, documents, and witnesses. If trump wanted to prove his innocence he would have complied by now. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    • @Bud Fudlacker it’s difficult to decipher your comment but you do know the second article is for obstruction. Don’t you? Do you think blocking testimony of a direct witness to to your own high crime makes you innocent?

    • @catalyst_99 You must not be able to read…

    • @Engiethefriendlyengineer Stfu you idiot…

  6. Royanna Fritschmann | January 29, 2020 at 9:26 PM | Reply

    Wow for being so innocent with a “perfect call” they sure are pushing hard against letting the truth come out!

    • David Rook, but they aren’t on trial, are they??

    • Bobby Edenfield | January 29, 2020 at 10:35 PM | Reply

      @David Rook so your saying the state department can’t hold money but you think traitor trump can.

    • That’s Schiffs fault they don’t have witness’s yet. He got up and said he proved every charge against Trump. So that raised the question. If it’s proven why do you need witness’s? And this terd bucket is a federal prosecuter? I could beat Schiff in court . Because he’s basing everything on fake emotions and hear say . He’s got to be inbred

    • @David Rook moron alert

    • @Bobby Edenfield Yeah just starting gathering evidence at the trial is fine!

  7. If I had all these people around when I made such a “perfect” call why wouldn’t I want them to tell the world ? I would really like to just once believe what this president says. Just once…..

  8. Sleazeball Jay Sekulow attempting to obfuscate the truth once again.

    • He cant look forward or calm the hysteria in his voice as he shovels the bs,much like fox news hosts .Listen to the squall as they try to protect the indefensible

  9. Trump’s lawyer: “How dare you all expose my client’s crimes! The audacity!” This dude is so owned by the orange clown and I hope he got a ton of money for his soul and dignity, assuming he had any to begin with

  10. Trump’s lawyer has smaller hands than trump, how is that even possible

    • @UCt5_QdIBrUt_NilEXR-H_8Q Stormy was and is a nasty looking old slut and I highly doubt Trump would have wasted time with her. I know I wouldn’t have.

    • Philip Teague how do you even know that, lol you have no idea that dude could be a billionaire, America has the most of them and they all aren’t Republicans morons.

    • @chuck dillon Trump paid her off
      $130,000 for a 2 minute session . Trump is as nasty as stormys sanitary napkins after used ,trump likes Hookers to piss on his face .

    • @chuck dillon who are you referring to ?

  11. “Witnesses? we can’t have witnesses, Someone might tell the truth!”

  12. I applaud and praise Adam Schiff for working so hard to expose these criminals and their crooked attorneys.

    • U have no clue what y talking about did u watch house impeachment trial u think that was fair if u did then u also have a loose screw in y head. Im telling u that this is the way they want to go down then so be it. It will be the first President to be reelected being impeach in the house.

    • OMG, the democrats are manipulators to the nth degree

    • @Chuck Timmons You can barely even spell and you think you comprehend what happen in the house? LMFAO! You’re just another uneducated trumptard…

    • @Daniel Veirs you’re a fucking idiot

    • Chuck Timmons , trump is guilty. Every person that don’t have a colonies of spider in the head know it . Just forget about him and vote Ronald Mc Donald.

  13. Trump: “No quid pro quo!”
    Mulvaney: “We do quid pro quo’s all the time”
    Sondland: “Definitely a quid pro quo”
    Bolton “Drug deal”
    Nunes “Ask my wife who Lev Parnas is”
    Dershowitz “Abuse of power isn’t a thing”
    McConnell: “I’m not an impartial juror”
    Parnas “I know all these clowns”
    Giuliani *Inaudible buttdial

    • YouTube commenter : Trump is guilty ( parrot scream ) Trump is guilty ( parrot scream )
      🦜 <— Jake tapper’s pet bird “ box jabber “

    • Le sultan Le grand | January 29, 2020 at 10:35 PM | Reply

      Guiliani went to Ukraine oooch, president responding quote.
      Guiliani has many customers in Ukraine. I need customers in Ukraine too can anyone connect me to drug dealers lawyer . Why in world guiliani degrading his beautiful reputation for this Russia roullette. Or Sarah Palin could no longer see Russia Wasilla Alaska.

    • justraxxonline | January 29, 2020 at 10:36 PM | Reply


    • Hegagi IF there was corruption all Barr needs is evidence to start a full investigation! So ask yourself, why hasn’t he done it yet?


    • Barbara Ellis huh?

    • Well …Roberts is well-known , by both sides, to be fair. Even hes a moderate conservative judge. I sincerely dont think that JC Roberts will allow a trial without witnesses. Mitch can ask for a vote against the ruling of the CJ of the supreme court……..but consequences for the GOP will be devastating.

  15. When do you have trail without wittiness. America is gone to hell in a hand basket.

    • Ernest Parham Schiff had 18 witnesses in the House while denying Republicans any. This is a sham.

    • These group of lawyers will spend all your money, that’s how the middle men game is played.

    • @Rod The Biden’s and co are a separate issue and should br a separate investigation. They have nothing to do with whether Trump has abused his power or not. This is about his actions, not the content.

    • @TheNamesLamar I think you’re wrong, this is the revenge from the SWAMP.


  17. Morgan Farrell | January 29, 2020 at 10:04 PM | Reply

    There are no privileges when you’re using them to cover up crimes.

  18. Trump lawyers sound like the guy that comes home at 4am with lipstick on his shirt and it’s telling it wife that he just got off work

  19. Remember when trump literally shut our government leaving the nations government worker without pay for weeks

    • Quite well,he was being a whiner baby then too.Whining to his whiner baby band while the rest of us want to roll up our sleeves and solve social problems, buffer climate change and solve economic and legal inequalities.

  20. Trump is not going to pay his lawyer after this, he’s going to stiff the like he does to everyone.

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