Adam Schiff: Expect Impeachment Inquiry Transcripts Release Next Week | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Adam Schiff: Expect Impeachment Inquiry Transcripts Release Next Week | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


Rep. Adam Schiff, chair of the House Intelligence Committee, talks with Rachel Maddow about the next steps in the Donald Trump impeachment inquiry, and flags that he expects transcripts of witness depositions to be released as soon as next week. Aired on 10/31/19.
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Adam Schiff: Expect Impeachment Inquiry Transcripts Release Next Week | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

68 Comments on "Adam Schiff: Expect Impeachment Inquiry Transcripts Release Next Week | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC"

  1. I can’t wait until the damning transcripts are released!

    • @David M Considering Trump confessed on the White House lawn and at least ten credible people have backed up the whistle blower’s account almost to a tee, who it is is irrelevant.

  2. In the late 80s and early 90s as a District Attorney in Cali, Adam Schiff successfully prosecuted the case of a Russian spy named Svetlana Ogorodonikov, and an FBI agent named Richard W. Miller, who was seduced by Svetlana Ogorodnikov, and agreed to sell classified information to the Soviet government. Eventually, this man—Richard W. Miller, a 47-year-old Los Angeles-based counterintelligence agent on the Bureau’s Soviet squad—would become the first FBI agent ever convicted of espionage.

    Agent Miller would  eventually agree to turnover highly classified information to the Russians for large sums of money. It took Schiff 3 trails, and 6 years, but he eventually won the conviction against Agent Miller and the Russian spy, and they were both sent to prison.

    During that long 6 years, Schiff stated that he learned a lot about Russian tradecraft: how the Russians operate, who they target, and the vulnerabilities they look for. During his work on the case, Schiff was also in frequent contact with FBI agents investigating Miller—giving the future congressman an intimate look at, and respect for, the Bureau’s counterintelligence mission…

  3. This is the beginning! can you imagine the sleaze graft and corruption yet to come!!I can hardly wait

    • Sean Embry : The, “Stain on America,” is ALREADY there. The Impeachment and REMOVAL is America’s LAST HOPE of REMOVING the stain; restoring its credibility in the world; saving Democracy. Time to accept where we are. Though we may have heavy hearts, we’re kidding ourselves if we think that an Impeachment could, in ANY WAY, make that, somehow, “worse.”

    • Armando Garcia | November 1, 2019 at 11:25 AM | Reply

      Trump will be impeached or die from fast food. Either way he will be gone. But do we need another Trump, of either party, to act like this with no accountability?

    • Yes Trump must be punished, but it’s equally important to punish the circle of those around him aiding and covering up for him and obstructing justice.
      We need full “Nuremberg” as a lesson for future criminal enablers.

    • Impeachment is the first step in cleansing the stain. We must follow up with criminal prosecution not only of the former-president but his circle of accomplices. A lesson must be taught.

  4. The fact that the White House lawyer immediately moved the transcripts to a secret server the moment he found out what Trump had done tells you everything you need to know. That was the beginning of the cover up.

    • @Doug T that’s b******* because they are not the full transcripts

    • Dave Rodriguez | November 1, 2019 at 10:33 AM | Reply

      @David M I’m not a democrat but you are wrong ….Trump lost the popular vote and that’s even with a ton of Dems not voting because they were told by the media the election was in the bag…with all these scandals , taxes going up for the middle class and many legal residents becoming citizens JUST TO VOTE AGAINST TRUMP , he’s bound to be bulldozed this time around it won’t even be close mark my words …along with that Republicans may also lose the Senate because of all this treason coverup they’ve been doing …it looks grim for Republicans David sorry

    • That’s hilarious. That’s a good joke.

  5. Nah, don’t underestimate the mueller report.. read it! How many of trump’s team are now in jail or are awaiting sentencing. Don’t forget Al Capone -whatever it takes to get this guy… whatever it takes.. the dems are going down the legal path. Better for the future to keep within the institutional guidelines. They are slow but powerful..

    • Funny that Trump with the DOJ teflon coating that would keep a sitting President out of jail would not even sit down with Mueller for an interview, under oath or not.

    • Excellent post

    • The report was scorned by Trumpers who never read it, and yet provided a powerful factual and contextual backdrop for the Trump conspiracy we’re now seeing. Plus 10 specific acts of criminal obstruction.

  6. Richie Tattersall | November 1, 2019 at 4:22 AM | Reply

    Another person hiding evidence that effects a ongoing investigation of Trump should be charged with “Aiding and Abetting” and Obstruction of Justice.

    • Just like Trump should and will be charged as soon as he’s out of office.

