1 Big Thing: White House book worry


Axios' Jonathan Swan joins First Look for Friday's 1 Big Thing.

67 Comments on "1 Big Thing: White House book worry"

  1. Who gives a flip about a book. Bolten needs to testify in front of Congress

  2. Why should Trump worry about a book? He doesn’t read anyway.

  3. Fifty Shades of Orange

  4. They don’t need to worry about Bolton’s book… They should, however, panic about Trump speaking about Bolton’s book… As soon as Trump opens his mouth he will incriminate himself further.

  5. Bolton is gonna be the original whistle blower .

  6. hard not to like Swan!

  7. On the up side. As long as he uses long words Trump will not understand it.

  8. NEVER in a MILLION years would I ever have imagined I would be cheering Bolton on. Strange Times

  9. ALL of these White House guys are going to get book deals when they leave the White House. Some of them are going to make a lot of money by spilling dirt.

  10. … And the Nobel Peace Prize…
    Doesn’t go to Donna Spurs!

    • canadianperspective | October 11, 2019 at 7:42 AM | Reply

      Brian Koski It should go to Greta Thunberg. a) because she deserves it and more importantly b) Trumps pumpkin would explode to lose to a. Young GIRL!!!

  11. The same person who wanted to be named viceroy of irag for life

  12. Bolton did say….’I will have my day’……….

  13. Orangey the Cat | October 11, 2019 at 7:12 AM | Reply

    Could it be that the title of the book is “I am the whistleblower!”

  14. why write a book when you can bring out the wrongs that the wh is doing to our country!!! money huh?

  15. Books dont matter. These people have to go on national TV and say what they heard and saw. Why are these people getting it so wrong?!!!

  16. The Last Son of Crypto | October 11, 2019 at 7:25 AM | Reply

    Dis dude is the whistle blower lol
    He’s already done enough writing.

  17. Why would Trump care about Bolton’s book when his fans don’t read books?

    • How did you guys like the Trump rally last night? Wasn’t it awesome? There’s another tonight, I think, in case you missed it.

    • @UberToob Is that he keeps the employment figures up? He pays them to attend.

    • @newmove Wow, is that just the 20,000 people that actually attended? Or did he pay all 82,000 that requested tickets? Either way, you should tell the Do-Nothing Democrats. Maybe they can add it to their non-existent articles of impeachment.

    • @UberToob PMSL. Just to help you along, I’m a conservative ex republican member who can no longer tolerate shroom chomping liars and their fake news. Sad!

    • @UberToob Oh, is that tonight? Sorry mate, but I’ve got to wash my hair! 🛀🛀

  18. When Bolton comes out with a POP-UP book-Drumph would naturally worry 😬


  20. Instead of making money from a book, he should be speaking out now

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