Adam Schiff delivers opening statement before Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony


Rep. Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, delivers his opening statement ahead of former US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch's testimony in the second public impeachment hearing into President Trump. #CNN #News

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  1. CNN Butterfield | November 15, 2019 at 12:27 PM | Reply

    When is Epstein going to testify ?

    • If you want to see the truth
      Search on duckduckgo the names
      William Bar / Allen dershowitz and Acosta

    • As soon as the Clintons don’t murder him again.

    • Honey u know Trump had him killed BC he could tell on Trumf his chinese assistant and robert kraft prince andrew and their love for underage girls and sex trafficking they did

    • @Mine Finder that list of pedos who like underage sex traffic girls was Trumf/Robert Kraft/Prince Andrew. kraft literally went to jail naked with a prostitute bonded out then went to the white house for Superbowl Sunday with Fk45 and the Chinese woman who owns the “Massage shop” …. Gtfoh with ur make believe Cintons had nothing to do with that murder….

  2. “I can tell you what other people told me.

    • @Imonous My law degree says that’s complete bullshit – but for talks sake – Col Alex Vindman was on the call and did witness the crime taking place 1st hand.. According to your own standards, case closed!

    • @Imonous well keep watching listening it’s coming next week.

    • Ned don’t talk like an idiot. Hearsay in a court of law means NOTHING. And if the shoe were on the other foot and the republicans tried to impeach obama with hearsay evidence you would be having a fit…

    • Ned Delley Sondland said specifically that when they spoke on the second call Trump said no Quid Pro Quo. That isn’t deflecting. Everyone with the exception Vindman was here say. Vindman’s view is a geopolitical view nothing to do with Quid Pro Quo.

    • Ned Delley your first mistake was citing CNN. They have the credibility of an episode of Scooby Doo on the Cartoon Network. Vindman has been reprimanded and has been a Maverick in his position. Bottom line is you dimwit, it doesn’t matter what Vindman thinks, it is irrelevant. The Ukraine got their funds and before the deadline. I believe 14 days early. This isn’t an impeachable offense it is a political difference. The Democrats did absolutely nothing prior to this under Obama and they are doing nothing now. Biden is as corrupt as you can get. He and his family made millions while using his place in office. Trump hasn’t done that.

  3. the silvered hair lady behind her is gonna yell ‘bingo!’ any moment now

  4. 😂 the expressions on Steve Caster’s face go from weird to creepy 👽👹👿👺💀

  5. This dude looks like a demon

  6. I don’t believe this dude trump 2020 .

  7. Hahahahhhhh  Adam Schifff. Hahahahhhhhh KAG 2020.Demotards are funny.Drain the swamp.

  8. This entire thing is going to backfire fiercely against the Dems. Schiff is so nakedly partisan as to defy belief. This is kabuki theater at this point.

  9. Bostrom Abroad | November 17, 2019 at 5:20 AM | Reply

    “They never thought she would lose” Q

  10. After he asks her about intimidation he then opens his eyes wide with intimidation oozing out from his eye sockets!

    • Bob Hope, Schiff reminds me of that kid in school that told on everyone and was beat up with regularity. And next November the republicans will take back the House due largely to Schiff’s insane impeachment nonsense

    • Does it occur to you that they are trying to impeach him for anything they can find after the Russian Collusion debacle?

    • My Goddess Shasta | November 18, 2019 at 9:21 PM | Reply

      @Bob Hope
      Remember that shrunken head guy with big bulging eyes in Beetlejuice?
      That’s what I think when I see schiff. That and a pedophile. He’s creepy

  11. Does Don “STINK FINGERS” Lemon still work for CNN?

  12. Alfred Gooddog | November 17, 2019 at 1:44 PM | Reply

    I love how Schiff so eloquently articulates his INTERPRETATION of events! Just like his “parody” of the phone call! Such a joke!!

    • My Goddess Shasta | November 18, 2019 at 9:18 PM | Reply

      Remember when he had hard evidence of Trump and Russian collusion?
      Yeah….everybody just forgot about that

  13. She knew nothing about trumps phone call she was fired months before the call

  14. Watch some of Stalin’s show trials and tell me how this is any different.

  15. I’ve never seen somebody suffering from little man syndrome more than Schiff

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  16. *To those who decide to save the taxpayers some money, there is no escaping God*

  17. My Goddess Shasta | November 18, 2019 at 9:16 PM | Reply

    This is pathetic. Literally nothing here. Gee…what a shock

  18. Schiff’s motto=you will be nice to us while we screw you.

  19. Montgomery Burns | November 19, 2019 at 11:53 AM | Reply

    Goodbye schiff, there’s a great place in hell for you.

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