    • Lawrence Smith | November 1, 2019 at 11:30 AM | Reply

      Anyone hiding evidence that this whole impeachment thing is little more than a setup should go to prison…
      We agree crooks need jail time.
      Like the Russian nothing burger, so will this fizzle and the democrats know that.
      This is nothing more than a desperate political party setting up for the next election.
      Evidence shows all these witnesses and connections have common threads, the Atlantic council and Crowdstrike.
      This has been planned.
      Time will tell, won’t it?
      Watch it wisp away like all the other “investigations”
      And they will still believe……

    • Yes, the aiders and abettors can also be charged with conspiracy, which is typically the federal prosecutors’ go-to charge.

  7. The White House needs flushing!

    • Lawrence Smith | November 1, 2019 at 10:54 AM | Reply

      When an impeachment vote was taken two democrats joined all Republicans as recognizing this action a dangerous one.
      Based on private hearings, no proof and a vote that spoke non consensus, a suggestion will be made to forward an impeachment?
      Isn’t this creating an environment where any president from any party could be removed based on political dislike of your opponent.
      There is no proof.
      There is no consensus.
      This is not open to you or anyone else.
      Who would support this railroading?
      Bizarre if you do.
      It wont pass, they know that, so…
      What is it….political?

    • Sask Sun seekers | November 1, 2019 at 11:24 AM | Reply

      @Lawrence Smith get your facts right ..1 was a democrat the other an independent…wow good thing you were paying attention!!!

    • Starting with the killer Democrats!

    • Alexander Declercq | November 1, 2019 at 11:41 AM | Reply

      a courtesy flush, to rid the US of the big orange stinky turd

    • Alexander Declercq the stinky turds are the Democrats.

  8. MF White House lawyer John Eisenberg needs to be ………..

  9. The trump fan club and the bots and trolls sound increasingly desperate and whiny. Nice.

    • @N STAR Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union. The corruption that we were fighting in Ukraine was all the old corrupt soviet rulers. The new Democratic Ukraine is supported by the US and our allies while they are being attacked by Russia trying to bring them back into being part of the Union.

      Essentially, the Ukraine issue is a contained within the Russia issue.

      Trump has supported and defended Russia’s attacks on Ukraine. He has held up military aid that congress approved and tried to extort a political smear campaign while Ukraine was under attack. The fear the president of Ukraine had was that Trump’s promise to release the aid after they capitulated to his demands would be broken because Trump publicly supports Russia over our allies.

    • ​@Walt Schmidt Trump may get re-elected, Moscow Mitch and the Rupublicans have blocked all efforts to protect the election from more Russian interference. We have already seen debunked conspiracy theories attacking his opponents just like 2016. We could easily see another Russian victory as they attack our election.

    • @V R #trump5150

  10. How Deep is the Rat Hole ,! Looks like it is Botomless

  11. I dearly hope they supeana John Bolton…that testimony may be quite spectacular.

  12. Gladys Lustgirdle | November 1, 2019 at 5:26 AM | Reply

    And If the notes were so readily moved to the secret server in this instance, such actions must have been undertaken before!

    • Armando Garcia | November 1, 2019 at 11:14 AM | Reply

      Like orders from Putin?

    • Manuela Costa Lima | November 1, 2019 at 11:17 AM | Reply

      Gladys Lustgirdle —
      You think? With a dangerous loose cannon like Trump in the White House, legal advisers and various underlings have become the best sprinters and conspirators on this side of the equator. No need for gym memberships and demanding moral codes; everyone sweats plenty just to cover up Trump’s criminality.

    • @BKD Vickers that is a lie. The FBI was given an image of the entire server before the Russian Virus was removed. In fact, only the hackers would think there was any missing emails after the recovery. Since they don’t restore spam, garbage, trash and useless files, they wouldn’t know why there were fewer emails after the recovery and they wouldn’t know that a copy of everything from before the recovery was handed to the FBI on a disk.

      It actually proves that whoever claimed there was 30,000 missing emails was working with the Russians.

    • Manuela Costa Lima | November 1, 2019 at 12:05 PM | Reply

      BKD Vickers —
      It’s really unnerving to realize that persistent ignorance is definitely not bliss! Although I am NOT a Hillary Clinton supporter, I do know one thing: pursuant to thorough investigations of all the private servers used, it was concluded that Clinton’s State Dept. work stored in those servers did not compromise national security and did not disclose state secrets to foreign adversaries or allies. It was also confirmed at that time that, unfortunately, government officials at different levels make the big mistake of using unsecured, or inadequately secured, personal servers for government work. Though this doesn’t excuse Hillary, it doesn’t make her a criminal, either. However, the infamous 30,000 plus DNC emails were hacked and, as the entire world knows ad nauseum, became Trump’s “crowning glory” and “Lock her up” his suspiciously convenient chorus and corrupt anthem that followed him to the White House. In the age of instant and easy access to information, it’s important to study the facts with an uncluttered mind, using common sense and doing your own research, and not listening to the fictional or alternative accounts of the events.

  13. The relocation of the transcript demonstrates ‘intent’ – the administration knew what they were doing was at least wrong, in the sense of the abuse of power, and almost certainly they knew it was illegal..

    • Drew Drewski Ukrainian officials as well as our officials have stated the transcript is accurate. Morrison stated yesterday that there was nothing illegal on the call. MSNBC/CNN didn’t report that) Zelinski (the alleged victim) has stated TWICE there was no pressure. You’re being gaslit again by MSNBC/CNN/Schiff. The whistleblower has been exposed and Schiff is in a panic! lol

    • What other reason would there be when this was done immediately after Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman raised concerns not only over Trump pressuring Ukrainian President Zalensky to investigate Joe Biden but objections to the edits made in the transcript.

    • Armando Garcia | November 1, 2019 at 11:20 AM | Reply

      Why wasn’t there a digital record? Everything else is monitored even in our private lives.

    • The TARDIS Named Sexy | November 1, 2019 at 12:05 PM | Reply

      Rod Allen Morrison gave his opinion that there was nothing illegal in the call, even though he corroborated every point that has been given about that call so far. Also he isn’t a lawyer, so his opinion on what is illegal/legal doesn’t hold much weight.

      Also, there has NOT been a transcript released. What was released is an edited memo. It even says ON THE MEMO that it is not a transcript.

      Also also, Ukraine has actually stated that they DID feel pressured.

      You’re wrong buddy, same as Donald Trump was wrong when he extorted a foreign government for dirt on his political rival.

  14. Why are they using words like “wrong”, “improper”, “misconduct”, how about the words illegal or lawbreaking activity?
    Stop the dancing around. trump broke the law, period.

    • Dave Rodriguez | November 1, 2019 at 10:34 AM | Reply

      because Trump thinks the law (Emoluments clause) is “phony”

    • What law did he break??? That’s why they haven’t used those words…….

    • @BKD Vickers Abuse of power of the office, obstruction of justice by covering up his crime, ten instances of obstruction of justice in the Mueller investigation, possible abuse of power sending he Air Force to his golf club in Scotland, Accepting foreign money via his Washington DC hotel, etc…

    • I think the words you are looking for are “criminal”, or maybe “felonious”?    
      I’ve got it! “IMPEACHABLE!”

    • Trumpers ask what crime DT committed. Frankly, the full list is still uncertain, particularly the financial crimes. But we are certain of (1) the 10 counts of obstruction described by Mueller, and (2) 52 USC Sect 30121(a)(2), soliciting foreign election help.

  15. A coverup is when you try to hide wrong-doing. It’s that simple.

  16. Giovanni Soave | November 1, 2019 at 6:30 AM | Reply

    Republicans are now calling the constitution like Russian rules.
    Republicans just can’t stop lying.

    • Yes and we know how they were so happy to “use” it to impeach Bill Clinton on a frivious matter that had nothing to do with his job performance as president. The American people recognized their partianship of putting their party over country then and will see the Republicans acting hypocrital here where a Republican president has actually abused his office for personal political gain and betrayed his oath of office but they are acting like nothing important has taken place. Hypocrites all.

    • Isidra Lopez Ortiz | November 1, 2019 at 10:26 AM | Reply

      Giovanni Soave perhaps they are Russian spies in the group.

  17. I don’t believe the White House lawyer will show up for testimony.

  18. Trump and his “water-carriers”.

  19. What a mighty fine man, adam schiff! I knew from beginning to end, adam schiff is correct, not sniff, sniff, sniffy! The difference is Adam schiff is intelligent, descent patriot, thank you sir!

    • 21TRILLION TRILLION | November 1, 2019 at 10:21 AM | Reply

      mildred gomez
      Apparently you failed to hear his version of the Ukrainian transcript . What about all his impeachable Russian collusion evidence ? The politician Schiff is a known liar , a trait that most politicians are known to suffer from .

    • @21TRILLION TRILLION Apparently, you are uninformed to the fact that the memo the Trump team released of Trump extortion phone call was not an exact word for word transcript as Trump lied about. Trump is the known liar when compared to almost anyone in public office. You probably didn’t know that the real transcript was unusually locked down in a classified server by White House lawyers the day of the call,

  20. Patchwork Girl | November 1, 2019 at 9:02 AM | Reply

    Keep up the good work, Congressman Schiff, and Rachel too. 🖒

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